NFT и GameFi Alliance | Phase 1 (Updated version)

Continuing the discussion from Everscale NFT & GameFi Alliance | Pilot phase:

Everscale NFT и GameFi Alliance proposal

  1. Introduction

Wide coverage of the NFT market is critical for the development of the Everscale network.

Unlike DeFi, NFT possesses a substantial advantage: NFT tokens are applicable in games, music or tokenization of the digital world as a unique form of property. Similarly, in the nearest future one could store large files like audio or video on this blockchain with the help of NFT tokens. Owners can be certain that their files will remain intact.

Another popular concept is GameFi, which unites DeFi and NFT. Due to gaming popularity the value of an NFT as an in-game item will skyrocket immediately. Games will also bring new vitality to NFT and infuse giant momentum into cryptocurrency branch development.

DappRadar reports: July to September 2021 the volume of NFT trades reached USD 10.67B - 704% more than the previous quarter.

As for games-related NFT items: during the same time period its trades volume was USD 2.32B - 21.72% of the total trades volume, showing a 762% growth in comparison to the previous quarter.

Per another DappRadar data report, by the end of March 2021 there were more than 50,000 active wallets interacting with game-related smart contracts on blockchain. During the 2nd quarter this number reached 360,000, growing 600%. Currently about 370,000 wallets remain active in blockchain games every day and the number of wallets keeps growing.

  1. NFT & GameFi Alliance

NFT and GameFi Alliance is a community of like-minded individuals and companies with one common goal: to create an environment for substantial and sustainable growth of Everscale in this sector.

Alliance teams have already invested more than USD 2.5M into Everscale blockchain-based NFT and GameFi projects development and onboarding. Alliance will also allocate financial means to NFT and GameFi projects that have a good reputation and traction. Those, in turn, will develop products to be used on the Everscale blockchain.

Alliance activity will be aimed at:

Raising the popularity of NFTs on Everscale and increasing their number and turnover

  • Increase network TVL by Incentivizing Investment into long turn network growth via NFT marketplaces.
  • Attracting Investors into NFT-specific DeFi and Metaverse mechanisms which will promote locking value.
  • Attracting new NFT and GameFi projects into Everscale as well as getting traction in the emerging cross-industry Metaverse phenomenon.
  • Motivating and assisting NFT and GameFi development teams to create new Everscale blockchain-based projects.
  • Assistance to onboard successful, existing projects to the Everscale blockchain.


Alliance participants are to put all of their efforts into implementing best practices of NFT structure, including games-related NFT. Presently, wallets like Ever Surf and EverSpace already support the display of NFT. More information is available from this AMA session Surf & True NFT recording and our TG group.

The Alliance will participate in NFT related standardization via proper standards discussions and acceptance of the process described in the TIP-4 NFT standards tree.

We will organize the NFT standardization process and have the following challenges to rectify:

NFT Standard supported by:

  • wallets - EVER Surf, EVER Wallet and EverSpace,
  • explorers - TON Live, TON Scan.

EVER Connect (universal authentication interface) supported by:

Awareness, integration and listing

The Alliance’s efforts are largely aimed at promoting and recognizing NFT on Everscale. One of the target points in this direction, we see ensuring the listing of Everscale NFT on major platforms such as DappRadar (done), NFT Scoring, Сryptoscores, Сoin mooner, NFT evening, NFT calendar, Non-fungi, Next NFT drop, Gem hunters, Coin hunters, etc.

In addition, we set a task to list TOP NFT marketplaces operating on the Everscale network on popular aggregators.

In order to attract more Creators and users who will buy NFT, the program plans to solve the following technical problems:

  • lack of mechanisms for publicly displaying an up-to-date list of acquired NFTs;
  • lack of standard of NFT trading;
  • lack of a single standard on NFTs for all the Everscale marketplaces;
  • lack of a convenient way to collect statistics on single NFTs and NFT collections (sales volume, number of users, etc.).

To solve these problems, it is proposed to develop such additional mechanics as:

  • farming \ staking NFT;
  • selling NFT for TIP3;
  • NFT collateral lending;
  • NFT Bridges to other networks, starting from Ethereum.

As we see, there is huge potential for the NFT market to grow - integration with social networks and games, we propose to integrate Everscale NFT with existing applications, social networks and games.


To prevent unfair spending of marketing budget, we ask for funds in the form of boost, every documented and confirmable marketing own expenses paid by Alliance members can be boosted by x5 ratio.

Any activity must be properly marketed, we propose to allocate one time part of the EVER’s for co-financing of Alliance Members promotion expenses directed to Everscale NFT and GameFi projects and all program Incentives:

KPI for 2022-23

Q2 2022 Q3 2022 Q4 2022 Q1 2023
Coverage of target audience 1 500 000 3 000 000 8 000 000 17 000 000
New Users/Accounts 15 000 35 000 80 000 170 000
Transactions 150 000 500 000 1 000 000 2 500 000
Active NFT Everscale Community Users
Q2 2022 Q3 2022 Q4 2022 Q1 2023
Discord 10 000 25 000 50 000 80 000
Telegram 7 500 15 000 25 000 40 000
Twitter 12 000 30 000 60 000 90 000
  1. Creators Fund

The experience of NFT and GameFi Alliance members in the creation and promotion of NFT has shown that in order to attract new NFT and GameFi projects to the Everscale blockchain, a history of previously successfully sold collections is needed. However, at the moment, not all creators are ready to post their work on the Everscale blockchain due to its low popularity, adoption and small / inert community. This makes it almost impossible to launch successful collections that will attract public attention, which will significantly slow down the development of the network. Therefore, we propose, on behalf of the NFT and GameFi alliance, to launch the first part of the Creators Program, within which we will attract well-known creators with their own audience and traffic.

To increase the popularity of NFTs on Everscale, we plan to support a certain number of NFT collections, through Creators Fund:

  • purchasing the rights from EPIC Creators (who has rights to content and audience) for tokenization in NFT (joint drops), for example (current pipeline):
    • ATOMIC Games - The most ambitious game project of 2021-2022 will make their First FUN AirDrop;
    • THE GREATEST WORKS OF ART - paintings collection;
    • Games - As part of the partnership, minimum 10k True NFTs of Warface game will be issued in the form of cards and a unique mechanic of minting game objects by the players themselves will be implemented.
  • commitment to guaranteeing the sellout of NFT Tokens.

To achieve this task we plan to establish a Creators Fund, with stable coin assets, which will be invested in such Creators rights. To fulfill this Fund we ask the community to support such investments and approve participant interest in EVER’s with 100% match and locked by any network staking mechanism with a significant lock period.

This initiative will not put pressure on the EVER exchange rate, because investors pay their own fiat money, and get EVERS in the form of locked stake.

The Alliance will collect a profit for such allocation, from the investors money which will be turned into Alliance marketing activities.

  1. Liquidity Program

To attract Investors to actively participate in the NFT market, many NFT projects have their Farming programs for premium NFT collections minted on Everscale. To support this incentive and market user base growth, we propose to support major NFT projects based on Everscale, with additional liquidity for their own TIP3 tokens listed on Everscale dex’s like TONSWAP or FLEX.

We expect this program to double the TVL of the network relative to the allocated EVERs.

Current pipeline of candidates for this program (subject to further due diligence; more candidates to come as projects get traction):





  5. GameFi Guild (pilot program)

One of the goals of the Alliance is the development of a virtual economy in metaverses and blockchain games, including those that support the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model using NFT on the Everscale blockchain. This requires support for promising developments in this area. We propose to implement:

  • A support of the Funds that will invest into GameFi Startup Fund - to support GameFi startups on pre-seed phase (max 100k EVER’s each) via Funds Matching mechanism;
  • GameFi Boost marketing program - for GameFi projects based on Everscale, we are ready to organize marketing boost in terms of new GameFi users - 5 000 users per project.
  • Pilot program of co-financing of such projects in the ratio of 1:1 to their own investments. We assume co-financing in terms of network commission compensation and other similar support, not direct financing by EVER’s. The goal of the pilot program is to attract in the first year 3-5 projects with own investments of at least $500,000 each.
  1. Sponsorships and product placements

The alliance will use the funds to sponsor large projects, events, organizations that can noticeably raise the prestige and reputation of the Everscale network as well as help NFT projects on Everscale. An example of that would be sponsorship of the FIDE global chess events as already done by Binance and Coinbase. This will expose Everscale in front of a massive (hundreds of millions of people) global chess enthusiasts base. This will also help (an official partnership with FIDE) to attract a user base to the project / Everscale.

An example of the upcoming product placement is an Indian movie to be released in June 2022 with 20 minutes exposure to chess and NFT (on Everscale). According to the official broadcaster (#1 in India) only the Indian viewership is estimated at 100+ million viewers with global numbers to further increase this.

  1. What is required

To reach all targets, 55М EVERs is needed, distributed the following way:

  1. Awareness/listing and Integration (see Awareness block) – 3M EVERs.
  2. Co-finance of marketing boost, directed to mass distribute all NFT and GameFi Incentive activities on Everscale blockchain – 5М EVERs.
  3. Creators Fund according to Creators Fund - 15M EVERs.
  4. Liquidity Program - 20M EVERs.
  5. GameFi Guild (pilot program) - 7M EVERs.
  6. Sponsorships and product placement - 5M EVERs

For avoidance of any doubt all funds requested in co-invest format (47M out of 55M requested) will be distributed to match the outside investment funding of these programs.

  1. Alliance Members (

GrandBazar – is The Everscale-based platform that facilitates the creation, sale,

and purchase of ownership rights to digital works/items via non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The platform works as a non-custodial service, meaning that users store NFTs in some

custom TTWs to which the platform does not have access. The buying and selling of NFT

are done through the platform’s smart contracts.

GrandBazar is using True NFT Standard:

  • Information about its items owner is included in the initial data of the token, which makes it possible to find it when searching;
  • The data is placed in a separate non-removable contract, thus forming something like a search index, which is recreated when the owner changes. (EverX)

Chess NFT specialized marketplace in partnership with FIDE started with the World Chess Championship in Dubai Unique Chess and Moments Collections.

Chess NFT is committed to onboarding new users to web3 through the Everscale blockchain, focusing on the audience of chess enthusiasts to bring a power of web3 technologies for the world chess community.

The project team closely cooperates with the FIDE management and supports the social initiatives of the international federation by their NFT collections.


The Tonium team is focused on developing NFT products on Everscale. Tonium is currently developing an NFT marketplace and has already released a high-quality full-featured product - NFT collection distributor for generative art, which will be presented in the mainnet soon.

The team plans to integrate these products with other Everscale solutions, including bridges with other blockchains, marketplaces, and DeFi protocol. /

ScalePunks is a collection of 10000 unique punks, including 9 aliens, 24 apes, 88 zombies, 10 Durov’s and 1 secret punk! The rarity of ScalePunks is determined by its attributes, description and type. Some of them are super rare!

Internal Marketplace and NFT Stacking (in testing period) are available.

Each user gets the token for staking ScalePunks on the official website. Each token earned is vested for 90 days. Throughout this period a user is able to withdraw fractions of his/her tokens. NFTs can be staked on “My Punks” page.

ScalePunks that are staked on the website can not be put up for sale on the marketplace. ScalePunks that are already listed on the marketplace will automatically be taken off if staked.

The ScalePunks Governance System & Token are in development.

Sold out in 5 weeks.

Also NFTs are used to prize loyal users who take part in other projects.


Masha and Bear NFTBased Metaverse from creators of top 1 most in-demand pre-school show.

Features of the MashaVerse open-world MetaVerse:

  • Game world editor
  • GAME MAKER ION ENGINE (example Roblox,Sandbox)
  • Market for NFT assets
  • Market for players and NFT owners (Play to Earn)
  • Implementation utility token MASHA in METAVERSE
  • Mix crypto assets and fiat currency (for existing audience MASHA and BEAR)

Different types of NFTs for Mashaverse (land, characters, items) are already created.

MashaVerse NFT based game with implemented Play to Earn system for NFT owners in development.
After the launch of the gaming platform, Masha NFT owners have the opportunity to obtain NFT items using crafting. are exclusive sports NFT cards from the official KHL licensee.

Blockchain Gaming and Utility Tokens are in development. Even more realistic handling of virtual cards. Possibilities to build collections, create teams, stack, win and get exclusive prizes and awards from the KHL.

Very first KHL NFT cards were launched on the Binance platform in the Septeber 2021.

Features available in the game:

  • hockey team assemble,
  • players’ skills development,
  • abilities improvement,
  • performance improvement
  • field a team against the teams of other platform members
  • prizes in the form of exclusive NFTs from the platform and more

Mostexpensive starts the revolution in the collectibles market, using Hi-end blockchain technologies. The most exclusive art and collectible objects are available to you on an auction platform – Mostexpensive. We are proud to introduce the best and meticulously chosen lots transformed to NFTH. NFTH connects a real object with an NFT, protects price from volatility, and opens the way to purchase collectibles with digital assets.

All collectible items purchased on Mostexpensive platform together with objects with proven value can be used for staking. Staking smart-contract will use NFTs as a collateral in DeFi to attract liquidity, which in turn will be used in trusted protocols. The system will provide owners of collectibles with steady passive income.


Associated Members of Alliance

NFTWiki is a NFT aggregation and consensus platform, we aggregate most major NFT marketplaces across multiple blockchains (currently Ethereum/Polygon), and let users browse, appreciate, comment and even crowdfunding NFT works they like.

NFTWiki currently has over 20,000 registered users from across the globe, mostly Unite States, Southeast Asia and CIS region. And we formed partnerships with TreasureLand, NFTGo, SuperYeti, Mintable and many other NFT platforms and projects.

Synergy exists that NFTWiki could be a good channel to bridging external users into EverScale.


Consensus Mining:



TonLoot is a GameFi project 100% based on EverScale. The concept is to combine elements from Loot Projects, Rarity from FTM, Lair of wisdoms and many other projects. And leveraging on the performance and debot features of EverScale, we aim on creating a GameFi metaverse for players to play and earn.


Mini app:

Gotchi debot:


Curated NFT platform Third Place NFT is assigned for real-world art objects. Being part of the platform, artists and galleries have the opportunity to tokenize their real works, as well as to register and sell exclusive rights to their works.

Fractional ownership is also fully realized on Third Place NFT. With tokens, members of Third Place NFT platform will buy the rights to masterpieces in a fractional way. Works, imported to Russia, will be exhibited in largest museums with gamification of limited access.

Numiz ( is a decentralized marketplace for 2-sided NFTs with one side visible to everyone and the other only to those who have the private key to view it. The reverse or “tails” side can be an image, a video, music, or any combination of those. As authentic and rare as regular coins, they are impermeable to counterfeiting.

Numiz commemorate interesting events and each has its own unique story. Gifted artists from all walks of life, from art to design to music to film can create one, making Numiz not only collectible, but also truly original works of art.

Technology partners of Alliance


Broxus is a member of the DeFi Alliance and an initial member of Everscale. We’ve been on the Everscale network since its foundation and have grown from a highly specialized development team to a multifield company with our own liquidity management, marketing and PR departments.

We take an active part in the growth of the ecosystem and develop key dapps on the network.

Some of our products:

Ever Wallet:

TON Bridge:

TON Swap:

TON Scan:

Broxus invests its resources in several areas (besides pure provision of its dev tools) to attract liquidity to Everscale: strategy, education and consulting, project hunting, and trading.

The experts of Broxus follow the development of the market and are always aware of the latest trends in NFT/GameFi.

We looking forward to joining the NFT Alliance!


Git: Broxus · GitHub


ITGOLD is a blockchain spinoff from ITGLOBAL.COM, with the target to manage blockchain competency and investments to new Web 3.11 infrastructure projects. Due to its deep IT competencies, the ITGOLD team is an important and active participant in the Everscale project. At the moment, ITGOLD supports for their own the operation of FLD and RustFLD networks, maintain own DApp servers and validate main network, develop public SmartContract/DeBot applications, with strong effort to standardization in Everscale like True NFT standard and DeBot Authorization.

ITGOLD.IO - one of the new initial members of Everscale.

Links to ITGOLD public resources:

  1. How to implement on your web site authentication using Everspace wallet
  1. How to implement on your web site authentication using Surf
  1. Оur submission to standardize TrueNFT format

RustCup Game - GameFi project from ITGOLD.IO

Rust Cup Game – the first True NFT game on Everscale. The game implements a racing rally with indirect control. The players purchase racing cars in the form of a True NFT token. One race generates about 100 transactions and gives about 3 crystals of commissions towards the network validators.

NFT & GameFi Alliance MSIG 5/3 address is: 0:fc60a23273cfb8432ea72a598916aa14209f67c2fae7f8493823a08bb7fe2a82

Alliance member Public key cbd744e2b5827ee7f16bd596dc131b071959ac59dc0617f6300d9791003a2f3a
ChessNFT (EverX) dd5994f3825c3a0c6c0d2b4ceca2a48bc71c52bd29b181d9eed71696fc4220dc
Tonium 1b4ba60e09ba6323c4510c587f171a715cdfb81347d96556f5e3e14aba7cccd8 7d375ea026e4c6e81f4f81be8944fde5b1da4bfa28d53fb953ae7eb0f29277a3 edf9ff15a816394f2fa8472a0bf300eb7335a9970b8dfcff0429a6d7760d30dc

Contacts:, Telegram: Contact @nft_gamefi_alliance


I support this proposal. The development of social services is one of the priority areas for attracting new users. I have two questions:

  1. How funds will be unlocked. Will it be possible to simultaneously unlock it with subsequent withdrawal to the exchange and a fall in the rate?
  2. The conditions for stopping the program are not specified. There are circumstances under which this program will no longer be relevant.
    I would also like the DeFi alliance to be the governing body. They must receive financial reports and confirm spending.

Очень очень против.
Создайте себе группу, сидите там всем своим альянсом и делайте что хотите.


Looks better now. Good work.


Much, much better. I think I mentioned it on Tuesday’s community call. Looks like everyone’s interests have been accounted for, adjustments made. I also know that the standardization communications are going well too. Looks like some serious work went into updating the proposal. I’m personally good with it.


55 Million is a huge amount. I do not agree it should be this high. Coupled with the grant that Defi Alliance got, is there no concern over selling pressure it will bring on EVER? Seem to be handing out tokens like candy.

I would like to see the amount reduced and a discontinuation switch if the project does not seem like its going anywhere (oversight done by a third party). That way the funds can be returned or burnt if we decide to pull the plug. Also financial reports as someone else mentioned is a good idea.

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а потом еще год будут все говорить, кто льет в стакан? почему такой курс постоянно падает ?

Вот тоже был хороший проект, а сейчас все причастные делают глупый вид и говорят, что они не причем. А Чак продолжает на АМА улыбаться.

Не надо повторять ошибок !!

Рынок NFT перегрет а БЧ никому не известен поэтому если не бустить NFT сами не выстрелят


I hear your concerns, but 1 ) DeFi is Defi. We can’t compare apples to oranges. NFT is its own thing. 2) All of the NFT folks are hodlers – PROVEN! This is not the same thing as useless, stupid partnerships from the past. Everyone in the Everscale NFT space mentioned in the proposal are stark advocates and token holders. Not the same thing.

But thank you for your opinion


Thank you for your comment, but that’s not quite accurate. QAN are still working on it and I have every confidence they will come through, but I agree that time is ticking. I will personally ask them what’s up.

That said, this is not a fair comparison. QAN and NFT Alliance are like pine trees and grouper fish. They don’t even live in the same environment, albeit QAN does have an NFT initiative as well.

But I appreciate your point and will follow up. But these are 2 completely different things. At least that’s how I see it.

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  1. Nope because we get it in msig with major players of Everscale community.
  2. We have strong connection with DeFi Alliance trough Sergey Shashev and any direct spendings will be coordinated, but it’s only 5kk EVER’s of total sum.
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I know how much development costs, I know how much time is to support projects, I have a view how much marketing costs. I want to say that 55m for the tasks of the alliance is not much as everyone thinks. Because I’m sure they will go to real affairs, and not in a glass, how everyone fear. I fully support this proposal


Analytics & support are working with QAN to prepare the final report. The smart contract address should provide all the relevant information, since all winnings are recorded daily to the smart contract.

EDITED TO ATT: here’s the root smart contract address:

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Все участники альянса являются долгосрочными держателями токенов EVER, основной смысл, заключается в том, чтобы вкладываться своими деньгами в проекты на базе Everscale, работая на сеть в целом, получить разумную компенсацию.
Почти все запрошенные монеты идут в виде 100% match на фиатные инвестиции участников. Не вижу тут рисков для курса EVER, от слова совсем. А вот выгода от этих усилий будет для всей сети.


Respectfully, they are only holders until the day they decide to sell. You can’t just expect people to take your word for it surely. I would still like third party oversight and a off switch should the project not deliver at the very least. I don’t think this is unreasonable at all given the size of the grant which should be reduced in the first place.

I admit that the plan seems to have been more developed than the previous version but still cannot stop thinking 55 million is too much to ask for. Potential token buyers would certainly think there are 55 million tokens that may be ultimately sold in the market.


This signals to a potential group of people that now they are allowed to ask for tens of millions of tokens only if they have some very solid plan. What if a new group of people appears to ask for 20 million tokens with a fancy plan and say it is much lower than the one from the NFT Alliance?

Instead of giving so much, a record-breaking amount of funds to NFT Alliance, if we form a separate fund for NFT Alliance with enough number of different custodians who would evaluate the progress that NFT Alliance will make, at least it makes a more impartial plan?

Correct me if I am wrong, please, but if the above custodians of the multi-sig change their minds at any time later, they can always decide to release the tokens to the market, can’t they? This means if only three of them (out of five) agree on doing that, technically, it can happen.

Another thing I am worried about is that the number of tokens people would ask from now on will significantly increase based on similar logic/structure. We are making an example.

This part got to be specified with some strict conditions.

Please don’t get me wrong. I understand that we need a robust NFT Alliance, and I fully support it! Nevertheless, we should be cautious when it comes to distributing 55 million tokens to a small group of custodians.


I do not agree this. Without step by step plan it is like very expensive gift for stranger.

Such generous offers push me to stop investing in EVER.
Yes, these products and developments are needed by the project, but not at such a price in a small number of hands.
Restoring NTF SG and holding contests on these solutions would sound better.

Monetize, create your own token, make an initial token sale, The part of the community that considers this offer valuable will test you as it sees fit.



If we want to see new nft and game projects on everscale, we need to have clear and easy way for onboarding new projects.

This alliance is best solution for it.

Are you fear that this tokens will sold?
All participants alliance investing fiat money and they are ever holder. I think they don’t do that.