Free TON DeFi Alliance / Partnership Proposal

Free TON DeFi Alliance

Partnership Proposal

I. Intro


Free TON DeFi Alliance is the organization of like-minded people and businesses who perceive the common goal - to create an environment for substantial & sustainable Free TON DeFi ecosystem growth.

Main goals are:

  • Liquidity accumulation & providing
  • Yield farming
  • Promotion (user acquisition)
  • New partners (Business development)
  • DeFi dev teams motivation & engagement

Unlike the DeFi SubGovernance, which is centered around tech development, the Alliance focuses on economical aspects.

Currently, Alliance’s organizations are ready to provide 500 000 USD of liquidity for funding active and mature DeFi products, or accelerate projects from the Free TON DeFi ecosystem. Requirements & rules for applicant organizations/products will rise with time.

The Alliance will also allocate tokens into huge reputable DeFi projects, which will develop products using Free TON blockchain with tokens partially taken from own reserves, partially from givers.

We believe that we are capable to get to the heights of DeFi Alliance Fund and everything is set to succeed: Announcing the DeFi Alliance Fund - DeFi Alliance

II. Motivation

Current DeFi market is estimated at 66bln USD. Just a year ago, 03/03/2020, DeFi market capitalization was 3,1bln USD, so it took 1 year to explode 20 times!

DeFi market capitalization, 03/03/2020

DeFi market capitalization of today, a year after

77bln USD DeFi capitalization is just 30% less than the WHOLE cryptomarket cap of Dec ‘18*

Major DeFi projects were built on Ethereum blockchain. New quickly flooding-in users started to create network overloads and drove the gas price to the sky.

An example of how terrifying ETH Gas prices can be...

You still can pay 20-50 USD for a 10 USD transaction or smart contract interaction if you choose the wrong time to do this. This is a huge turn-off for retail users.

Another important point to be mentioned is a time-to-market metric. This x20 market cap growth wasn’t done solely by ETH Blockchain efforts. Binance Smart Chain, TRON, Cosmos, Polkadot - all these projects are serious rivals, and have shown huge growth and acquisition of DeFi users. This thesis gets us to the point where we should be quick with development and promotion to get Free TON blockchain some piece of the market.

Current situation offers some tremendous opportunities for Free TON and TON Crystal to shine bright.

III. Proposal

Yield Farming

[Pilot test details]

For the first 3 months we set 15 000 TON Crystal per 18hrs. This period matches the validator reward cycle. Overall: 1 800 000 TON Crystals.

Tokens from givers will be allocated to already launched active DeFi products: bridges, DEXes, etc.

Token allocation and distribution rules will be proposed and settled after the test.


After first tests it is proposed to launch several mechanics to enable retail users in a form of a cashback, and for B2B companies in the form of partner tokens.

Companies will acquire tokens only for on-chain transactions of their users in a Free TON based stablecoins or TON Crystals. Due to this mechanic the whole ecosystem’s economy is able to get access to millions of users and services, which accept stable coins as a payment.

Currently, it is not possible to be launched in Ethereum network due to the high transaction fees.


Successful promotion in the DeFi ecosystem is a blend of a well performed PR-campaign and full-scale marketing campaign. It involves acquisition of a lot of users. Without these two well performed components it is very hard to be noticed in a DeFi informational field.

The Alliance will perform the full cycle of promotion.

Main effort points:

  • PR. Press releases, articles in top publications.
  • User Acquisition / Promotion / Marketing. Twitter, Telegram, Crypto/DeFi-related websites

Developer teams acceleration program

The Alliance perceives the goal to accelerate DeFi projects inside the Free TON ecosystem and provide engagement of strong development teams, which will develop products inside the Free TON ecosystem. It is proposed to be done in the form of token allocation in exchange on their products’ governance tokens

IV. Token request

  • Yield farming: 1 800 000 TON Crystal* allocated in a Yield Farming Giver.

    *Tokens are supposed to be transferred after all mechanics finalization.

  • PR & Development teams engagement

    Basic formula: 1 to 4 leverage or 1 token from Alliance’s initial members endowment x 4 tokens from givers

500 000 TON Crystal (Alliance funds) x 4 (leverage) = 2 000 000 TON Crystal from givers

Overall: 3 800 000 TON Crystals

Allocated funds will be stored on 2 separate Multisig wallets.


Thank you. Take your money and invest into your business. Friends, stop that please. If I see this pictures I’m just sad…


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Good proposal, it will provide more liquidity to the Free TON!


What are you talking about?

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I support that, but maybe we should have an AMA session first and answer questions from the community?


I also like the idea, but would love to listen to an AMA.


Colleagues, I am glad that such an alliance has been formed and I am glad of such a tremendous opportunity for the development of our Free TON project. I looked at the alliance website and saw both the companies we know, which the Free TON network already trusts, and serious players in the capital market. I am confident that such an initiative will bring liquidity to our Free TON DeFi sector. For my part, I became interested in the opportunity to use the investment capital and strengthen my team, which is developing projects for Free TON. I will prepare for such an opportunity and try to show the result. Good luck to all of us.


I ain’t got any clues on what did you mean with your commentary. Try again plz

Sure thing, we will hold AMA-session soon. We’ll try to do this ASAP

Мне тоже интересно что за альянс такой, предлагаю в дискорде собраться на выходных

Thx, we have a long road to go. We’ll be happy to communicate with you and your team - lets be in touch!

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A very useful project!

А давайте распилим ещё 4 ляма?

А давайте !!!

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почему бы нет, у меня до сих пор 0 :slight_smile:

все верно говоришь, если такие бабки у альянса есть, пусть свою крипту делают нафиг им freeton, хотя если честно я не верю что у них есть такие деньги, поэтому предлагаю в дискорде пообщаться. А то вдруг и правду людям деньги некуда девать

Кстати такой сайт как у них я могу за 2 дня сделать, правда я крутой, ставте лайки)

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Actually, I wasn’t the only person who didn’t get what do you mean with your commentary - so, please, don’t be offended with the answers (or by anything).

If you have any specific questions about what is written in the proposal - feel free to ask.

Классный и очень полезный комментарий, который по своему звучанию (и смыслу) очень похож на хлесткий удар ладошкой по чему бы то ни было…

Уверен, что текст и тезисы партнерского предложения Вы не читали. И не вникали. Ну и шлейф из бессвязного непредметного флудобормотания за Вами безупречный, другого быть и не могло!

Check this one:

А ты, собственно, кто? Почему все вдруг веселясь безмерно подхватили этот пропозал из ниоткуда? Остынь. Объясни.

I am happy to see new powerful alliances potentially being formed around Free TON that can propel the project to the new highs. Need to understand nuances though. Doing an AMA is a good idea.

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