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This is a partnership initiative submission between Clicksoft Solutions/Handup Development Organization and Free Ton…

Clicksoft Solutions Limited is an online developers-solution-provider for small scale businesses inclusive of a farmers based solution provider with an emphasis on bringing technologies to the food production processes and linking the ecosystems within. As an ongoing program, Clicksoft wishes to integrate the processes into blockchain and have chosen the Free TON network as the most ideal platform to implement that necessary upgrade.

In view of the foregoing, this proposal is submitted for determination by the greater Free TON community as one of the user cases necessary, and we believe a backbone to the African continent foremost natural resource – Food production. This initiative is addressed as the implementation of the ‘Technology Based Community Agricultural Development’ (TBCAD).






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In line with the introduction proposal to this partnership, we intend to introduce this critical program into the Free TON blockchain to users. An immutable environment that all can trust. Our clientele includes farmers, suppliers of farm inputs, government functionaries, distributors and transporters, and their consumers.

Subsequently, we wish to introduce the blockchain resource as a means to transact and also act as an escrow to help in the transactions between different parties. We shall also encourage savings and investments within the Free TON ecosystem hence creating awareness of the diverse resources available to our users and all network members.

In conclusion our main aim is to utilize the storage facility within the Free TON network and in return we shall build an application that not only creates value to the Free TON community but also bring Free TON closer to the African grassroots with a solution to its main source of food farming.

Clicksoft developers who are familiar with the Free TON network code wish to undertake this integration process in conjunction with HandUp Development field expertise and other stakeholders.


Current Community Mobilization:

As at 31.1.2021, mobilized community members in Kenyan cities include: Bungoma, Kisii, Nairobi, Machakos, and Mombasa counties were in total 1,292 out of whom about 68.1% are female. The youth, who are defined by the Republic of Kenya (2010), as people aged 34 years and below are 58% (750), the majority, 67.6% (507) being female. Table 1.1 gives a summary:

No. of community members mobilized in groups as at 31.1.2021

Facilitating training in marketing tips and skills in agriculture products

A total of 107 community members had been trained on the production and marketing of agriculture food products among other products. Those trained are: 45 in Kisii town, 20 in Dagoretti, Nairobi, 17 in Sofia, Machakos and 25 in Nyali, Mombasa.

Out of the 107 community members who were trained by HUDO volunteers on the production and marketing of products, 17 reside in Sofia in Kithimani Ward, Yatta Sub-County, Machakos County. The training workshop was for two days, on 27th and 28th Nov. 2020 for Kiimani Yoghurt Group. In addition, they were facilitated on participatory socio-economic analysis. The results, among other findings, indicated that 65 percent of the participants earn above Ksh 200 per day (which is about US$ 1.9, the international poverty line).

Other training workshops facilitated were on sustainable technologies in agriculture on different days for 200 members from 15. Out of those trained, 45 are able to practice organic farming and have been linked to Machakos Organic Co-operative Society for markets.

Project management team lead

Thomas Mutemi Mwendwa-
Chief Executive Officer Clicksoft Solutions Limited
Software Engineer full stack developer (backend programming) 0716214868

Peter Mwongela Nzomo -
Project Lead Clicksoft Solutions Limited
Software Engineer full stack developer (frontend and UX design) 0715420188

George Wachira -
Information Security Analyst Clicksoft Solutions Limited
Software Engineer full stack developer (mobile app development) 0704971040

Francis Ndeme -
Chief Executive Officer- Handup Development Organization
MBA-entrepreneurship/lead expert in environment impact assessment and audit.
Project Team Leader-to co-ordinate the implementation and coordination to farmers Cell No. 0707986287

Grace Ndunge-
National Director Handup Development Organization
Community mobilization, conflict resolutions and financial management.
Assistant Team Leader-hence will assist in coordinating all activities, farmers and vendors mobilization/financial management , Training beneficiaries on the production and marketing of agriculture products/advice on Kenya Bureau of Standards’ certification. Cell No 0723445415

Clicksoft Solutions Limited is a registered technology limited company. Registration Certificate in No: PVT/2016/011180 dated 29th April. 2016.

Registration of HUDO Hand Up Development Organization.(HUDO) is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO). Registration Certificate in No: OP.218/051/19-237/11607 dated 20th Dec. 2019.


Clicksoft Solutions Limited

Hand Up Development Organization

Mobilized groups statistics Members - Hand Up Development Organization

Technical Document


The purpose of the Technology Based Community Agricultural Development is to help in improving and providing solutions to the teething pre and post produce farming operations in the Global agricultural sector both in commercial and subsistence sectors.

The solution provided here shall be scalable to serve the global farming communities hence add value in a wholesome context to Free TON. In addition, a whole new community shall add to the population of the network.

The solutions proposed aim to help in;

  1. Ensuring farmers get the best price for their crop by providing transparency of purchase and supply using block chain technology.
  2. Fair distribution of government based farming equipment such as fertilizer by ensuring distributed records storage using block chain technology.
  3. Providing a solution for record keeping and reporting, also aimed at improving the business.
  4. Spreading knowledge in the agro-sector by availing valid training material through eBooks, printed material, webinars and cmes.
  5. Providing the best information on the selling and buying price of produce to the farmers.
  6. Providing learning materials to farmers.
  7. Providing immutable record keeping technology to farmers.


  1. Farmers to access the Blockchain platform and its features via;

  2. Web portal

  3. Mobile app

  4. SMS

  5. Farm products are tagged with QR codes which when scanned can tell where the produce came from.

  6. The Blockchain platform to facilitate a book keeping facility.

  7. The Blockchain platform to allow for tracking of produce price tracking using block chain and integrating a TON network of all the stakeholders (Government)

  8. The Blockchain platform to allow for tracking of farm equipment disbursement by ensuring all stakeholders (Government) are on the TON network.

  9. Develop the p2p network.

  10. Design and implement the communication layer.

  11. Define the

  12. Transaction structure

  13. Block metadata

  14. Implement a consensus for the monitoring agents.


Jury Duties:

This proposal shall be subject to a vote to the African SG jury members.

Free Ton Address: Multisig Wallet: 0:86232559dd2c394dbb66351f2143ff2138551db47c68823b449686bef991a78d


An excellent idea to bring blockchain to a professional field where alot of transparency is needed


Excellent proposal carrying the fundamental sector of African people (Agriculture) to the Blockchain firm is actually a nice idea. Kudos.


Good proposal. Block chain offering solutions to farmers


This will go a long way to help us farmers in achieving efficient technological advancement


Farmers are all over the world. This will be a perfect and timely approach and a game changer to the farming Industry.


Very good…a big bold game changer for farmers and agriculture in general


The rise of Blockchain technology will immensely serve to better the lives of Kenyans. Excellent proposal here.


Why so many bot accounts?

You have a final request for 25,000 tokens right?

Give links to the social networks of your programmers specified in the offer. (mail is not suitable)

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I can’t wait for this to be actualised and totally revolutionize how farming is done, especially here in Kenya. I think farmers are tired of the low farm gate prices offered by the middlemen.


Been there (small scale farming) and, for sure, produce pricing, supply of farm inputs and availability & flow of information have been a problem for ages.
The proposed solutions will help farmers big time and make farming a worthwhile investment.


This is a brilliant proposal. If actualized it could ultimately change the lives of community members, especially seeing as they will be equipped with the technological know-how of maximising on their produce… this has been a big issue for farmers for the longest time.


Such a wonderful idea which helps the community as a whole. Can’t wait to see the progress you guys make in the near future. Good job!


African developers are not bots. We would appreciate your constructive critism and not constantly lack of it.
Secondly,there is no Tons advance request only after Ist KPI.


Do your developers have any ready-made solutions in other areas? Can you at least demonstrate something? And also, if your offer is not approved, you will not develop this useful (in your opinion) product?

They are working within ABI Campus Hackathon as mentors. View the video of the launch attached and find their contribution to Free Ton
If the community does not vote for this program, we still have other items to onboard albeit the loss of the team and obvious to the beneficiaries mostly the African continent.
Lastly too we will discontinue the program altogether and at no time can we force a program that is unwanted to the network. Thanks.

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Interesting idea here. This will definitely address the challenge with agri-business in Africa. Inventory, costing, business networks have always been a pain in this industry. Waiting to see this revolutionize the agriculture industry


Great proposal. Farmers will be greatly advantaged. It will improve efficiency and proceeds gor the farmers


This is what happens when technology meets great minds… Africa on the rise…


This is the best proposal I have come across so far. A project that focuses on solving problems and issues that common mwananchi have been facing. This will bring farming to another different level👌