Free TON Anniversary Celebration In India🇮🇳

Free TON Anniversary Celebration In India (Free TON Roadshow)

Free TON is a global project launched on 7th of may in 2020 and now its time to make some prepration to celebrate very first anniversary of Free TON project all around the world in different geographical traditional styles. I’m among the few initial members who supports the Free TON project at its launch so I had prepared some programs to organise a Road Show Dedicated To Free TON Project.


After even one year of launch there are very few indians are there in Free TON community, so its time to organise a Free TON Roadshow Campaign to aware indians about Free TON Revolution In Blockchain Technology and to raise a hand of Free TON in indian crypto community with live streaming on facebook, instagram and youtube.



  • Preparation: 2021-05-07T01:30:00Z2021-05-07T02:30:00Z

  • Roadshow: 2021-05-07T02:30:00Z2021-05-07T05:30:00Z

Route & Distance:

Mohali Airport Chowk :arrow_right: Ambala City

:flight_departure:Route Direction (40Km)

Volunteers & Resources Ready to participate in:

  • 10+ dedicated volunteers who already experienced in organising election campaigned road show and having political background.
  • 20+ SUVs Cars and 50+ Royal Enfield Bullets.
  • 200+ Bitcoin and crypto traders working with me since early 2017.
  • 5+ youtube and facebook bloggers.
  • 20+ farmers with their tractors🚜

*All these people are inviting just for the roadshow success not conditional to join Free TON


  • Coffee with roadshow participants :coffee:
  • Distribution of 200+ Free TON logo & name printed t-shirts to road show participants on the condition of wore-up :tshirt::gem:
  • 100+ Free TON VIP & general stickers will be fixed on cars & bikes and 10+ Free TON banners and 50+ Free TON flags will be waving up on tractors.
  • 10 minutes Volunteers instructions to participants for a stylish campaign.
  • All volunteers will be walkie-talkie enabled for instant instructions in need.
  • Free TON Roadshow Campaign will be live broadcasted completely on facebook and youtube. Links will be updated in the thread.
  • Local and national media will be invited for PR activities.
  • Twitter campaign with #FreeTON_Roadshow will be held to record more footage of the roadshow on a condition to reward hundred most viral tweets till 12pm(IST) on the same day.
  • 5+ professional facebook & youtube blogger will be dedicated to Free TON to cover most of exciting roadshow.
  • Roadshow will be fired up by @india exactly at 8am IST after fully prepared🔫

Budget for most exciting and game-changing Free TON roadshow.

  1. 200+ Free TON branded t-shirts ~ 10000 TON
  2. 100+ Free TON branded stickers ~ 5000TON
  3. 10+ Free TON branded banners ~ 5000 TON
  4. 50+ Free TON branded flags ~ 2500 TON
  5. 20+ SUVs ~ 5000 TON
  6. 50+ Royal Enfield Bullet ~ 5000 TON
  7. 20+ Tractors ~ 2500 TON
  8. 5+ Facebook & youtube bloggers ~ 1000 TON
  9. Live twitter campaign with #FreeTON_Roadshow ~ 2000 TON
  10. 10+ Dedicated volunteers ~ 2000 TON
  11. Chief organizer ~ 1000 TON

Total Budget: 41000 TON

:arrow_right:Upfront requested: 19000 TON
Upfront requested should be delivered before April 20 for better preprations
:arrow_right:The rest 22000 TON should be delivered within 3 days after the successful completion of the roadshow🎯

:gem:I think this is very efficient and effective approach to made a step in indian crypto community and get them into Free TON ecosystem seriously.

Free TON Road Show Wallet Address:



Fully support and m ready to join with my whole team to prepare all things.


we are celebrating very first anniversary of Free TON specially in indi to disrupt indian crypto community for something better than ever.
There was a first in class initiative of crypto roadshow last year sponsored by WazirX and cryptobulls but crashed due to corona pandemics. Now its chance for us to make it happen because we know about culture of roadshow in india and their political acceptance in various election campaigns.
So seriously its very right time to make an impact on Punjab State fighting for their rights regarding farmers bills and empowering them with Free TON ecosystem.


we need 100+ crystal-shaped balloons so that even sky can also enjoy free ton road show​:balloon::balloon:


welcome every valuable suggestion, we’ll work on it👍


Involvement of farmers with their tractors :tractor: will be crazy and trending.
My suggestion: we shouldn’t limit the roadshow to cars,bikes and tractors but should be open and allowed to all types of commercial and non-commercial four-wheelers :minibus::articulated_lorry::fire_engine::ambulance:


Free TON Roadshow Update :loudspeaker:

t-shirts logo


Guys, it’s still 3 weeks to go before the celebration. Why don’t you actually focus, get a few community leaders together, come up with an Indian sub governance and built this into an initial budget? It would be symbolic to launch still within the first year.


there are very few indian members in Free TON community so there is need of awareness about Free TON in indian crypto community.
So we are organizing Free TON Roadshow to broadcast Free TON messages in indian crypto community through logos, stickers, banners and flags. Awareness will automatically lead to adoption.


free ton road show can produce more members and then we will create indian subgovernance with some initial initiatives.


Celebrating the special day of an open network without any border is highly appreciable and a crypto roadshow can change the culture of crypto community with more social involvement .


Free TON Roadshow Update :loudspeaker:

Updated Route

Mohali Airport Chowk :arrow_right: Ambala City

:flight_departure:Route Direction


covering two states and their most influent region :+1:
Punjab to Haryana.


Free TON Roadshow Update📢

:india: Flag #1


Cool! :sunglasses:
I would like to see.)


In india people are more free to perform their cultural activities by a celebration or protest demonstration.




a crypto roadshow will create new road for Free TON in india with significant amount of awareness about free ton contests such as Wiki Renewal and developing


Indian people are now exploring blockchain technology and its applications in different permissions or permission-less blockchain protocols. Just aware them about free ton open network and its applications.


I’m also participating👍


I’m ready to join free ton celebration on 7th May of this year at 8am with my whole team for an introduction with free ton members.
Location: mohali airport chowk