Contest Proposal: Free TON Positioning Essay [Sep 24, 2020 – Oct 1, 2020 end of day UTC]


Using :point_right:this document as the foundation and backdrop of Free TON’s positioning, please describe Free TON in your own words. What should be explained first? Take parts and pieces in order to create a clear and concise message. Your vision of the Free TON positioning essay is the key to success.


Contest - Essay


Sep 24, 2020 – Oct 1, 2020 end of day UTC. You can submit your support essay within this time frame.


Description of Free TON positioning from a community perspective.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Most original ideas.
  • Your essay should take into account :point_right:this document. Jury members should also take into account that this document is in the voting process.
  • Must be in your own words. Don’t just copy the text or paraphrase it. Write it using your own vision, using the positioning document as simply a foundation.
  • The essay must be in English and you are perfectly welcome to ask for help from friends, family, and better yet, from the community to help you.
  • No words limit, but you should understand, a lot of text is not of equal good quality.
  • No less than 500 words.

Important Note:

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with all of the essential project documentation, including this document and the original Whitepaper before you start.


Each jury member will vote by placing a number 1 through 10 next to each submission, with 10 being the best rating possible and 1 being the lowest. Jurors will also have the option to reject your submission or abstain from voting.


The top 20 winners will be chosen based on scores and receive rewards as follows:

1st prize………………… 20,000 Tons

2nd prize…………………15,000 Tons

3rd prize…………………10,000 Tons

4th - 10th…………………3,000 Tons

10th - 20th prize……….….1,000 Tons

In the event that more than 1 contestant receives the same ratings, the total related prize will be divided equally among them.

Jury Prize:

An amount equal to 5% of all total tokens awarded and distributed to contest winners will be divided among the jurors who vote and provide feedback for submissions in this contest.


Any new supporter can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.

Free TON Contests Submission Guidelines: [EN] [RU]


Everything is great. That is a good alternative for proposal “Brand Identity Design Contest”. Just correct the title “Free TON Positiong” plz. The total amount of rewards suggested to be increased, if community prefer.


Thank you! It was mistyped. Fixed!


Free TON is a next-gen Internet but this is the topic we can’t explain to non-tech people. As currently we have a wallet and if we all wants to support Free TON whole ecosystem then just make transactions more and more. Adoption with some activities is a only way to giving value to our network and also giving chances to others fellows to participate and explore practically. In short Free TON needs time of every participant and if you believe Free TON then just gives your precious time to Free TON and Free TON will be yours inherently.


Good proposal for the contest.

I think there will be many participants. In the chats people mainly talk about how and what should be positioned :slight_smile: And it would be nice to collect all these ideas in one place. I think there will be something valuable.


I support this contest too. This and my proposal converge to one goal.


Everything is tied here: branding, positioning, landing page.

I know there is already a positioning group working too. It is difficult to imagine how to put it all together so that the created submissions are really useful to the community. Practically.

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Agree. It could bring more great ideas.


When can we start this great contest?


At first, it seemed to me that the prizes were small, but for an essay, this is a good price. It will be interesting to read the works of the contestants. :wink:


I am eagerly waiting to read the works from participants, too. There will be good submissions definitely. But I still think the rewards can be increased a bit more :pray:t2:. More importantly, I don’t know when will it be moved to Voting to be active contest. This is 10 Sep (start date).

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I also propose to increase the rewards, because there will be many moments in the works that affect the further development of Free TON.


I think you are right! Added more prizes)


I think at Disclaimer section, “Any new supporter” is better to be replaced with “Anyone”. Just my thought :v:t2:
Community is waiting for this interesting competition :trophy: :trophy:


Ok i want correct it too) but then i sew your post x)

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Здесь надо продумать такой нюанс:
эссе рассчитано на широкую аудиторию в плане стран и языка (для привлечения рускоговорящего комьюнити и англоговорящего или любого другого).
Одни хорошо могут написать по-русски, но при этом плохо знают английский. И наоборот. А переводчик способен испортить всю эстетику сочинения. Но в то же время, думаю, не все члены жюри знают русский язык, поскольку сообщество интернациональное.
Как быть в такой ситуации?
Есть предложение отдельно оценивать эссе на английском языке, отдельно на русском и, по желанию большинства, на других языках при условии, что участников этой лингвистической группы будет больше 15-ти (то есть, больше чем призовых мест). Количество призовых мест и их цена для каждого языка - такая же, как описано в главном предложении.

Here we need to think over the following nuance:
The essay is designed for a wide audience in terms of countries and language (to attract the Russian-speaking community and the English-speaking or any other).
Some can write well in Russian, but they don’t know English well. And vice versa. And the translator can spoil the whole aesthetics of the composition. But at the same time, I think that not all members of the jury know Russian, since the community is international.
How to be in such a situation?
There is a proposal to separately evaluate essays in English, separately in Russian and, at the request of the majority, in other languages, provided that there are more than 15 participants in this linguistic group (that is, more than prizes). The number of prizes and their price for each language is the same as described in the main offer.

“In the event that more than 1 contestant receives the same ratings, the total related prize will be divided equally among them”.

Does this mean that if 3 people get the same maximum marks, will they equally split the number of prize coins for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place? Or will they only share the number of coins for the 1st place?

Это имеется ввиду, что если 3 человека получат одинаковые максимальные оценки, то они разделят поровну количество призовых монет за 1-е, 2-е и 3-е место? Или разделят только количество монет за 1-е место?


Rewards are no too small, on the contrary, they are quite big. Also, Free TON is an international project.


In your example, everone will earn (15000+10000+5000)/3 tons.


Yes, absolutely correct!