Contest: DeAnalytics Q1/21 Token Distribution Program


This competition is held to reward Free TON supporters who have made valuable contributions to the analysis of partner offers. The competition is intended for participants who published their analytical work in the first quarter of 2021. The goal is to motivate and evaluate Free TON project participants who are willing to spend their time studying and analyzing partners who are able to provide high-quality analytical reports. We will be grateful for the actions of the active participants of the forum, who paid time and attention to the analysis of the partners ’ proposals.


Remuneration based on past performance.

Contest dates:

April 05, 2021 (00:01 UTC) - April 18, 2021 (23:59 UTC). Participants must submit their materials (on partner analysis) during the voting period. Otherwise, the reward will not be provided.


Your report should be published in the appropriate forum topic. It is recommended to publish the report within two weeks from the date of publication of the partner offer. The analytical report should be in English, translation into other languages is welcome. The information contained in the report should be obtained from publicly available sources. To protect against plagiarism, your work must be original, be ready to confirm the originality of your work with screenshots, links, etc. (if necessary).


To finance the participants, a budget of 150,000 TON Crystal is planned, this motivation will be spent by 100% if 20+ partner offers are received for Q1 / 2021. The funds are allocated from the A&S SG budget. The award will be awarded to all participants who have scored more than 3 points.

The amount of the prize pool will be distributed as a percentage. The total prize pool (150,000 tokens) depends on the number of partner offers for Q1 / 2021. If 20+ offers from partners are received during this time period, the prize pool amount will be equal to 150,000 tokens.

For example: for Q1 / 2021, 10 partner offers will be received. In this case, the amount of the prize pool will be equal to 75,000 tokens.
1st place………………… 39,00%

2nd………………………. 19,00%

3rd………………………… 10,00%

4th………………………… 9,00%

5th………………………… 7,00%

6th………………………… 5,00%

7th………………………… 4,00%

8th………………………… 3,00%

9th………………………… 2,50%

10th……………………… 1,50%

The remaining, unallocated tokens will remain in the A&S SG reserve and will be replenished for the next DeAnalytics Q2/2021 contest.


Please submit a PDF file with your most significant and useful contributions to partner analysis made in the first quarter of 2021. The methods of sending are (but are not limited to) screenshots, clickable links, messages describing the actions you have performed, etc. Based on the work done, the jury will determine which of you has done the most valuable work so far.

Jury Awards:

An amount equal to 15% of the sum total of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed among jurors who vote and provide feedback.


  • Members of the jury participating in this competition can not vote for their work. It is necessary to put “abstained” when evaluating your work.
  • The members of the jury whose team (s) intends to participate in the competition lose the right votes.
  • To evaluate the work of the participants, the jury members can use the main criteria such as: the number of completed works, the quality of work, the depth of analysis, auxiliary analytics, verification of the incoming request for partnership.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject or abstain.
  • Jurors should provide feedback to submissions.
  • Duplicate, sub par, incomplete or inappropriate submissions will be rejected.

Procedural Requirements:

  • Participants must upload their work correctly so it can be viewed and accessible in the formats described. If work is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, the submission may be rejected by jurors.
  • Participants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of submissions. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.
  • Every contest submission must have an identifiable contact that can be matched with your discussion forum description. If you did not provide a discussion forum description, then your submission must provide links to your online persona, such as a Telegram ID (preferred) or other direct contact information that can confirm that the work submitted is your own. If you fail to provide a means to verify that the submission is your own work, your submission may be rejected.
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The amount of the tender mass depends on the number of partnerships in the first quarter of 2021.
In this table, you can pre-calculate the amount of remuneration and the cost of a single analytical report. Change the coefficient from 1 to 20 (the number of partnerships) is marked in green.

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Сама идея % соотношения мне нравится, к тому же зависимость общей суммы на конкурс от количества заявок партнеров тоже справедлива.

Но % соотношения по топ 3-4 мне кажется, надо подредактировать.
Сейчас заявок на рассмотрение партнерств совсем не видно, эти % соотношения обоснованы в нормочасах при количестве партнерств 15-20.
А если будет 5-7 (скорее всего так и будет, до конца квартала мало времени осталось) мотивации делать даже 5 полных отчета (рассчитывая на 3 место) на 2 языках за 2.4к вряд ли у многих будет.

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Edited the TOP 5. Link
Low competition in this contest. There are not enough strong participants.
It may turn out like this, (let’s say) that the participant will make 3 full reports out of 5 and take the second place. Another participant with a screen of a useful comment will take the fifth place. So I try to push the balance to the TOP positions. I hope that in the future, the number of strong participants will increase. Then the gap between the prize places will be much smaller.

Подредактировал ТОП 5.
Низкая конкуренция в данном конкурсе. Отсутствует достаточное количество сильных участников.
Может получиться так, (допустим) что участник сделает 3 полноценных отчета из 5 и займете второе место. Другой участник со скрином полезного комментария займёт пятое место. Поэтому я стараюсь прижимать баланс к ТОП позициям. Надеюсь что в будущем, количество сильных участников возрастёт. Тогда разрыв между призовыми местами будет значительно меньше.

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too much tokens …

We received an offer for a marketing partnership.
Those who wish can study it. If necessary, make an analytical report.

I think it should be ruled out.
All jurisdictions are different and someone may even consider the publication of personal e-mail a violation of their rights, despite open sources of data.

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I took part in the first contest just for fun and more or less to look around in terms of what can be improved within the framework of the DGO, where I actively participate in the discussions. Undoubtedly, the analytic in my work is on the score “two”, but thanks to the judges for the score “four” in advance. Honestly something that initially did not pursue serious analytical goals was adjusted to the terms of the competition. Nevertheless, in the context of the previous contest, I find my 4 quite adequate. Because in my opinion, the primary goal of the author was to send a signal to the community: participate, you can earn money here. But to whom is this signal specifically addressed? To amateurs like me hoping to educate them to a level of semi-professional analysts or to external professional teams? In my personal opinion both approaches won’t work if we just multiply the budget by 3. Multiplying by 3 is good for budget utilization and token distribution, but does not guarantee diversity in this distribution. For my taste, in fact, we have one unconditional leader, by a wide margin from the rest, who is predestined to be the winner also the next time. So the question we will all hear from the community is why should we pay 65,500 for work that was done perfectly (or at least enough) for 21,000? Don’t get me wrong, this is not an attempt to attack someone. Vladimir and Co. have done a definitely titanic job. But from the outside it looks as if appetites are growing. In short, I don’t agree with the ratio of rewards in the chart.

Let’s think about what might deter a professional team from participating in the competition, being absolute beginners in FreeTON. First, there is an elementary distrust. It is not known who and with what competencies is hiding behind the jury. And those who have proven their competence in practice in previous competitions prefer not to judge, but to participate. Also, the beginner does not know how objective the refereeing will be. Who will invest so many man-hours with such risks to be in tenth place (and even taking into account the likelihood that the difference in the quality of works may be minimal)?

There are also few other lacks in the current version (once again - for my taste). It will be difficult to prove the presence of plagiarism in the submission, working with information from public sources. Someone can simply compile data from previous submissions and insist that it was found in the public domain. A possible defense against this behavior may be in a very short time frame for submissions into corresponding forum thread.

Further possible attack for paranoid people like me is creation of fake partnership proposals by “anonymous” to achieve the plan. So it may be such a situation that the partnership turned out to be a fake, but the work has already been done and should be put into the contest. And with this, for sure, you can fight. We just need to figure out how.


It is unlikely that the first quarter will involve the amount of 65,000 tokens for the first place. I remind you that this amount is calculated for 20 partner reports. For January and February, zero partner requests. I hope that in March there will be at least 5 proposals for partnership, which is about 16,000 tokens for the first place. Now there are 10 prize places, although 5 places are enough for this competition. I save from 6 -10 places with a small reward for participants who are ready to try themselves in this field.
But I heard you, I’ll edit some more prizes.

When I was a beginner, I tried myself in several competitions. And I did not succeed ). Waste of time-gain experience and knowledge. But I did not give up, I got better acquainted with the Free TON project. To date, I look through various contests in different SG and already roughly see (like many other members of the community) who has what chances to win. I think that even a novice, if he is willing to spend his time for a reward, will be taken away. Not in this contest, but in the next one - he will get to the TOP.

If there is a suspicion of plagiarism and community members, interested persons, the jury members will pay attention to it. Together, we will find a solution and improve protection against this. We need to develop gradually.
At the moment, the deadline for submitting an application is set at three weeks, I will do it in two. I hope the members of the jury will be more loyal to the participants who do not have time in time. (Although I am for efficiency). The main thing is to make a report before voting on the partner, as much as possible in advance.

You need to check the incoming partnership. This is very important.
Via email, Twitter, or other spam. For example, I did this today, according to the partnership I wrote about above. (So-so partner, but the request was received - you need to process it) I did it out of curiosity, just out of interest. But I do not plan to participate in this course.

In general, I will edit a little p and correct the application deadline.

Мало вероятно что в первом квартале будет задействована сумма в 65000 токенов за первое место. Напоминаю, что эта сумма рассчитана на 20 партнёрских отчётов. За январь и февраль , ноль партнёрских запросов. Надеюсь что в Марте будет хотя бы 5 предложений о партнёрстве, это примерно 16000 токенов на первое место. Сейчас установлено 10 призовых мест, хотя достаточно и 5 мест для данного конкурса. Я сохраняю с 6 -10 места с небольшим вознаграждением для участников, которые готовы попробовать себя в этой сфере.
Но я Вас услышал, отредактирую еще немного призовые места.

Когда я был новичком, я попробовал себя в нескольких конкурсах. И у меня ничего не получилось ). Потеря времени - получение опыта и знаний. Но я не опустил руки, лучше ознакомился с проектом Free TON. На сегодняшний день я просматриваю те или иные конкурсы в разных SG и уже примерно вижу (как и многие другие участники сообщества) у кого какие шансы на победу. Думаю что и новичок, если он готов тратить своё время за вознаграждение, разберётся. Не в этом конкурсе так в следующем - он попадет в ТОП.

Если будет подозрение на плагиат и участники сообщества, заинтересованные лица, члены жюри обратят на это внимание. Совместно найдется решение и улучшение защиты от этого. Нужно развиваться постепенно.
На данный момент срок подачи заявки установлен в три недели, сделаю в две. Надеюсь члены жюри будут относится лояльнее к участникам которые не успеют в срок. (Хотя я за оперативность). Главное, сделать отчёт до голосования по партнёру, максимально заранее.

Нужно делать проверку входящего партнёрства. Это очень важно.
Через почту, Твиттер или другими способами. Я например сегодня сделал так, по партнёрству о котором писал выше. (Так себе партнёр, но обращение поступило - нужно обрабатывать) Я это сделал из любопытства, просто интерес. Участвовать в данном конкурсе не планирую.

В общем отредактирую немного проценты и поправлю сроки подачи заявки.


Adjusted the budget. Using the example of five partnerships, it looks like this. The reward for the first place is 14625 tokens, the cost of one report is 2925 tokens.
Link to the table

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Maybe try to conduct micro-contests, one per partnership? Small cycles, not whole quarters… Or is it expensive from the point of view of bureaucracy?

The jury members will have to vote frequently. They can’t always be forced to do this.
And a lot of small work. drafts, calculations, calculations, pay tables, etc.
Quarterly, this is the best option. (in my opinion)

Another possibility is to perform a contest as soon as certain number of new partnerships is achieved. Let say in a dozen-tact… or every 15, 20…

In this case, the participants will have to make reports, in the hope that the competition will take place.
Imagine that,
You would have done the reports in January. But in February, the A&S budget (let’s say) was not approved.

I see, you’re optimistic )))

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I don’t quite understand the timing.
Is this a report from another competition?
Or is the deadline a formality? Can I analyze any partners regardless of the date of publication of the application?

The time limits are advisory in nature.
Within the framework of this competition, you need to make reports on all partners whose applications have not yet been submitted for voting (have not yet been accepted). It is advisable to do this within two weeks from the date of receipt of the partner offer. This is necessary in order for the jury members to get more information before voting on the partner offer.
TON BRAINS is last year’s partner request. But there was no vote on it, so we need analytical information to make a decision on the partner.
You can submit your reports on partner offers that have not yet been accepted. I think that the members of the A&S jury will be loyal to this.

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Другие активности это DeSupport отдельный конкурс в A&S будет

There should be a list of Partners Offers haven’t voting on them then it will be better way for participants submissions and after that for jury’s vote.

Конкурс активен. Вы уже можете готовить отчёты по текущим партнёрским предложениям и анализировать KPI по принятым партнёрам которые будут запрашивать дополнительный транш.

Вероятнее всего со следующего DeAnalytics Q2 будет необходимость (ограничение) в трех отчётах от разных участников на одного партнёра. Но можно предоставить и более трёх, жюри выберут для оценки лучшие три отчёта. (пункт по ограничениям в 3 отчета еще не утвержден)

Подать свою заявку (PDF) по проделанной Вами работы, можно с 5 Апреля.

The contest is active. You can already prepare reports on current partner offers and analyze KPIs for accepted partners who will request an additional tranche.

Most likely, from the next DeAnalytics Q2, there will be a need (restriction) for three reports from different participants per partner. But you can also provide more than three, the jury will choose the best three reports for evaluation. (the item on restrictions in 3 reports has not yet been approved)

You can submit your application (PDF) for the work you have done, starting from April 5.