Contest: DeAnalytics Q1/21 Token Distribution Program

Who can become Free TON partner?

Any individual ?
Any group of individuals (company)?

Anyone can participate in the contest.
Especially if the participant has some experience in analytics.

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Guys, @lvv @nn52nn @SHANTI @madfox11 @nik009rus how many partner reports did you manage to make in the first quarter ? I need to check the maximum number of partner requests. I will summarize the reward for the contest.

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Hello, I have made 2 reports:

  1. Dummies chatbot
  2. Reflextoken
    ReflexToken & Free TON Partnership Proposal - #19 by madfox11
    Free TON for dummies chatbot - Free Partnership - #8 by madfox11
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Reports should be published, the sooner the better.
The approximate date for submitting applications is April 5.

I need to determine the revard. I counted 6 partner offers. (I hope I didn’t miss anyone)
Reflextoken / Sigma / Koshelek / RusBit / ForgingBlock / DeFi Alliance

Estimated Reward Q1 - 45.000


I think today is a last day, since the 1 April will be the next DeAnalytics Q2

Dummies chatbot will not be counted ?

True - but do not stop, you can already prepare for Q2

Be sure to submit this report in the application, I think the jury members will take into account your activity.

I do not see hackernoon on the list.

I am the only one who managed to make Hackernoon analytical report before the voting process.

Pregnancy Tracker Report

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:question:Analytic work based on previous six partner offers will be qualified for Q2 report submission or only partners offer proposed in Q2 will be qualified for the Q2 analytic report submission :exclamation:

Any partnerships that are relevant, which they have not voted yet

and if there were no analytical reports for previous DeAnalytics

Analytical reports on partnerships in 2020. For which there has not yet been a vote and analytical reports, they are eligible to be accepted for the DeAnalytics Q1 competition.
The members of the jury will necessarily accept the reports of the partners received in January / February / March, the remaining reports will be a good advantage in the participant’s application.

Yes, I think that Pregnancy Tracker and Hackernoon are also worth considering.
As a result, there are currently 8 offers.

Analytical reports on partner offers that will be received in the second quarter (April / May / June) will participate in the DeAnalytics Q2 competition. Also, participants should add KPI reports on existing partnerships (before receiving the next tranche).

plus Aparat Video Sharing Platform: Proposal for Partnership - #15 by nik009rus

Determining the final reward
I think that this way, it will be more honest.

The maximum number of partner reports for calculating the competitive remuneration will depend on the participant who provided the largest number of analytical reports.
For example: During the quarter, 10 partner offers were received.
Sub 1 made 2 reports
Sub 2 made 4 reports
Sub 3 made 8 reports
Sub 4 made 5 reports
Sub 6 made 1 report
Despite the fact that the reports are completed for all (10) partners.
Contest Reward will depend on the participant (Sub 3) who completed 8 reports.

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I think changing the rules on the last day of receiving reports is not a good idea.

In addition, I read many complaints in telegram about the fact that there are many reports on the same companies, so I was specifically looking for a project on which no one made reports.

The proposed system removes the motivation to make reports on different companies, the participants will duplicate the same projects.

Change the rules, not in any case.
I need more comments on this idea. I think it’s fairer. I will try to apply it in DeAnalytics Q2.

In the current terms of the competition, it is prescribed.

If we stick to this, then during the period of the first quarter, I counted only 4 received partner offers.

Although nine partners were processed.
Five of Q1
Four from last year. I think the current contest should close last year’s gap.
We need more comments from the community and participants.

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Partnerships received in the first quarter /2021
DeFi Alliance / ForgingBlock / Koshelek / ReflexToken / Hackernoon / Clicksoft

Last year’s partnerships, (no analytical report, no vote)
Aparat Video Sharing Platform
Pregnancy Tracker
YPO Impact
SIGMA Can be attributed to Q1, the AMA session was held in February 2021
RusBit Can be attributed to Q1, the partnership was filed before the New Year holidays.

Let me know if I missed something.


Hello, our teamwork:

  2. SiGMA
  3. hackernoon
  4. koshelek ru
  5. Clicksoft
  6. forgingblock
  7. reflex token
  8. digital proof
  9. rusbit
  10. YPO