Everscale ChessNFT and Grandbazar proposal

During long community discussions we decided to make a pilot version of NFT & GameFi Alliance proposal dedicated to only two Alliance projects / members: ChessNFT and Grandbazar.

By this pilot we want to test alliance programs and concentrate on:

1. Marketing

KPI for Q2-Q3 of 2022

Q2 2022 Q3 2022
Coverage of target audience 1 500 000 3 000 000
New Users/Accounts 15 000 35 000
Transactions 150 000 500 000
Active NFT Everscale Community Users
Q2 2022 Q3 2022
Discord 10 000 25 000
Telegram 7 500 15 000
Twitter 12 000 30 000

2. Creators Fund

Creators Fund purpose - give money guarantee or purchasing the rights from EPIC Creators (who has rights to content and audience) to be minted as NFT on Everscale blockchain.

Funds and individual investors who will participate in Creators Fund program get 100% EVER’s match as equivalent of their fiat spendings, all EVERs will be locked by any current staking mechanism for 2 or more years.

3. Liquidity program

ChessNFT and Grandbazar TIP3.1 tokens will be issued on flatqube.io and flex. We plan to support these projects by adding liquidity to their EVER pairs. So project teams can organize incentives programs for user base growth relying on such program.

4. Sponsorships and product placements

We plan to expose Everscale in front of a massive (hundreds of millions of people) global chess enthusiasts base. This will also help chessnft.com (an official partnership with FIDE) to attract a user base to the project / Everscale.

An example of the upcoming product placement is an Indian movie to be released in June 2022 with 20 minutes exposure to chess and NFT (on Everscale). According to the official broadcaster (#1 in India) only the Indian viewership is estimated at 100+ million viewers with global numbers to further increase this.

The link to the original NFT & GameFi Alliance proposal with more detailed description of all programs.

5. What is required

To complete pilot program, 12.5М EVERs is needed, distributed the following way:

  1. Marketing - 4М EVERs.
  2. Creators Fund - 6M EVERs.
  3. Liquidity Program - 1.5M EVERs.
  4. Sponsorships and product placements - 0.5M EVERs.
  5. GameFi Guild - 0.5M EVERs.

Alliance Members projects description who participated in pilot proposal

GrandBazar.io (ITGOLD.IO)

GrandBazar – is The Everscale-based platform that facilitates the creation, sale,

and purchase of ownership rights to digital works/items via non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The platform works as a non-custodial service, meaning that users store NFTs in some

custom TTWs to which the platform does not have access. The buying and selling of NFT

are done through the platform’s smart contracts.

GrandBazar is using True NFT Standard:

  • Information about its items owner is included in the initial data of the token, which makes it possible to find it when searching;
  • The data is placed in a separate non-removable contract, thus forming something like a search index, which is recreated when the owner changes.

Chessnft.com (EverX)

Chess NFT specialized marketplace in partnership with FIDE started with the World Chess Championship in Dubai Unique Chess and Moments Collections.

Chess NFT is committed to onboarding new users to web3 through the Everscale blockchain, focusing on the audience of chess enthusiasts to bring a power of web3 technologies for the world chess community.

The project team closely cooperates with the FIDE management and supports the social initiatives of the international federation by their NFT collections.


  • Chessbase India - 885 K subscribers
  • FIDE.com - 2-6 M monthly audience
  • chess.com - 78 M audience
  • 2+1 movie - 100M+ audience
    – Direct Product Placement in Indian movie “2+1”:
    – FIDE logos and speech references
    – Demonstration of chessnft.com interfaces
    – Integration into the storyline connected characters related to chess and NFT collections created specifically for the chessnft project by a young artist.
    April 2022 promo, May 2022 - release.

Contacts: info@nftalliance.org, Telegram: Contact @nft_gamefi_alliance


Любые проекты сводятся к двум показателям, прошу их озвучить. Ваши планы после реализации пилотного проекта:

  1. Количество новых членов коммьюнити
  2. Увеличение стоимости токена Ever

I happen to work closely with Grandbazar team on a number of celebrity NFT projects including my classmate Fedor Bondarchuk, Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, fashion model Pivovarova, potentially Beyonce and similar top level music, movies and fashion stars.

An understanding has been reached with Fedor to develop a variety of NFT-based products on Everscale for his movie content starting with soon expected release of a new product targeting Chinese market.

One question Fedor’s team asked is: who pays for promotion and how much.

While our current understanding implies bootstrapping ( i e any payments only from revenues, not shareholder contributions), in reality the question remains unanswered.

How many new users the launch of Bondarchuk NFT will bring to the Community is very hard to guess. While Fedor probably controls close to half of the Russian-language market in movies, no defensible number is readily available.

How many users will Beyonce or Sasha Pivovarova bring to Everscale or how their millions of followers’ participation may affect the price of Ever?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I hope that the Community does its best to assist enterpreneurs on Everscale in mitigation of their risk, maybe via a co-investment mechanism or any other method that makes sense.

Thank you

  1. Audience KPIs are in proposal
  2. We can’t directly affect a native token price

Звучит красиво и замечательно, и вроде даже с большими перспективами. Но почему же коммьюнити не доверяет и воспринимает все в штыки, а это опыт, вот например пример проекта QuickAppNinja который получил миллион токенов и просто всех кинул, а другие участники коммьюнити эти токены покупали за свой фиат, а эти получил нахаляву и понесли в стакан и вышли об нормальных участников.

Но проблема даже не в том, что очень хитрый скамер пришел и обманул всех, а то что его привели и активно пушили, а теперь эти люди сидят на АМА каждую неделю и выдают советы, улыбаются и делают вид, что они не причем. И ПРИНИМАЮТ РЕШЕНИЯ ПО ДРУГИМ ПРОЕКТАМ!!! Они не попытались решить проблему, вернуть токены, компенсировать из своего кармана, связаться и тд. просто отмазка про аудит…


И таких проектов много и именно поэтому коммьюнити воспринимает сейчас все как очередной распил.

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Ever is limited,
Please try to keep your application volume as low as possible.

So many partnerships claimed they would bring millions of users (nowadays ‘audiences’) to Everscale, which never really happened. The community is getting conservative because of multiple reasons that include numerous failures in previous partnerships. Giver seems to be considered an accessible pocket to take money from. Still, we must understand that the real audiences out there may think we are not a genuinely decentralized network if they think a small group of people can easily control the giver. We had burned 3 billion tokens, but has it added value to Everscale ever since? The way the world looks at us remained unchanged even though we’ve burned 3 billion tokens. Radically speaking, I’m worried our primary system, especially giver, is becoming a bit of a risk as long as people think they can take millions of tokens from it. I am afraid meritocratic token distribution system is often misunderstood as free token distribution if you do something for the network. I am not sure if “meritocracy + giver” makes our network more decentralized.

Sorry for the digression. Basically I respect this proposal, and I know people have worked very hard for this plan. This proposal is way better than the previous version, especially since the tokens would be locked in a staking DePool for at least two years. 100% EVER’s match as an equivalent of the fiat spending sounds good, too. I admit that the people behind this plan worked hard.
Still, I think it’d be much better to see at least one or two successful cases initiated by this team before allocating any tokens. That’d be much more convincing, I’m sure. You have every Tuesday to show your progress in the weekly meetup, too.


What is already done: since the start in 2021 ChessNFT marketplace became the biggest chess NFT marketplace, and generated about 150 000 USD revenue by the end of the year with the direct investments from our team about 250 000 USD.
The team of ChessNFT is created a high-functional NFT platform ready for the next steps.
We will present a ChessNFT roadmap wider next week.

It’s impossible to grow if you constantly reference on the previous negative experience that happened once – there are no connection with current proposal.
Please try to percept it without such a bias.

This is very important proposal since potential audience reach is massive


I am involved with the chessnft.com project given its potential on adoption (user base) and prestige for the network.


Thanks for your support, Alex! :+1: :+1:

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Вы не пробовали найти других инвесторов для своих проектов, а не просить Ever? Я не понимаю зачем комьюнити платить за это, если мы ничего не получим в ответ. Вы за 4 миллиона увеличите количество людей в ваших соцсетях, а что получит комьюнити? 35 000 аккаунтов, хммм. И как это мне поможет как держателю токена? Если это не повлияет на цену токена, то зачем комьюнити инвестировать в вас?

Have you invested 250,000 and earned 150,000? Great business!


couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s obvious most of these proposal come here, request millions of tokens with great promises. In reality they never deliver what they hyped up to and in return we get a capitulation of EVER price. I’m glad the community is being more hesitant now. I still believe more of the giver should be burnt. While it exists, we’ve created a culture where people will only build unless they get free tokens. Rather than build because they see potential in EVER. Handouts should be far more strict and payouts only made if conditions met.


Well said, fully agree.

1. What is already done?

Interesting information, but we can’t verify income. It would be great to see a list of transactions.

2. KPIs: Marketing

Sorry, but your indicators are amenable to artificial cheating and cannot be verified.


image image


Your new KPIs.


1 %, online users in your group.
2 Transactions of using your service
3 Turnover of money by accounts on your platform.

Active NFT Everscale Community Users

1 The number of online users in your group
2 Average user churn

3. Сontent production and licensing; 4. Sponsorships and product placements

This is interesting, but only if KPIs are met.

What is required

No, only if KPIs are met. Metrics first, then tokens. Tokens forward only for core development.

5. Long-term vision

This is interesting. But:

  1. Why should the community pay for your private project?
  2. You are hooked on EVER tokens like Russia is on oil. You are hooked on tokens like a generator.

This is not an entrepreneurial position, you think like Rosneft, which constantly asks for subsidies.