Proposal: Creative & DeSupport community Subgovernance

General description

This document describes how Creative & DeSupport community Subgovernance (C&DS Subgovernance) works and the purpose of this Subgovernance.


Many creative contest (airdrop mechanics, virtual hero/spokesperson of Free TON, video explanation of Free TON, Free TON positioning essay, and etc. contest) were proposal various Free TON governance.

C&DS Subgovernance will be created to develop and offer the community similar creative contests (not related to technical theme), as well as decentralized support contests (like distributing rewards to surf beta-tester).

Missions of C&DS Subgovernance:

  1. Support to Free TON community by accepting various ideas and community proposals at contests.

  2. Development, proposal and publication of contests (if supported by community), not related to technical theme (creative contests).

  3. Development, proposal and publication of contests (if supported by community) for decentralized support of community.

  4. Collection (accumulation) of creative ideas of the community, which can be useful for the community, through contests.

  5. Creation of a database of creative ideas of Free TON community for their possible further implementation in Free TON.

  6. General development of Free TON community


Goals of C&DS Subgovernance are to support and proposal to community creative contests and contests of decentralized support, to develop the community by accepting the best and most creative ideas from Free TON community.

Proposals contests (and community ideas within the proposals contests) will increase the awareness of Free TON by developing high-quality creative content by participants.

Ideas of participants, received within the framework of creative contests within C&DS Subgovernance, can be useful for other subgovernance of Free TON community.

Procedural remarks

For C&DS Subgovernance, a separate interface should be added with functionality similar to the functionality of the current version of Governance. The interface should be accessible via an additional bookmark at

Initial Members

C&DS Subgovernance initial members:

If the community accepts this proposal, the final proposal will published with a complete list of Initial Members with public key.

Budget Estimate

To achieve the stated goals of C&DS Subgovernance, the following budget is required for a period of 6 months after launch:

Procedure Rewards per 1 mont Quantity of periods
Work’s rewards of creative contests Impossible to determine due to dynamic reward grid. About 100 000 Tons 6 monts
Work’s rewards of DeSupport contests Impossible to determine (no data on the quantity of participants and the formula for determining of the rewards). About 50 000 Tons 6 monts
Jury rewards 10 % of rewards. About 15 000 Tons 6 monts
Administrative work 20% of the total amount of rewards, but not more 20 000 Tons 6 monts
Total: 1 110 000 Tons 6 monts

Prizes grid according to the level of difficulty of the contests formed:

average score/diffeculty 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0-3,99 0 0 0 0 0 0 0,5к
4-4,99 0 0 0 0 0 0,5к
5-5,99 0 0 0 0 0,5к
6-6,99 0 0 0 0,5к
7-7,99 0,5к 0,5к 0,5к 10к
8-8,99 11к 14к 17к 20к
9-9,99 10к 13к 16к 19к 22к 25к
10 12к 15к 18к 21к 24к 27к 30к

Each contest will be assigned a difficulty level when with accepted by the community.

The prize fund cannot be determined in advance - it is calculated after voting.

The estimated budget is presented in the table above. If this limit will be exceeded, an additional budget may be requested if C&DS Subgovernance is effective works.

General Implementation

The general implementation of C&DS Subgovernance is to create and grow an active community of enthusiasts where any person, company or organization can fulfill their potential to fulfill C&DS Subgovernance’s goals and promote Free TON.


Initial members are not eligible to participate in creative contest (contests not related to technical theme) within the C&DS Subgovernance until an additional jury has been elected.

Initial members can participate in the decentralized support contests, regardless of whether an additional jury is elected or not.

C&DS Subgovernance should host a Telegram group where members, the Jury and other involved parties would develop, discuss and formulate plans and proposals for C&DS Subgovernance.

All contests within subgovernance should be beneficial to Free TON community. Any suggestions that are not of any benefit to the community should be rejected.

Contest Rules

The timing of contests or integrations, their description, motivation, specification, requirements and criteria for evaluating works, conditions for rewards of participants and the jury, voting procedure and procedural comments will be determined in the terms of the relevant contest proposal.

C&DS Subgovernance Jury Election

Initial Members are automatically assigned to the original C&DS Subgovernance Jury.

Once the C&DS Subgovernance is launched, Initial Members can (but do not have to) initiate and conduct the first C&DS Subgovernance Jury Contest, which aims to elect the core C&DS Subgovernance Jury.

Jury rewards

An amount equal to 10% of the sum total of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed among jurors who vote and provide feedback. This percentage will be awarded on the following basis: the percentage of tokens awarded to the jury will be distributed based on the number of votes each juror casts. For example, if one juror votes 50 times and another juror votes 5 times, the juror who votes 50 times will get 10 times more tokens than the juror who votes 5 times.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TONs to US citizens or entities.

Needed create C&DS Subgovernance for community?
  • Yes
  • No

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Voting for this proposal to create a C&DS Subgovernance will end at 00:00 on 05.12.2020 UTC, but in any case not earlier than the composition of the initial members is formed.


a good idea! how to join the jury?

Ready to help with the idea and join the initial members of the C&DS sub-management

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Help and support in the development of Free TON… Great. :slightly_smiling_face:
one way or another, I am ready to take part in the promotion of the project.

Check the budget estimate.

Thanks for feedback. Correctly now

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Why don’t you make the item Abstain for the survey?

I do not understand this forced necessity to make a binary decision, although I do not have complete information.

Хорошая идея, данное суб-управление принесет много пользы сообществу.

Good idea, this sub-governance will bring a lot of benefits to the community.

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Great, CDS can create contests for average users of Free TON and in this way community growth can be boosted exponentially.

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Хорошая идея. Готов помочь в части жюри и предлагать идеи. :+1:t2:

Hi! Could you please give more examples and info? So that I can better understand the goals of this SG and the ways it will get to what aims at.

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Идея хорошая. Ещё бы была хорошая реализация. Нужны не просто конкурсы, а привлечение новых участников. Это намного сложнее, чем проводить конкурсы среди уже присоединившихся людей.


Ready to help, have understanding of attracting newcomers

The idea is not elaborated enough. The concept is archaic and wont exist for a long period. To announce decentralization and take resources (not renewable) from centralized organ. This is not the way…

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The driving power will go down when the system truly achieve decentralization. The whole propose impregnated with profit and greed.

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Вчера, 2020-11-23, чат кипел - за полдня 1500 постов.
В результате потоков мыслей всех участников у двух человек родилась интересная, на мой взгляд, идея:
создать фонд наград за активность, за идеи - за движуху, способную принести пользу сообществу, увеличить заинтересованность всех его участников в развитии проекта.
Кристаллы в фонд наград принимать от членов сообщества, желающих стать спонсорами и имеющими такую возможность.
Награды за идеи и активность предполагалось выдавать не огромные, но ощутимые.
Что мне в этом понравилось - этому фонду не нужен был бы гивер, в начале работы большой суммы фонд не требует.
Спонсоры не имеют с этого концепта никакой личной выгоды, а только общую - оживить сообщество, поощрить активность, наградить людей за хорошие идеи.
Некоторая оплата предполагается правлению фонда, но она соизмерима с наградами за активность.

А сегодня я вижу эту же идею , но переработанную на совершенно другой лад.
Теперь речь идет уже не о фонде на спонсорских пожертвованиях.
В таком виде это предложение мне кажется способом приделать к гиверу кран толщиной в лям/месяц.
Какие критерии качества работы этого сабгова?
5 случайных человек будут решать - что лучше/хуже для сообщества в целом? Они это знают?
Конкурс на идеи? Идеи не приходят по заказу… Идея пришла, а конкурса нет…
Рассказал идею в чате - через неделю другие ее протащат на конкурс и получат за нее награду.
Само это предложение - пример такого плагиата - появилось после 1000+ вчерашних постов, приведших 2 человек к идее наград за активность и полезные идеи.
Сегодня предложение выставил другой человек, который сам себя уже и в жюри посадил.
Конский бюджет из центральной кормушки без какой-либо ответственности за работу - идеальный способ распила.
Нарисовать потом можно что угодно и расписать как угодно - критериев качества работы предлагаемого сабгова что-то не видно.


Вот более того. Здесь говорится о том что у сабговов не получается достигнуть механизма децентрализации. Нужны идеи. А автор создаёт предложения о создании очередного неэффективного сабгова. Contest Proposal: Recurring Efforts Acknowledgement Approach

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this proposal was posted before discuss in chat

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Michael is right, I confirm that this proposal was published before the start of the discussion in chat!

In addition to confirmation from the first character involved in the comments, who wished to join the jury, I would like more objective evidence that this proposal was created regardless of the publication of the main idea in the chat.
I don’t know - is it possible to find out from the forum administrators the exact time of creation of this proposal? It could be compared to the time when an idea was expressed in a chat.

But the main problem is not possible plagiarism.

The idea expressed in the chat is aimed not at enriching the organizers and participants in its implementation, but at increasing the involvement of the Free TON community members in the development of the project.

The idea behind this proposal is to enrich the jury with funds from a central source. The requested amount of funds, the terms of this offer, the size of awards to the participants of competitions and members of the jury, the lack of specific schemes and criteria for evaluating competitions and the quality of the work of the Subgovernance itself create an excellent field for fraud.

А теперь по-русски.
Кроме подтверждения со стороны первого вовлеченного в комментарии персонажа, пожелавшего войти в состав жюри, хотелось бы более объективных доказательств того, что данное предложение было создано независимо от публикации основной идеи в чате.
Не знаю - можно ли выяснить у администраторов форума точное время создания данного предложения? Можно было бы сравнить с временем высказывания идеи в чате.

Но главная проблема не в возможном плагиате.

Идея, высказанная в чате, нацелена не на обогащение организаторов и участников ее реализации, а на повышение вовлеченности участников сообщества Free TON в развитие проекта.

Идея данного предложения мне видится в обогащении членов жюри за счет средств из центрального источника. Запрашиваемый объем средств, условия этого предложения, размер наград участникам конкурсов и членам жюри, отсутствие конкретных схем и критериев оценки конкурсов и качества работы самого сабгава создают отличное поле для махинаций.


Сейчас обкатывают новый способ распределения наград, на мой взгляд он будет единым для всех, при положительном результате.