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YPO Global - Free TON Collaboration Proposal

on The Earth Impact Summit

Collaborate for a Better Tomorrow

Published by Oleg Volkosh, YPO member since 2012, current head of the Impact initiative in Europe and European YPO board member, co-organizer of the 2021 Earth Impact Summit

Who we are - Young Presidents Organization (YPO)

YPO, established 70 years ago, it has become the premier global leadership organization with more than 29,000 members in 142 countries. It is the global platform for members to engage, learn and grow. YPO members harness the knowledge, influence and trust of the collective of influential and innovative business leaders to inspire business, personal, family and community impact and solutions. Today, YPO member-run companies, diversified among industries and types of businesses, employ more than 22 million people globally and generate USD 9 trillion in annual revenues. YPO’s Vision 2020 is based on three key pillars; collaboration, engagement and use of technology to implement programs. All info available at www.ypo.org.

YPO is currently in its third evolution — the era of YPO 3.0, is becoming the 21st century engagement platform, uniting extraordinary business leaders who are creating a world of positive social execution and sustainable impact. The YPO 3.0 strategic vision is built upon a shared belief that YPO can make the world a better place. The vision for YPO 3.0 is driven by four multi-year strategies designed to transform YPO to be even more impactful, relevant, prominent and extraordinary for years to come.

The opportunity – Shaping the future together

The 2021 Earth Impact Summit (EIS) organized by YPO and its main strategic partners will take the earlier foundational European Impact Summit (EIS20) platform and scale it to create innovative partnerships between the private sector, relevant public sector actors and international organizations and work together with all stakeholders. The EIS platform working on specific challenges will have further strategic partnerships and sponsorships with multinational corporations, technology companies, leading consultancy companies, media, international organizations, as well as foundations.

The EIS Impact Group structure using advance technological solutions will be thus developed to help build an inclusive, resilient and transformational tomorrow for YPOers as well as for our partners. EIS is focusing on the global challenges listed below;

  1. Environment and climate change (Including food and water security) - (SDG 6, 7, 13, 14, 15, 17)
  2. Governance (Strengthening democracy, improve global cooperation of nations, technology-based governance
    systems etc.) - (SDG 5, 10, 16, 17)
  3. Healthcare - (SDG 3, 10, 17)
  4. Education (Address future-proof primary, secondary and tertiary education requirements and solutions as well
    as re skilling of workforces and lifelong learning etc.) - (SDG 4, 5, 10, 17)
  5. Economy (Help develop a global free and fair-trade system, regulatory systems, designing supply chains of the
    future etc.) - (SDG 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17)
  6. Cybersecurity (personal, corporate, national and anti-terrorism) - (SDG 10, 16, 17)

There was a pilot EIS summit in Oct 2020 that drew over 1,100 registrants and although it was Europe centric, European registrations was just 60% of all YPO registrations. It has created tremendous interest in Europe and globally amongst members, partners and sponsors. It proved massive interest and readiness for global scalability.

Why we think Free TON is a great partner for YPO and EIS 21

First of all, we noted that the overall community-driven, open governance and border-free approach of Free TON addresses and even transcends some of the issues that are out there in the society today. The values of Free TON centered around trust, respect for user personal data, openness, inclusivity and meritocracy are very much appealing to the values shared by YPO and are actual for the EIS 21 agenda.

Furthermore, studying some of the recent initiatives of Free TON and talking to some of the ecosystem participants we noticed that Free TON is a very Impact-driven project. Furthermore, Free TON community has actually been already making some noticeables steps and collaborations around the Impact theme, for example we noticed:

  • the collaboration with Human ventures aimed at using blockchain to bring transparency into the charity / donations space and could be reapplied and scaled with YPO Impact initiatives that require management and traceability of donations
  • the Tree TON initiative growing into a separate sub governance aimed at leveraging donations to help plants trees around the world and doing it in a transparent manner leveraging the power of blockchain
  • the collaboration with Africa Blockchain Institute aimed at educating on and popularizing blockchain technology and helping African developers to master it and realise the use cases that make this world a better place. This could improves lives of people in Africa for example enabling currently unbanked folks to get access to digital borderless banking
  • the contest to help crowdsource voting audit solutions for Guatemala with potential scalability around the world. Voting untranserency continues to be one of the biggest barriers on the way to spreading democracy. And addressing it with technology would contribute to a better world.

Furthermore, talking to your community members we discovered that Free TON has a potential role to play across all of the 6 priorities of the YPO Impact Initiative:

Environment and climate change (Including food and water security). The Tree TON initiative is spot on this topic and YPO will join to support that.

Governance (Strengthening democracy, improving global cooperation of nations, technology-based governance systems etc.). You guys are pioneering the way with on-chain decentralized governance and maybe your solution can be explored or even scaled within EIS 21. In fact the governance working group would take on a challenge to explore Free TON based governance solution and if appropriate will pilot it to stepchange governance of YPO Impact initiative around the world. At the initial stage forum management tools and voting platform would be the first two technologies to replicate.

Healthcare. Talking to your community members we realized that there is partnership with the Global Blockchain Association on that as well as a couple of pilots around the world. Blockchian for example could play a role in ensuring privacy and immutability on storing/sharing personal medical records.

Education (Address future-proof primary, secondary and tertiary education requirements and solutions as well as re skilling of workforces and lifelong learning etc.). Already addressed above with the ABI partnership, plus we also learnt about the Free TON Academy initiative. Some YPOers and members of this working group would likely want to contribute to the Free TON Academy initiative to help raise the level of technological education in the least developed countries where this is not readily accessible.

Economy (Help develop a global free and fair-trade system, regulatory systems, designing supply chains of the future etc.). Blockchain in general and what you are doing with Free TON specifically is spot on in there for example around: (a) disrupting and reinventing the supply chains of the future without intermediaries and based on trusted immutable platforms, (b) borderless peer-to-peer transactions bypassing financial intermediaries, © building open engaging borderless ecosystems eg virtual communities united around values rather than geography and therefore more aligned and engaged. YPO is one of such communities. Need to explore where there is smth to be explored besides the governance outlined above e.g. a YPO in general or Impact in particular engagement coin based on Free TON to help reward contribution.

Cybersecurity (personal, corporate, national and anti-terrorism). With ultimate on-chain transparency and end-to-end encryption blockchain has a great role to play in this segment as well.

Summarizing, we would be delighted to explore Impact related synergies with Free TON and drive them all the way with real projects as well as exposing that in global media. YPO will make its best effort to challenge 6 working groups and select at least one Impact related use case (likely on governance as described above) with the Free TON community and pilot it within the EIS-21 initiative and beyond.

We invite Free TON to join in covering part of the costs involved in organizing EIS-21 and specifically to take on the cost of two full-time administrators for a period of one year that would lead collaboration of Free TON and YPO as well as contribute to organizing the summit. Estimated preliminary cost of that would constitute an equivalent of 120,000 ton crystal tokens and could be paid to an agency (to be selected by YPO) that will provide that service on a quarterly basis and would be subject to prolongation each quarter, based on confirmation of both parties that they are satisfied with the service.

Reference wallet:



As a disclaimer I am a YPO member since 2012 and was one of the people interviewed by YPO Impact leadership when exploring the merits of this partnership. All I can say is wow. Being one of a very few partners of the Earth Impact Summit and YPO in general opens imho puts Free TON at another level of credibility and opportunities. YPO is the largest and most credible business organization in the world with members (only founders or CEOs) controlling 11 trillion dollars in revenue. Blockchain group in YPO is 800 people strong. Most importantly YPO committed to piloting a particular use case with Free TON. Most likely that use case will be that YPO Impact movement will adapt Free TON governance model and tools. I can also envision a YPO engagement token coming a bit later. This is exciting. Particularly for 120,000 tokens with 30,000 upfront.


Thank you for your proposal! I think it is a great cooperation opportunity for Free TON to support global impact use cases and to show its capacity to host them.


I’m also a YPO member and have my own blockchain tool based on the Stellar platform, but from what I have heard about Free TON within the YPO Community I am really excited about what you have all developed, especially the governance structure. I am considering building future tools on this network instead of Stellar, and will keep this in mind for public sector entities that I am currently advising (currently UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the African Development Bank).


We at Humanventure are excited to see this proposal. I am sure this can help FreeTON to make a leapfrog in adoption and recognition, but in the first place to make a tangible contribution to creating a much better world. Given the scale of the initiative, I would say - at practically no cost. We are in!


Ciao meme contests, hello world of big business.


I didn’t receive a response to my email confirming my partnership with Free TON

I hope there is no mistake here.

Dear Community, how can we bring this exciting topic forward?

I do not support that potential partnership. And one of the main reasons is that FreeTON, unlike YPO, is an open community. YPO is a club for the elite. You cannot enter it without fulfilling a number of conditions. I fully understand the direction of thought of Alexander, as business developer, but I think that the involvement of the elites at this stage will simply lead to the instrumentalization of FreeTON by rich people to achieve their goals, but not real decentralization.

I disagree with you. It is Earth IMPACT Summit, which is intended to deploy the power and connections of YPO members towards resolution of key challenges of humanity. FreeTON via its embedded decentralization can help to make sure the elite’s resources are routed towards well-being of millions of people all over the world rather than further concentrating wealth in the hands of very few. In this sense this partnership eventually can probably set up a more transparent and efficient model than other individual or major collective charitable initiatives like e.g. Giving Pledge. Of course the question is to apply FreeTON’s technology properly but I am sure the community together with the initiators can handle that

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