Free TON Community

Where’s Free TON Community?

Whenever we’re talking about an open and decentralised blockchain ecosystem, community is always under consideration.

In Free TON I’m consistently analysing that community doesn’t meant for main governance and they’re taking all decisions on their own feet by bypassing the community discussions on the forum drastically.

Examples Of Main Governance Dictatorship:

  1. 7 Million TON Crystals Scam (Fixed).
    Funding to cointelegraph opposed to community alerts :loud_sound:.

  2. Fake Members Subgovernance and all of them are inactive since then. (600,000 TON Crystals Scam)
    Passed Indian Subcontinent Governance with inactive initial members.

Proposed Amendments:

  • Selection of main governance members should be carried out directly from the community and even through community voting.
  • Every community member should have equal rights to vote for main governance members selection.
  • All proposals should go through a soft community voting on the forum before final voting on the main governance.

Note: Community will follow and obey a governance that’ll be selected by the community unanimously and it’ll be big mistake for community to follow some greedy stuffs to enable them for a community harassment.


I want to say that I also do research, study and analysis of the Free TON community, because I really liked the original idea that was presented in the Declaration on Decentralization. I fell in love with this idea! I try to be active, to contribute my bit to the common cause, I want to make the community better. But the burning questions I ask are ignored, responsibility for decisions and their results are ignored.

I subscribe to the stated thesis - a destructive hierarchy with a narrow circle of people is being built in the community. The example from Cointelegraph showed how you can not only give away millions of crystals with minimal returns, but also cause significant damage to the entire community - the course of TON Crystal, our main face before the World, was dropped by a coin drain.

I support this proposal!

Хочу сказать, что я также занимаюсь исследованием, изучением и анализом сообщества Free TON, т.к. мне очень понравилась изначальная идея, которая была представлена в Декларации о децентрализации. Я влюбился в эту идею! Я стараюсь быть активным, вносить свою крупицу в общее дело, я хочу делать сообщество лучше. Но задаваемые мной острые вопросы игнорируются, ответственность за решения и их результаты игнорируются.

Присоединяюсь к высказанному тезису - в сообществе выстраивается пагубная иерархия с узким кругом людей. Пример с Коинтелеграф показал, как можно не только отдать миллионы кристаллов с минимальной отдачей, но и нанести этим значительный урон всему сообществу - курс TON Crystal, нашего главного лица перед Миром, был уронен сливом монет.

Я поддерживаю это предложение!

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The voices of community members should be heard.

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You are absolutely right.
The leader of a community does not choose itself anonymously but community leaders are elected by the members of the

Free TON community need a trustless environment and they can’t believe scammers anymore.

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When will Gov 2.0 be launched? @Roman_D

Of course, leaders in any case will and should be, but they should be different, there should be many of them in order to create balance! Now a picture is emerging when members of certain teams (talented professionals) are afraid to have a personal independent opinion, to be afraid of falling under the hot hand.

Конечно лидеры в любом случае будут и должны быть, но они должны быть разные, их должно быть много, чтобы создавать баланс! Сейчас складывается картина, когда участники тех или иных команд (талантливых профессионалов) бояться иметь личное независимое мнение, бояться попасть под горячую руку.

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Everything in process! Soon! Very soon!

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Коментарии не забудьте добавить к каждому члену жури в Gov 2.0
Что бы можно было матом крыть во время голосования каждого члена жури :slight_smile:
Можно еще телеграм добавить, пусть знают что быть членом жури это неблагодарное дело но достойное если расписывать по факту почему ставишь низкий голос.
А то тут есть одни хитровыделиные думают что о них никто не узнает.
Поверьте узнают и уже скоро.

I think everything should be transparent if it is a complete decentralized project. Recently I participated in Free TON promoted competition on Digifinex exchange but eventually, that exchange distributed unresonable rewards to participants(I think only 5% TON is distributed and rest of amounts are corrupted by exchange or listing negotiators). I am also surprised to see TON listing announcement in Emirex exchange that is already famous for cheating users so how listing processes and airdrop schemes are done in Free TON ?

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There may be some fixed scams with the partners through a corrupted deal.

Hi @XLR25t
Did you delete the India theme? :sunglasses:
Why didn’t you like it so much?

I thought an experiment like this was helpful:

  1. To make the community better acquainted with the most active members of the Free TON community and appreciate their work.
  2. We practiced and tried ourselves as a member of the jury, which is also an interesting and useful practice.
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any member can’t think an idea!
main governance!
centralised governance!
Any proof?
My account will be blocked soon because @india account is already temporarily unavailable!
No-one is here to believe?
Free TON Community is here!

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