Contest: Airdrop Mechanics [Finished]

Short description:

To design the best possible approach and mechanics for an airdrop to new users that can promote Free TON.




18.05.2020 - 07.06.2020 at 12:00 PM UTC


Growing the community is essential. An airdrop must be implemented with a clear, simple and secure path to enrollment for new users.

General requirements:

  • Must be fair, just, transparent, and creative.
  • All best practices mechanics are allowed, including the use of Telegram bots, gamification, your own applications, or whatever you feel is the best way to create an airdrop that will attract new members.


Create an airdrop so new users can do the following:

  1. Sign the Declaration of Decentralization
  2. Sign up to these 2 groups (at least initially):

  1. Promote the usage of Free TON
  2. Very important: establish safeguards against bots and fake accounts

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions:

  • Most effective idea
  • Security!
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Most resourceful use of Ton chrystals dissemination, keeping in mind that the long term goal is to have 1 billion users at some point in the future.


  • Each of the initial Free TON voting members can nominate 1 person to the jury.
  • Initial members whose team(s) intend to participate in the contest lose their right to nominate a jury member.
  • Jury selection and members will be public.
  • Each jury member will vote “Yes” or “No”.

Contest winners will receive:

1st prize…………………………30,000 Tons

2nd prize……………………….20,000 Tons

3rd prize………………………. 10,000 Tons

Next 10 runners up…………. 1,000 Tons each

Jury members who vote…. 500 Tons each for doing their civic duty


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.ons to US citizens or US entities.


I want to suggest a slightly different model than the usual airdrop
SellDrop or something - selling tokens but for 99.9% discount or something similar
This way users are not getting free money, which in my experiance is usually converted to a harder asset but rather done less opportunistic and more by users who actually want the asset.
Another up side is that users will all be KYC verified during the purchase process, and limited with monthly puchase amounts.


I propose to make the easiest way at the initial stage, this is a telegram bot. But in order to receive coins, people will have to subscribe not only to the 2 groups of telegrams listed above, but also to other social services. networks (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) retweets and reposts are also welcome. this will already help to remove a lot of fake members! + Make a contest for owners of YouTube channels on the topic of cryptocurrency.


If the project still connected to telegram as a product, not the team, there are need a way to every telegram user to get tokens, through the bot, faucet or adding form on the website not matter. To prevent manipulations account of user must be registered until some date. And no need huge airdrop just a little but for everyone to participate. Exeption for devs and validators their contribution is large.

The value comes from people, from community, don’t need to be greedy. As much ways to involve people, all ways we need to use.

Also Its good to have the treasury for some future activities and, its good if it will be ruled by trustful, decentralized and anonymous community

Another good way to spread the tokens is lockdrop , it’s a smart contract - you block your btc or eth for some time and get TON crystals. It brings value to the network.

Community need dozens of way to get involved.


As I’ve mentioned in another topic, bots doesn’t know the registration date of any account. IDs will not helps too, they are distributed on regional pool basis.


To distribute coins, use Steam games. Such as Dota, Counter Strike, Warframe and others. On average, I contact from 50 to 100 people per day. There you can discuss the conditions and bring a lot of people to the project, since communication is not limited to friends, that is, the game community will participate, and perhaps they will start to sell game items


Even if some sort of manipulation will be, for example - 2-3% of this way of emission (there must be different ways of emission, dozens), its ok. This 2-3% will go to exchanges and spread more, improving the interest for the project. We need to look wide for such a big moves. The spreading of the coin better to be wide. All telegram users - it will be the top. It was the main idea at the beginning, as I understand. Also good if the variants of emission will run not parallel but one by one, heating the interest for the project and growing the currency value. First easy ways to get, than harder.


Are you sure you’re addressing the right person? My only comment was about the registration date.

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Yeah, Valve definitely needs some other blockchain to work with. They will be thrilled to implement it in their games. Don’t be silly.


sorry, i just add the idea…


There is no need to involve Valve in the project. Each player communicating during the game in the chat can negotiate with other players and attract them to the Free tone project by giving out free coins that they can be interested in. Valve doesn’t need to know about this.

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You know about antispam algorithms? As soon as someone will start spreading ANY reflinks he or she will be banned. Not to mention the games but even in Telegram itself.
Moreover, the entire domain will be banned as soon as there be enough links from different users.
With all due respect you’re proposing a spam.


It looks like telegram distribution is the best way.

  1. This will allow you to distribute tokens fairly honestly (some will still be able to cheat).
  2. It is necessary to remember those who have a great influence in this world. And give them the opportunity to get more tokens in exchange for their influence. For example, if you are the owner of the channel, then you can get the volume of tokens according to the formula:
    Let n be the number of subscribers to your group in a telegram.
    then you can get “10 * log (n)” times more tokens.
    Distribution of tokens to media will allow to block the influence of possible cheaters. And it will give a huge boost to popularity.

I see a good option, how to exclude fake accounts and distribute airdrop to real people. It is necessary for a person to download a wallet, after which he will go to the telegram bot, which identifies his device and ip. After which, it requests tokens only 1 time. He receives these tokens in his wallet and at the same time, the user who invited him also receives a reward for a referral. We need to take the experience from the telegram of the bot that distributed test grams. There, such a function is installed. That is, a person could not request tokens from 2 accounts on 1 device. 1 wallet 1 account 1 device.


You can’t completely avoid fake accounts, but you can reduce their number.
I suggest that you divide the airdrop into several parts.

  1. The most active members of the group who contribute, help others, and answer their questions.
  2. Proof Of Love - create stickers, drawings, and other content in the real world, writing articles on various forums, creating videos. (only original author’s content)
  3. Airdrop to random users of the group, the number of prizes is limited

You mean Kim Kardashian, don’t you? Don’t say that you thought of the Telegram crypto-signals channel owners, please.


English is not native to me and it is difficult for me to define sarcasm there or not.
But in response, I’ll say that it’s absolutely not important what type of audience the channel has (most likely, it’s more important that the channel’s audience is as far away from cryptocurrencies as possible)
After all, we strive for TON to become a universal means of payment


i want to suggest you , you can educate the people about the blockchain and you can give some rewards to them if people educated then more people can interested on blockchain and this blockchain automatic growth .


Obviouslythe most important thing and the hardest one here is last point - 4. Very important: establish safeguards against bots and fake accounts. Coz every body who already interested in project already signed declaration and are in all those T. groups.
I think any airdrop should start from short Quiz about project you are trying to take part. And most questions in that quiz should be like - asking quiz members about their view or opinion about project. At list on that stage you can separate most of bots.
And the hardets part - to separate alt. accounts. I think in that part we must ot ask people about their other social media ( twitter, Reddit, or github ), Or maybe check theit history in TONFree telegram groups ( local groups also coz not everybody speaks english ) , to have at list 5 relevant messages or something like that.


Maybe even more? Make people publish public answers to those questions.

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