Airdrop Implementation Time

Dear community

As you know, Free TON has been launched on 7 May 2020 and then Airdrop Mechanics contest was proposed to choose the best approach for an airdrop to attract new users.

Various proposal for airdrop participated and finally the best one was selected by juries:

Next, community members in general and @XLR25t in particular said that the selected approach for airdrop will be run after full decentralizations obtained. Today, the number of validators is about 400 and coumunity members are looking forward to see airdrop happening.

Me, on behalf of community members, have wish to ask main governance to clarify the time and details of airdrop, if possible.

@XLR25t, @Mitja, @ValueCreator, @p.prigolovko


Airdrop is already running in a form of meritocratic distribution.

400 validators is “sufficient decentralization”, not “full” and we’re still on stage 1 of roadmap.

And on behalf of what community members are you asking? I’m strongly against airdrops.

I think it can be SMV voted later and I’m sure it will not pass.

Meritocratic distribution is good.
But such a distribution existed at the time of aridrop mechanics contest too.
There is no conflict between airdrop and meritocratic distribution. Free TON needs both.

Of course there is a conflict in between. An airdrop will devaluate already distributed tokens, people got for hard work. And since in SMV only people with tokens may decide, if mass airdrop should be or not, why should they vote for devaluation of their own tokens?

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That’ precisely what I meant, thanks.

465,000 TONs has been distributed for airdrop mechanics contest. Do you mean that contest with such huge distributed rewards was implemented for nothing?

Not for nothing but in order to understand what is the wrong way )))

Hello all, Thank you @TaheXri212 for your reminder about Airdrop contest. I confirm that implementing such contest has some pros and cons.

I just read the text of Airdrop mechanics contest. I saw that @XLR25t was author of that contest. In the proposal text (Motivation section), he wrote that:


Growing the community is essential. An airdrop must be implemented with a clear, simple and secure path to enrollment for new users.

I think it will be helpful if @XLR25t tell us his opinion about implementation of his contest (Airdrop) which was proposed by him.

Аирдропа не будет, и слава богу за это)

No need Airdrops, please!