Everscale NFT & GameFi Alliance | Pilot phase

I. Introduction

Wide coverage of the NFT market is critical to the development of the Everscale network.

Unlike DeFi, NFT possesses the substantial advantage: NFT tokens are applicable in games, music or tokenization of the digital world - as the unique property. As well, in the nearest future one could store on blockchain large files like audio or video with the help of NFT tokens; the files’ owner can be certain they are intact.

Another popular concept is GameFi, which unites DeFi and NFT. Due to games popularity the value of NFT as an in-game item skyrockets immediately. Games will also bring new vitality to NFT and infuse the giant momentum into cryptocurrency branch development.

DappRadar reports: July to September the volume of NFT trades reached USD 10.67B - 704% more than the previous quarter. As for games-related NFT items: at the same time period its trades volume was USD 2.32B - 21.72% of the entire trades volume, showing 762% growth in comparison to the previous quarter.

Per another DappRadar data, by the end of March 2021 there were more than 50 000 active wallets, interacting with game-related smart contracts at blockchain. During the 2nd quarter this number reached 360 000, growing 600%. Currently about 370 000 wallets remain active in blockchain games every day, and the number of wallets keeps growing.

II. NFT & GameFi Alliance

NFT and GameFi Alliance is the community of like-minded individuals and companies with the common goal: to create an environment for substantial and sustainable growth of Everscale.

Alliance teams had already invested more than USD 2.5M into Everscale blockchain-based NFT and GameFi projects development and onboarding. Alliance will also allocate financial means to NFT and GameFi projects with a good reputation - those, in turn, will be developing products with the use of Everscale blockchain.

Alliance activity will be directed to:

The rise in popularity of NFTs on Everscale and an increase in their number and turnover

  • Increase of transaction numbers in Everscale network.
  • Attraction of new NFT and GameFi projects into Everscale.
  • Motivation and assistance to NFT and GameFi development teams in creating new Everscale blockchain-based projects.
  • Assistance on Everscale blockchain onboarding to successful existing projects.


Alliance participants put all the efforts to implement the best practices of NFT structure, including games-related NFT. Presently, wallets like Ever Surf and EverSpace already support NFT displaying. More information is available from AMA session Surf & True NFT record and our TG group.

We organize the NFT Standardization process and have following challenges:

NFT Standard supported by:

  • wallets - EVER Surf, EVER Wallet and EverSpace;
  • explorers - TON Live, TON Scan.

EVER Connect (universal authentication interface) supported by:


The Alliance’s efforts are largely aimed at promoting and recognizing NFT on Everscale. One of the target points in this direction, we see ensuring the listing of Everscale NFT on major platforms such as DappRadar (done), NFT Scoring, Сryptoscores, Сoin mooner, NFT evening, NFT calendar, Non-fungi, Next NFT drop, Gem hunters, Coin hunters, etc.

In addition, we set a task to list TOP10 NFT marketplaces operating on the Everscale network on popular aggregators.

In order to attract more creators and users who will buy NFT, the program plans to solve the following technical problems:

  • lack of mechanisms for publicly displaying an up-to-date list of acquired NFTs;
  • lack of standard of NFT trading;
  • lack of a single standard on NFTs for all the Everscale marketplaces;
  • lack of a convenient way to collect statistics on single NFTs and NFT collections (sales volume, number of users, etc.).

To solve these problems, it is proposed to develop such additional mechanics as:

  • farming \ staking NFT;
  • selling NFT for TIP3;
  • NFT collateral lending;
  • NFT Bridges to other networks, starting from Ethereum.

III. Creators Program (1 phase)

The experience of NFT and GameFi Alliance members in the creation and promotion of NFT has shown that in order to attract new NFT and GameFi projects to the Everscale blockchain, a history of previously successfully sold collections is needed. However, at the moment, not all creators are ready to post their work on the Everscale blockchain due to its low popularity, adoption and small / inert community. This makes it almost impossible to launch successful collections that will attract public attention, which will significantly slow down the development of the network. Therefore, we propose, on behalf of the NFT and GameFi alliance, to launch the first part of the Creators Program, within which we will attract well-known creators with their own audience and traffic.

Our opinion is that in order to create a comfortable environment for creators, it is necessary to deliver a certain number of successfully sold collections.

To increase the popularity of NFTs on Everscale, we plan to support the release of about 10 NFT collections, approximately 10,000 items each, with an average value of about $100 per item. We need funds for marketing and promotion, which will include, among other things:

  • purchasing the rights from EPIC creators (who has rights to content and audience) for tokenization in NFT (joint drops);
    • ATOMIC Games - The most ambitious game project of 2021-2022 will make their First FUN AirDrop;
    • Mail.ru Games - As part of the partnership, minimum 10k True NFTs of Warface game will be issued in the form of cards and a unique mechanic of minting game objects by the players themselves will be implemented.
  • commitment to guaranteeing the sellout of NFT Tokens;
  • distribution of tokens to influencers;
  • airdrops;

This will serve as a base for potential creators to understand that there is an active, investing audience on the Everscale blockchain.

Steps to be taken to achieve the goal:

  • 3-4 soldout collections in the primary market;
  • 4-5 major sales ($300k+) in the secondary market;
  • PR of soldout collections (in the primary and secondary market):
  • affordable, standardized, easy access to minting (authorization, wallets, etc.);
  • podcasts;
  • forums;
  • integration with relevant projects;
  • own group NFT Everscale (discord, telegram, twitter), which will cover events on the market.;
  • own aggregator that tracks the performance of Ever collections.

IV. NFT Farming Program (1 phase)

To attract the attention of investors who will invest in the Everscale blockchain, we plan to launch an NFT farming program for premium NFT collections minted on Everscale.

  2. CHESSNFT.COM: FIDE World Championship Dubai 2021
  3. CHESSNFT.COM: FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships 2021
  4. GrandBazar.io: Warface Premium Collection
  5. GrandBazar.io: Dosya Premium Collection
  6. GrandBazar.io: Atomic Heart Premium Collection
  7. GrandBazar.io: RustCupGame Premium Collection
  8. GrandBazar.io: IOWA Premium Collection

More to come…

V. GameFi Guild (pilot program)

One of the goals of the Alliance is the development of a virtual economy in metaverses and blockchain games, including those that support the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model using NFT on the Everscale blockchain. This requires support for promising developments in this area. We propose to implement:

  • GameFi Startup Fund - to support GameFi startups on pre-seed phase (max 100k EVER’s each);
  • Pilot program of co-financing of such projects in the ratio of 1:1 to their own investments. We assume co-financing in terms of network commission compensation and other similar support, not direct financing by EVER’s. The goal of the pilot program is to attract in the first year 3-5 projects with own investments of at least $500,000 each.

VI. What is required

To reach all targets, 50М EVERs is needed, distributed the following way:

  1. Awareness/listing on most popular NFT scoring services (see Awareness block) – 3M EVERs.
  2. Marketing, directed to increase the number of users in all NFT and GameFi projects of Everscale blockchain – 13М EVERs.
  3. Creators Program according to III. Creators Program (1 phase) - 7M EVERs.
  4. NFT farming program (1 phase) - 12M EVERs.
  5. GameFi Guild (pilot program) - 15M EVERs.

VII. Alliance Members


ITGOLD is a blockchain spinoff from ITGLOBAL.COM, with the target to manage blockchain competency and investments to new Web 3.11 infrastructure projects. Due to its deep IT competencies, the ITGOLD team is an important and active participant in the Everscale project. At the moment, ITGOLD supports for their own the operation of FLD and RustFLD networks, maintain own DApp servers and validate main network, develop public SmartContract/DeBot applications, with strong effort to standardization in Everscale like True NFT standard and DeBot Authorization.

ITGOLD.IO - one of the new initial members of Everscale.

Links to ITGOLD public resources:

  1. How to implement on your web site authentication using Everspace wallet (rebranding from Oberton)
  1. How to implement on your web site authentication using Surf
  1. Оur submission to standardize TrueNFT format


GrandBazar – is The Everscale-based platform that facilitates the creation, sale,

and purchase of ownership rights to digital works/items via non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The platform works as a non-custodial service, meaning that users store NFTs in some

custom TTWs to which the platform does not have access. The buying and selling of NFT

are done through the platform’s smart contracts.

GrandBazar is using True NFT Standard:

  • Information about its items owner is included in the initial data of the token, which makes it possible to find it when searching;
  • The data is placed in a separate non-removable contract, thus forming something like a search index, which is recreated when the owner changes.


Chess NFT specialized marketplace in partnership with FIDE for the World Chess Championship in Dubai.


Curated NFT platform Third Place NFT is assigned for real-world art objects. Being part of the platform, artists and galleries have the opportunity to tokenize their real works, as well as to register and sell exclusive rights to their works.

Fractional ownership is also fully realized on Third Place NFT. With tokens, members of Third Place NFT platform will buy the rights to masterpieces in a fractional way. Works, imported to Russia, will be exhibited in largest museums with gamification of limited access.

RustCup Game

Rust Cup Game – the first True NFT game on Everscale. The game implements a racing rally with indirect control. The players purchase racing cars in the form of a True NFT token. One race generates about 100 transactions and gives about 3 crystals of commissions towards the network validators.


The Tonium team is focused on developing NFT products on Everscale. Tonium is currently developing an NFT marketplace and has already released a high-quality full-featured product Nefertiti.io - NFT collection distributor for generative art, which will be presented in the mainnet soon.

The team plans to integrate these products with other Everscale solutions, including bridges with other blockchains, marketplaces, and DeFi protocol.

ScalePunks.com / SVOI.dev

ScalePunks is a collection of 10000 unique punks, including 9 aliens, 24 apes, 88 zombies, 10 Durov’s and 1 secret punk! The rarity of ScalePunks is determined by its attributes, description and type. Some of them are super rare!

Internal Marketplace and NFT Stacking (in testing period) are available.

Each user gets the token for staking ScalePunks on the official website. Each token earned is vested for 90 days. Throughout this period a user is able to withdraw fractions of his/her tokens. NFTs can be staked on “My Punks” page.

ScalePunks that are staked on the website can not be put up for sale on the marketplace. ScalePunks that are already listed on the marketplace will automatically be taken off if staked.

The ScalePunks Governance System & Token are in development.

Sold out in 5 weeks.

Also NFTs are used to prize loyal users who take part in other projects.


Masha and Bear NFTBased Metaverse from creators of top 1 most in-demand pre-school show.

Features of the MashaVerse open-world MetaVerse:

  • Game world editor
  • GAME MAKER ION ENGINE (example Roblox,Sandbox)
  • Market for NFT assets
  • Market for players and NFT owners (Play to Earn)
  • Implementation utility token MASHA in METAVERSE
  • Mix crypto assets and fiat currency (for existing audience MASHA and BEAR)

Different types of NFTs for Mashaverse (land, characters, items) are already created.

MashaVerse NFT based game with implemented Play to Earn system for NFT owners in development.
After the launch of the gaming platform, Masha NFT owners have the opportunity to obtain NFT items using crafting.


KHL.cards are exclusive sports NFT cards from the official KHL licensee.

Blockchain Gaming and Utility Tokens are in development. Even more realistic handling of virtual cards. Possibilities to build collections, create teams, stack, win and get exclusive prizes and awards from the KHL.

Very first KHL NFT cards were launched on the Binance platform in the Septeber 2021.

Features available in the game:

  • hockey team assemble,
  • players’ skills development,
  • abilities improvement,
  • performance improvement
  • field a team against the teams of other platform members
  • prizes in the form of exclusive NFTs from the platform and more


Broxus is a member of the DeFi Alliance and an initial member of Everscale. We’ve been on the Everscale network since its foundation and have grown from a highly specialized development team to a multifield company with our own liquidity management, marketing and PR departments.

We take an active part in the growth of the ecosystem and develop key dapps on the network.

Some of our products:

Ever Wallet: https://l1.broxus.com/

TON Bridge: https://tonbridge.io/

TON Swap: https://tonswap.io/

TON Scan: https://tonscan.io/

Broxus invests its resources in several areas (besides pure provision of its dev tools) to attract liquidity to Everscale: strategy, education and consulting, project hunting, and trading.

The experts of Broxus follow the development of the market and are always aware of the latest trends in NFT/GameFi.

We looking forward to joining the NFT Alliance!

Site: https://broxus.com/

Git: Broxus · GitHub


NFTWiki is a NFT aggregation and consensus platform, we aggregate most major NFT marketplaces across multiple blockchains (currently Ethereum/Polygon), and let users browse, appreciate, comment and even crowdfunding NFT works they like.

NFTWiki currently has over 20,000 registered users from across the globe, mostly Unite States, Southeast Asia and CIS region. And we formed partnerships with TreasureLand, NFTGo, SuperYeti, Mintable and many other NFT platforms and projects.

Synergy exists that NFTWiki could be a good channel to bridging external users into EverScale.

Site: https://nftwiki.org

Consensus Mining: https://app.nftwiki.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTWiki


TonLoot is a GameFi project 100% based on EverScale. The concept is to combine elements from Loot Projects, Rarity from FTM, Lair of wisdoms and many other projects. And leveraging on the performance and debot features of EverScale, we aim on creating a GameFi metaverse for players to play and earn.

Site: https://TonLoot.com

Mini app: https://gotchi.tonloot.com

Gotchi debot:


Potential new partners in GameFi projects:

More to come…


Wow! If all this is done, the project will get its market share!


your request is two times more than DeFi Alliance

I believe that tokens should be distributed partially on KPI complition.


Fully agree. Distribution should be done partially based on the work performed.


DeFi alliance get 250m, 5 times more and yes it’s must be same figures, that proposal named first phase. After this pilot we plan to expand more.


As a representative of the Grand Bazar, I can say that we will make every effort to achieve common goals of the Alliance :fire:


NFT is a key for mass adoption and gate to DeFi. We are already have a strong partnerships, and we need boost to outperform other ecosystems


This is gonna be epic!


It’s good proposal for improvement network popularity


damn, that’s awesome
but as I think we also need to iclude budget for some kind of ambassador programme so we can pay people for simple tasks for promoting NFT projects


This proposal is almost all under one umbrella organization, i.e., being run centralized. There are many, MANY other projects that a) need to be on the standardization committee, b) need to be a part of this alliance from the start. Until that happens, I cannot rightfully support this proposal.

Let’s get others involved. It’s the smart thing to do.


Nope, in proposal 7 completelly independent teams, yes itgold with GB lead this process and it’s normal.


My thoughts exactly!

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I fully agree with the comment above, without criteria and in the presence of centralization of decisions, without the ability to conduct a constructive dialogue, it will turn out the same as I observed during the DeEducation contest



Agree, I do not support this proposal because it seems to be very centralized.

  1. There should be more independent parties involved
  2. Too big amount of money in one go. I would like to see vesting here based on the fulfillment of KPI (With all respect, with all products done by ITGOLD there is not much involvement into these projects, especially attracting people from aside, what will change if they will rule the subgovernance? Are they searching for money to spend on their projects?)
  3. Part of that money should go to Analytics sub-governance because someone should monitor the fulfillment of KPIs, the results, and spending.

As I wrote before, in Alliance we have 7 completely independent teams, representing all major NFT projects on Everscale:
ITGOLD, TON Labs, Broxus, Tonium, SVOI.DEV, Mostexpensive, TonLoot


так вы уже приложили, у вас за месяц нет ни одной продажи.


а толку от этого ? это все одна и таже тусовка, обратно вариться в собственном соку, только сейчас себя назовете альянсом.


Это невероятно большая сумма, которую ребята хоть и молодцы, но и близко не заслужили, где по факту польза на 50 миллионов.
Мое мнение если такие суммы или даже 50% от них выделять , да пусть за развитие сети, проекты в ней, нооо по сути близко не стоящие этих денег(в моем понимании), то блокчейн и все с ним связанное быстро закончится, может быстрее чем у наших «соседей»… Гиверы не бесконечные, клепать и обесценивать эверы тоже не разумно под такие разбросы, это огромное обесценивание проекта, как тип купивший за 10к битков пиццу. Очень жаль что такие предложения поступают, я действительно верил и был фанатом эверскейла, в такие моменты и решится по пути ли нам.
Но это уму не постижимо, я в инсте спамил по криптосообществам насчёт эвера, дайте хоть 15 миллионов за это?! А грамкит, которые за свой счёт контент и в целом обзор по бч делали до гранта в 60к, когда им ещё 400миллионов начислят за старания??

Где конкретные примеры в цифрах о такой невероятной пользе сообществу на 50 миллионов? Где лям новых пользователей или подобное ?


I fully support this comment, too few participants.

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