Free TON Indian Subcontinent Sub-Governance - A Proposal


Indic languages (also called Indo-Aryan languages) are spoken by about 1 Billion people worldwide. About 80% of them (800 Million) live in the various jurisdictions of SE Asia such as - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, among others. A sizeable section lives elsewhere as a diaspora of the Indian sub-continent.

Crypto-projects largely consider this section of the population (almost derisively) as one that would readily claim their ‘airdropped tokens’ but won’t ‘buy’ their tokens.

What they do not realize (but Free TON does) is that this 1/7th of the world population is the most receptive to trying out and using emerging/new technologies.


The goals of this proposal are to make it easier for this largely youthful audience (in age and/or in mind) to:

  1. Find out about Free TON
  2. Get and use their first TON crystals
  3. Trust Free TON - via a positive change in their life
  4. Contribute to the Free TON community
  5. Advocate and educate for the adoption of the Free TON suite of products

The plan below goes into details of how we’ve envisaged achieving our #goals above.

Helping the Indian Sub-Continent Find Out About Free TON

Due to rapid modernization, almost every individual in the region above the age of 15 has access to a mobile device and an internet connection (or will have it within the next 3-5 years). This gives us the needed window to reach them with less effort.

To this end, we shall:

  1. Setup a mobile-optimized website for an all-info-in-one-place setting. By utilizing content translating companies and localization services, the website shall serve as a vast repository of Free TON content, in multiple languages.
  2. Partner with regional mobile app, print media, and news media companies to educate about the benefits of cryptocurrencies, dApps, and DeFi, while advertising about Free TON
  3. Partner with local social media influencers and celebrities (multiple niches) to get the word out faster among gamers, techies, and the larger always-on-social-media community
  4. Set up an owned presence on Social Media and populate it with original and engaging graphics, infographics, memes, videos, podcasts, and audiograms, etc, with accompanying content pieces
  5. Create, send, and distribute a fortnightly newsletter across multiple channels, platforms, and groups with the goal of getting more people to join the Free TON community
  6. Conduct educational campaigns such as webinars, AMAs, gamified contests month-on-month (scalable to week-on-week)
  7. Install ambassadors at collegiate/university level for dissemination and distributors of Free TON content to the tech-savvy college students
  8. Arrange online meetups with other Free TON communities to share and discuss ideas of achieving growth at scale

Helping the People in the Indian Sub-Continent Get/Spend Their 1st TON crystals

Buying or owning cryptocurrencies comes with the need to own a cryptocurrency wallet, memorizing a seed-phrase, and crippling anxiety (for n00bs) because all your money is now just a ‘few lines of code’.

To assuage this hesitation, we will help build on-ramps and off-ramps specifically catering to the needs of the people of the Indian sub-continent.

To this end, we shall:

  1. Append the educational activities (listed in the previous section) with the clear CTA of ‘creating your first wallet on TON surf’ tied to an airdrop of daily 1 TON and a weekly contest that rewards 100 TON those who take the time to understand the TON surf ecosystem the best

  2. Conduct campaigns on all major and region-specific social media platforms - independent of one another for achieving the twin goals of:

  3. Increasing the size of our Free TON community

  4. Enabling a laterally wider audience to win

  5. Follow-up the on-ramp with the retentive activities to make it attractive for people to hodl their TON drops and winnings. This shall be done by promoting TON DeFi to those hodling TON via SM messages, broadcasts, and events

  6. Simplify the off-ramp for those looking to cash out instantly, by seeking and onboarding partners to help people exchange TON for goods and services they need.

Helping the People in the Indian Sub-Continent TRUST Free TON

While reliable on-ramps and off-ramps help build trust to an extent, trust in the wider context is built over time, via quotes, placements, and features in reputed media platforms, and via clout-lending by celebrities and influencers.

To this end, we shall:

  1. Get Free TON featured on a multitude of online and print media of repute such as - Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Indian Express, NDTV, Deccan Chronicle, and about 50+ similar outlets (4-6 mentions every month)
  2. Outreach to journalists via DMs, connections, and HARO queries
  3. Buy AD slots on select regional AD networks to get featured on multiple websites at once
  4. Organize strategic handle-takeover campaigns shall be conducted in partnership with niche regional influencers and celebrities

Helping the People in the Indian Sub-Continent Contribute to Free TON

The overall goal of this marketing campaign is to not just get the people of the Indian sub-continent but to get acclimatized to Free TON, but also to become active participants (if not full-blown contributors).

To this effect, we shall:

  1. Conduct a Hackathon - twice with a distinct theme in partnership with Hackathon companies based in the Indian sub-continent
  2. Map, Design, and Implement onboarding journeys for the typical user profiles to reach from our paraphernalia
  3. Find, train, and elevate inspired newcomers to build, populate, and maintain sub-regional communities on their own

Creating Advocacy Groups For Adoption of Free TON suite of Products

In the true spirit of decentralization, our plan is to step away from active marketing campaigns to spur the adoption of Free TON. We envisage reaching the inflection point by the 9th-10th month.

From thereon, we shall only be finding, training, and encouraging community members, ambassadors, influencers, and evangelists to take over the role of taking our work ahead and continuing our shared vision for the adoption of Free TON.

Plan of Action

For ease of management and reporting, we’ve divided the entire proposal into 3 segments based on the part of the iceberg we’re working on (bottom-up):

Phase I: Installations, Partnerships, Testing, and Soft Launches

Sub-part A

During the 1st 2 months, we’ll be:

  1. Understanding the full scale, suite, and upcoming offerings of Free TON and its key differentiators
  2. Setting up the websites+prerequisites discussed earlier
  3. Creating SM profiles across multiple platforms and channels of interest
  4. Commencing populating content across the above channels and platforms
  5. Getting regional influencers to committing to a partnership with Free TON
  6. Designing and implementing a probing PR campaign to entice early adopters
  7. Actively managing the community in the interim

Sub-part B

During the next 4 months, we’ll be:

  1. Continuing to populate content across regional channels and platforms
  2. Actively managing to community
  3. Commencing creating and populating A+/V content on the above channels and niche groups
  4. Commencing first campaigns with regional influencers to identify and onboard our first early adopters

The goal of Phase I (sub-parts A and B) is three-fold:

  1. Identify early adopters
  2. Identify cooperative influencers
  3. Direct marketing efforts to drive submissions to our webinar (kick-off at end of Phase I)

**The entire Free TON community is welcome to join that webinar to see and participate in the unveiling of our campaign’s Phase II. It will also serve as a barometer for judging the impact of our campaign

Phase II: The Big League - Hackathons, Ambassadors, and Influencers

From months 5th to the 10th, we’ll be reaping the fruits of our efforts put into building the base of the iceberg.

We’ll end the webinar with a call to sign-up for our Hackathon. On the back of our partnerships, this webinar shall be visible pretty much on every major and minor news media and influencer media.

**This hackathon shall be conducted near the end of Phase II to enable a longer build-up and co-marketing by Hackathon companies.

Simultaneously, our ambassador community shall be readied for their first big task - conducting a campaign on their own to bring their university brethren to Free TON.

Also simultaneously, we will begin off-loading A/+V creation, engagement, promotion, and upkeep via incentivization by the community itself.

Phase III: The Passing of the Torch to Decentralization

Around the time when we’re a year older since the passage of this proposal, and our software licenses begin to expire, we start to take a sagacious role and begin delegating heavily.

The goal of this phase would be to get the decentralized community to plan and implement a Hackathon as successfully as us, if not more!!

Some excited souls will fall through the cracks in their over-enthusiasm while some others will display the true grit and capabilities required to take over the torch from us and manage things in a decentralized manner - just like Free TON!!

For the purpose of this proposal, we’re requesting 100,000 TON crystals to conduct the items given in Phase 1A.

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 8.41.01 PM

Team Bio

  1. _thor - comes from a background in crypto. Has written whitepapers, designed architectures, and deployed marketing efforts for crypto and non-crypto companies
  2. Evan - used to be a writer for Huobi but found trading to be a truer calling. As a Twitter micro-influencer, gets routinely retweeted by CZ himself
  3. T_M - is a crypto OG, Telegram OG, and all other kinds of OG. Has built projects, raised money for them successfully, and has one of the strongest connections in the crypto and DeFi space
  4. Shru - Comes from a background of publishing and PR. Has worked for the national government, as well as, Google.
  5. Peyji and D_SHA - both are non-crypto, non-English, and closer than brothers but are amazing designers. Videos, images, and eye-catching graphics - all their forte
  6. GPT_ - is the glue that holds the team together. Designs workflows, build automation and manages the team
  7. Roman and Ben - these are OGs of the Free TON community and shall serve as guides to the rest of the team

Public Keys of Team

  1. _thor - 54c12a54ba1b44cc17f0e558ad6ae1e87ea29397257cec498db39e9ed0e16925
  2. Evan - e3ed36b034b5754a2a673f1f6d8561aee59c6d9ad7f9eebe70acd4dc26ef352d
  3. T_M - 78dbd6c3a23b53261c302e4378c135a1b33ebdc58cdc479596436f57de7ed85f
  4. Shru - 4a32fa2de64f81dcfd0011edf095484f3f838d44adca030cc45aa12eacc841e8
  5. Peyji - d3eef1582b440a90fafc86378838e5b7c659d2ddbe86fe331482e0f2718a6ee7
  6. D_Sha - e08499f1fe125a7a9a306e6ede37c73d020c4d392596047fed5cf9eff7c5f415
  7. GPT_ - 7775a33ffd7002f0078b8a8c850de9210f191739562be11a86b0234617ae904b
  8. Roman - 6f10bb0c31958196a87e35a7d8320355e6ae161da57d9a77abbfa1e12d4131be
  9. Ben - 1dbe2acde419ef931d86491cc3d2a146c30daeb0613904ac10f5f71bef7c9d3b
  10. Vlada - 132ecec65d8740079f50a19c2b281a153e49b1b022f139d6482840d051e34966
  11. Kira - 85655e78995c570fa8601ce99a3ed2c0b39816cd1023d65b4c3021fba7961d05

Edit Notes:

  1. Added @Roman_D and @mrbateman31 to the initial team.
    2.Edited proposal into smaller chunks of KPI-driven requests. Therefore, reduced the amount to 100,000 TON crystals to start things off without ruffling too many feathers.
  2. Added Vlada (Head of BD for India at Chatex) to the initial team.
  3. Added Kira (Key member of Chatex Team + Free TON OG) to the initial team
  4. Replaced Wallet addresses with Public keys under section ‘Public Keys of Team’

This is probably the best first draft SG proposal that I’ve ever seen so far :raised_hands:


Absolutely NO! Not for 600,000 TONs! What kind of activities has been done to prove the sincerity of this proposal? Look at the name of the members. All of them are some cryptic names. We know what occurred in the Influencers SG just a few days ago. If this proposal is to be instantly accepted, why not all the other countries in the world come to make their SG? Not just stopping by with some paragraphs to claim for 600,000 TONs!


You’re probably kidding.

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@Roman_D do you have to say anything? It seems that you know these guys.
@india What a surprise not to see you here

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This subgovernance isn’t created by indian community members. It seems there is no indian in initial members so this subgovernance doesn’t belongs to india.


Of course, It is Utsav from Hackernoon) We need India exploration and development))


Why don’t you participate and help to make Free TON Indian presents better? 1 year gone and you did nothing to Free TON development in India?



Could you please let us know your explicit opinion about our collaboration proposal?

Haven’t you seen my proposal? You don’t care about my proposal in which almost no budget is requested upfront and are going to support a proposal with 600,000 TONs requested? What if they stole this money as what happens to Influencer SG or the results will never achieved? Will you (and others who may support this proposal) guarantee to pay 600,000 TONs back to project from your own assets?

Some of the initial members of this proposed subgovernance haven’t sent any post on the forum. Please make their forum ID public.

In addition, it is not fair at all to say that @india didn’t do anything in a year and so we are going to accept a proposal with 600,000 TONs. @india didn’t get any budget to do any work. Having a littel contribution in develepment of Free TON (without budget) is perhaps bad but it is not for sure a reason for us to pay money to others.

Lets give these initial members some time and see what they will do in a year, of course without budget as @india. If they are better than @india and some other guys then you are right.

Giving no answer is better than a sophistry.

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Can anyone introduce the members to us?


Forum and TG ID?


support the current users and inviting the new members to the platform both are two different sides of a coin. Inviting new member will require more resources and time for effective ground results. India is a democratic country with about 1.38 billion population so deserves self independent subgovernance with involvement of more native people. I couldn’t able to see even a single indian in this subgovernance.


Thanks for reading my proposal.

re: cryptic names - that’s standard OpSec. Doesn’t paint a big red target on our backs and lets us do what we do best - in peace.

re: Influencers SG - I read about it yesterday. Really sorry that it happened to this wonderful community. I can (somewhat) relate to the pain. The first time I bought BTC (or at least I thought I did), I got scammed too. Does that mean I should never buy crypto again? Hell no.

We learn from our mistakes. If you have a specific question, I’d be happy to answer it for you.

re: all other countries make their SG - won’t that be great? My goal here (also in the proposal) is to ensure that we build advocates so that we won’t need to make proposals like this in the future. Help us get there - all ideas are welcome.

re: some paragraphs - now that is low, bro. As a writer, I detest my work getting disparaged but I understand that your criticism comes from a place of concern for Free TON.

I’m inviting @Roman_D, @ValueCreator, and am_kira to become a part of the initial team for guidance.

I hope that helps displace some of your concerns.

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Hum sab Indians hain, bro. Born and bred.

Even got our Aadhars linked to our PAN cards - I hope this joke convinces you, somewhat.

@MonaMahmoodi1 - we’re not looking to argue over here. The idea is to work together towards a common goal. Sometimes, we might have different visions which might make us doubt others’ intentions. If our proposal gets passed, @india should be happy as we’ll have the means, the resources, and the combined capabilities to crack this nut.

P.S. Best wishes to your proposal too.

Not all of us are on this forum - I don’t hide that.

But Telegram is where we all are.

I’ve given a short, relevant bio in the proposal.

We’re a combination of all-crypto and crypto-n00b folks. As a team though, I might be a bit biased, but, we’ve gotten together all that we need.

P.S. We’re also inviting Roman, Alex, and am_kira (stalwarts of this community), to assuage some of your concerns.

you are just joining the Free TON community and creating proposal for a subgovernance.
There isn’t any active member in your initial team so I can’t be a part of this type of subgovernance strangely proposed by new comers. Your motive and intentions are also looking very suspected to believe.
Why you aren’t creating a subgovernance for a single country in which you lives❓

First create some type of awareness campaign to motivate people about benefits of Free TON, then go for a subgovernance step by step.


Working together and for Free TON is good. Nobody is against. You may do it too. Do it first and for a while and let us know you and your abilities. Afterwards, send a proposal for 600,000 TONs.

Who else came to Free TON and immadiatedly requested for 600,000 TONs?


:x:no one have even a free ton forum account so it’s obvious that they don’t have sufficient knowledge about free ton ecosystem.

first create some awareness campaign like Free TON Roadshow and then make a significant community around yourself then go for a subgovernance proposal.


Jo bhi indian hai wo Free TON Roadshow jrur join kre…
Because it will be better to aware significant people about the Free TON blockchain open network.
Time : May 7, 2021, 8am (IST)
Location : Mohali Airport Chowk


You are not on the forum.

Where is your TG group for SG?

A talented group of people with specialized skills in your country (minimum 1K members, I think) which started 1-2 months before writing SG proposal, is needed.