Collaboration Proposal for Free TON Promotion (On the verge of full decentralization)

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Programs
  • Actions & Activities
  • KPIs
  • Budget Request
  • Team Members
  • Token Distribution
  • Evaluation


The initial validators launched the Free TON mainnet on 7 May 2020. Till now, the Free TON community and ecosystem have received impressive improvements and developments. In the near future, over 300 additional validators will join the initial validators, and we will near to “Rumble Fish” stage of roadmap. By providing a very high level of decentralization for the network, Free TON will enter into a new age of its life cycle. This will be a very important event for Free TON and also a very good opportunity for a promotional ambassador collaboration. At the moment, advertising, marketing and promotion in different countries and demographics is more necessary than all other times, for Free TON adoption. Free TON needs more and effective onboard these days. This is the suitable time for collaborations with country leaders who have geographically backgrounds and respective audiences to do their part to promote the Free TON network. For better promotion and to perform the duty of a geographical region ambassador and also to help Free TON to attract enthusiasts among Persian language users, this proposal will focus more on the native Persian platforms, but not limited to.


The country ambassadors contest for free TON (Stage 1: ambassador selection) has been implemented on 10-24.08.2020. One of our team member is among 20 selected ambassadors (winners) of contest stage I. The earlier version of this proposal has been prepared for Stage II ambassador contest. When we were preparing to implement our plan for stage II, the ambassador sub-governance has been dissolved, and all the programs are now suspended. On the other hand, Free TON is nearing to full decentralization (more than 300 validators) these days, and then promotional activities are one of the most important tasks of network. We consulted with Mr. Alexander Filatov @ValueCreator for this special case, and he recommended us that we publish the proposal on the forum and get community feedback. Therefore, we decided to revise the proposal and re-design it for a “Collaboration Proposal” under partnership section of the forum. We hope that it can be qualified enough for possible acceptance, and become a good example for other Ambassadors.


1. A telegram group for educating Persian people about Free TON:

1-1- Launching of group/technical settings of group/adding and setting community management bots / administrative works/ etc

1-2- Creation of educational (i) videos and (ii) visual step-by-step banners to teach users about Free TON including:

  • How to create surf wallet,
  • How to sign declaration of decentralization (DOD),
  • How to create a forum account,
  • How to participate in free TON livestreams,
  • How to propose a contest,
  • How to participate in a contest,
  • and many other educational videos/banners …

1-3- Moderation, help and support of users about how they can use the Free TON in practice. We will accompany users to use Free TON facilities step by step. To this end, we need some active admins for the group.

1-4- Promotion of group by introducing Free TON to Persian communities on telegram in order to attract interested people in the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies from Persian language countries.

2- Launching Free TON channels on native/Persian video sharing platforms:

There are many interesting and popular video sharing platforms (like youtube), in Persian, for Persian language people. Based on the published reports, there are outstanding daily input traffics on these platforms. As powerful promoting platforms, many Persian language companies are now using these native platforms to advertise their products/services/projects to their audiences. In order to attract Persian language users to Free TON, we will launch and run Free TON channels on these interesting platforms. In sequel, I will review some of top Persian language video sharing platforms where we are going to consider for possible Free TON promotion.

2-1- Aparat (
Aparat is the biggest and most popular video sharing platform in Persian language countries. It is ranked 2th in the country and under 100 in the world (based on Alexa). Total duration of available videos on Aparat has also been reported to be more than 16 million minutes. The monthly traffic of this service is 15 million hours per month. Moreover, 88% of the current traffic of this service is from inside the country.


2-2- Namasha (

Namasha video sharing service is ranked 13th in the country and 790 in the world (based on Alexa). Namasha’s good competitive advantage, which attracted many users, is the high loading speed of videos on this platform. It is the most visited video sharing site with the second rank after Aparat in the country.

2-3- Tamasha (

Tamasha video sharing service is ranked 35th in the country and 1693 in the world. The features of this website are almost the same as the previous version of Aparat, which was able to get a good ranking in Alexa by replacing good video upload servers.


2-4- Jabeh (

The Jabeh sharing platform started in 2016, which is now the Alexa rank of 249 in the country and 5400 in the world. In a short time, it found its place among users and video sharing sites.

2-5- And other Persian language video sharing platforms such as:

Please note that we will select the best Video services after the necessary checks and based on the results of the analysis, to promote Free TON.

3- Launching Free TON chat on native/Persian messaging platforms:

There are many popular native messaging apps (like telegram), in Persian, for Persian language people. Persian language people are very interested in messaging apps, as reported. In order to attract Persian language people to Free TON, we will launch and run Free TON chats on these messengers. Here, I will review some of top Persian language messaging platforms where we are going to promote Free TON to Persian language people.

3-1- Soroush/Sapp (

Soroush is a free and completely native Persian language messenger, with more than 20 million users and various features such as voice and video calling, live radio and television broadcasting, application bots,‌ payment, and content showcase.

3-2- Eita (

Eitaa is one of the top native Persian messengers which has been welcomed by many Persian language people. This Messenger reached to 1 million downloads on the Bazaar Cafe native Android app market in the country), which is a great statistic for a Persian language messenger.

3-3- Bale (

Bale as a Persian language messaging application has been able to reach half a million downloads in a short time in Cafe Bazaar. This successful app has reached the top 3 Persian language messengers, which is a high position compared to the Persian language audience on social networks.

3-4- Gap (

Gap Messenger is a top Persian language cloud-based messenger with multi-device capability. It is a messenger full of useful services that are available for games, entertainment, and other practical information. Gap works on various platforms such as Android, IOS and there’s even a web version.



3-5- And other Persian language messengers including:

Please note that we will select the best Messenger services after the necessary checks and based on the results of the analysis, to promote Free TON.

4- Running telegram campaign via most popular Persian chats/channels:

Social media advertising reaches audiences in a low-cost, impactful, and effective way. This is exactly why social media campaigns have become a crucial marketing technique for businesses everywhere. I, with my colleagues, will run comprehensive campaigns on popular and powerful Persian language telegram chats to make Free TON a trend among Persian language people. The campaigns will be done for every following classes, separately.

  • Campaign on Persian telegram chats/channels with general topics (1k -30k members)
  • Campaign on Persian telegram chats/channels with Cryptocurrency & Blockchain topics (1k -20k members)

We will contact with powerful and influential telegram chats & channels owners in order to reach a two-sided agreement for running above mentioned campaigns.

5- Email promotion via native/Persian email services:

Currently, there are 5 native/Persian email services for Persian language users. Email promotion is a digital marketing strategy based on sending emails to categorized customers and developing relationships with prospects and audiences. An effective email marketing strategy convert prospects into users, and turn first time users into active users. Following are Persian language email services:

To prevent spamming people, we just use email marketing service providers who have solutions for user agreement & satisfaction prior to sending emails. We also prefer targeted audiences with background of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency form the country. We will consider other email services like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, … just for Persian language users, if there is a solution for that by service providers. Some of best native providers, that we may use, are:

Please note that we will select the best Email services after the necessary checks and based on the results of the analysis, to promote Free TON.

6- SMS promotion for Persian language users:

SMS promotion is sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages (SMS). These messages are mostly meant to communicate alerts to people who have consented to receive these messages from company. To prevent spamming people, we just use service providers who have solutions for user agreement & satisfaction prior to sending SMSs. Some of best native providers, that we may use, are:

7- Persian language Micro-influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers–individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche. Influencers can be divided into four categories, Mega, Macro, Micro or Nano, based on their scope of influence:

  • Mega-influencers: People with the highest ranking category of social media influencer, who typically have more than a million followers.
  • Macro-influencers: People with a notch down from mega-influencers. One way to identify a macro-influencer is by their follower count, which usually fall somewhere between 100,000 and one million followers.
  • Micro-influencer: People who has between 1,000 to 100,000 followers. Micro-influencers focus on a specific area or region.
  • Nano-influencers: A relatively new breed of influencers, who tend to have a smaller number of followers in comparison to micro-influencers, less than 1,000 followers.

Since we are going to promote Free TON in the country just via Persian language influencers, Micro influencers (with Blockchain and general background) are well suited for our scope.

8- Limited Contests & Airdrop

In order to engage the interested people to join to our community, we will design, plan and implement limited contests and airdrop. The audiences for these plans are just Persian language users who are living inside the country. The repetition and budget of contests and airdrop will be revisited during implementation, based on the efficiency analysis.

9- Listing TON Surf on Persian language Android/IOS markets:

App store (IOS apps market) is now banned in my country and Google play (Android apps market) doesn’t work sometimes for Persian language users. In order to list TON Surf on Persian language app markets, we will contact, communicate and negotiate to reach an agreement with well known native Android/IOS markets in the country. This will facilitate downloading and installing TON Surf by Persian language users and then will help for rapidly promotion of Free TON in the country.

The main Persian language Android/IOS markets, we are going to consider but not limited to, are:

These services consider listing of a new app if and only if the developer or an authorized representative of the app make the request. Therefore, we will be able to do this program if Free TON provides us such an authorized representative letter.

10- Partnership Motivation & Support:

Strategic partnership with existing user-base companies is a very effective way to expand Free TON usages. We think, it is an important duty for regional Ambassadors to find, communicate with, motivate, support and help the large-scale user-base platforms in their region/country in order to become strategic partners of Free TON. This will help rapid and sustainable promotion of Free TON all around the world. We are going to bring influential user-base platforms into strategic partnership with Free TON. The main steps, we are going to do, include:

  • Finding native user-base platforms with high audiences
  • Communication, interaction, negotiations, meetups
  • Help, support and accompaniment with platforms for preparation of the partnership proposal
  • Communication and interaction with Free TON
  • Help, support and accompaniment with platforms for successful implementation of their own programs

A technical note about Programs:

Please note that our promotion strategy is based on “Backlink” method. As you know, a Backlink is a link building process which aims to transfer user traffics from one page X to another page Y. In our promotion strategy, all actions and activities act as a backlink to transfer user traffics from all other platforms into ambassador local telegram community. That means all Programs (#2 to #9) will be designed in such a way that they bring more and more users for ambassador telegram community. They will support and promote Program #1 as core focus of our promotion strategy.

Actions & Activities

Free TON Educational Chatfor Persian language users:

No. Activity Interval/ frequency
1 Creation/Launching/Chat Settings/Technical Works/Bots Settings One time at beginning
2 Support/Help/Moderation/Administration Monthly
3 Educational Video Recording/Preparation/Finalizing Per case
4 Educational Banner Creation/Editing/Finalizing Per case
5 Content Creation/Post & Announcement translation from Free TON channel/Article Writing/Editing Monthly

Free TON Channels on Persian Video Sharing Platforms:

No. Activity Interval/ frequency
1 Creation/Preparation/Launching of channel on Persian video sharing platform (Such as Aparat/ Namasha/ Tamasha/ Jabeh/ …) 5 channels
2 Moderation/ Administration/ Video Sharing of all Channels Monthly

Free TON Chats on Persian Messaging Platforms:

No. Activity Interval/ frequency
1 Creation/Preparation/Launching of chat on Persian messaging platform (Such as Sapp/ Eitaa/Bale/ Gap/ …) 5 channels/chats
2 Moderation/Administration/Help/Support for each messenger Monthly
3 Content Creation/Post & Announcement translation from Free TON channel/Article Writing/Editing for all Chats Monthly

Running Telegram Campaigns via Persian Channels/Chats:

No. Activity Interval/ frequency
1 Creation/Preparation/ Negotiation/ Agreement with admins & owners/ Launching 50 channels/chats
2 Total number of Persian language users participated in campaigns (number of members of participating channels & chats in campaign) 50 channels/chats

Email marketing via native/Persian email services:

No. Activity Interval/ frequency
1 Creation/Preparation/Launching 20,000 users

SMS marketing for Persian language users:

No. Activity Interval/ frequency
1 Creation/Preparation/Launching 20,000 users

Persian language Influencer Marketing:

No. Activity Interval/ frequency
1 Creation/Preparation/ Negotiation/ Agreement/ Running 10 influencers

Limited Contests & Airdrops

No. Activity Interval/ frequency
1 Designing/ Planning/ Implementation/ Results Analysis In the case of Combot integration


No. Activity Interval/ frequency
1 Communication/ Agreement/ Support & Help for successful proposal Whatever number is achieved

*1- We will request no budget if partnership proposal is not accepted by Free TON, 2- If the partnership is the result of ambassador efforts, the ambassador should mention it in that partnership proposal, indicating the ambassador’s role (negotiations/communications/ support/ help).


The above described actions & activities will allow us to reach:

  • 200,000 Impressions (Impressions = total post views for all platforms we are going to consider and described above)
  • 10,000 active users of ambassador community group (verified by Combot Analytics report)*
  • 1,000 new TON Surf users**(verified by Google form)
  • 1,000 new TON Forum users**(verified by Google form)

*Please note that “verified users” is quite different with “number of users” because “number of users” may include fake/inactive/bot accounts. For example, a fake group with 100,000 users may not be able to verify even 1,000 active users.

** To better understand the amount of work required to reach 1,000 users (Surf and Forum), please note that the current number of Surf and Forum users, after 5 months of launching Free TON, is only 5,232 and 1,973, respectively (till 20 Oct 2020). It is noteworthy that this number of userswas the result of all of community efforts, implementing many contests and partnerships, and distributing many tokens so far.

Budget Request

Set Up/ Creation/Implementation (for all programs described above): 85,000 TON
[Duration]: within 2 months

Advertising Campaigns (Influencers/Telegram /Email/SMS): 125,000 TON
[Duration]: within 3 months

Moderation/Support/Communications (for all programs described above): 75,000 TON
[Duration]: within 2 months

Airdrop and Contest:
20% of TONs distributed by Combot “/reward” (in the case of implementation, If Combot provides airdrop for group wallet)
20% of total token distributed as contests rewards + the original sum of TONs rewarded (in the case of implementation)
[Duration]: within 3 months

Partnership Proposal: 10% of budget per case (in the case of implementation, after acceptance)
[Duration]: Whenever if possible

Extra Reward: If we reach initial KPIs, there will be extra token request as follows:
Extra 750 TON for 100 new verified group users (Capped at 75,000 extra Tokens)
Extra 1,500 TON for 100 new verified Surf & Forum users (Capped at 75,000 extra Tokens)

Team Members

  • @C_Support050 with Promotion, Marketing, Advertising background, PhD in Industrial Engineering
  • @monamahmoodi1 with Programming, Developing, Python background, PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • plus 12 experts in the field of social media and promotion

Token Distribution

Payment Type: TONs
Distribution Schedule:

  • Payment in advance: 15,000 TONs (This is the minimum amount of budget which is required for program initialization)
  • Payment after implementation: By a submission at the end of implementation.

Payment Address:


If the submission receives an average voting score of 7.5 (including) or more, then we will receive all the rewards that we demanded for the implementation of the program. If the submission receives an average voting score of less than 7.5, then the reward will be calculated using the formula:

Payment Amount = Claimed Amount * Average Voting Score / 10

In addition, you can find PDF version of the proposal at following link:


We will appreciate it a lot, and It will be our pleasure and honor, if the community and team inform us their comments. We are fully welcome to receive any suggestions for revisions and improvements, needed to enhance the proposal into a qualified level.

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Share in community chats to get more feedback


Very good idea. Thank you very much for your suggestion :heart:

I’ve just sent it on the Free TON.Community group

Hmm. Interesting :thinking:

Do you have experience in creating video clips ? Who will create these videos (preferably show an example, link)

I suggest you start with this. I think point 9 is very important for starting. Persian users need guaranteed access to a TON SURF. I am interested in how this will be implemented.


Dear @Artist,

Very glad to see you are interested in this proposal.
An educational video of ours could be found at:

Please note that this is not a promotional video but an educational one. The goal is, here, to teach typical persons how to create a Free TON surf wallet and keep it safe, for example.

If the proposal is accepted by jurors, we have a plan to start working on all of our duties in pararell and for sure step 9 will start very soon, too.


Hello dear all,

On behalf of myself and my team, I hope that we will soon see the Free TON as a “functional currency” around the world, and one day it will be the interesting currency of all people, in cities and villages.

We did our best to prepare this proposal and tried to include all the potential aspects for Free TON promotion. It will be our honor to be able to participate in the development of Free TON.

We sincerely look forward to see comments from community members. :raised_hands:


A user-friend and easy-to-read pdf version of the proposal :point_down:

I think this point is the most difficult (important)
If this is doable, everything else will work.

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Yes, you are compeletly right. We wished to start communicating and negotiating with these App markets a couple of months ago. But the thing is that these services list a new app only if an authorized representative of the app makes the request.

We are sure if Free TON provides us a representative letter, we will be able to reach an agreement with these services very soon.

I like this promotion proposal. This is better than other promotional proposals I have seen so far on the forum. This is presented with detailed programs, actions & activities, KPIs, achievements, etc. I like to see your results soon !


Thanks for your support :heart:

We are really experienced in promotion and I do believe we are the best (if I can admire myself :wink:)


Are you confident that SMS and Email Marketing will work in Iran ?

According to my personal experience, I ever open any promotional SMS or Email


Dear @TONCrystal,

Thanks a lot for your interest and comment.

If we follow the right promotion path, we will gradually find audiences who are interested in the topics and follow us. In this way, we need to be more active and attractive day by day. The more active we are, the more audiences we have.

In addition, one of the most important points for a successful promotion is to differentiate audiances properly. Good promotion takes into account the interests of the audience and promotes them accordingly.

We will promote Free TON based on various campaigns and all the activities will be evaluated every day and again. At each stage, we will get feedbacks and analyze the results to assess the efficiency of actions & activities. Using the analytics, the impact of each promotion action will be analyzed over time and we will make appropriate changes based on the feedback received for next campaigns.


You mean this proposal was previously accepted in ambassador SG. Am I right?


Dear @WuChi001X

Thanks for your comment

Let us have this opportunity to explain a little more about the background behind our collaboration proposal.

As you may know the ambassador selection contest (stage 1) was held and 20 ambassadors were elected by jurors. It was expected that these 20 ambassadors started promoting Free TON all around the world and next participated on ambassador contest (stage 2). Next ambassador subgovernance was established and each ambassador was requsted to prepare a work plan including:

  • Programs
  • Actions & Activities
  • KPIs
  • Time Schedule
  • Budget
  • Team Memebers

To this end, we had prepared a comprehensive proposal and were waiting to start our work. But unfortunately, when we submitted our work plan, the, the ambassador subgovernance was closed.

Now, as a solution to this issue, we have re-designed our work as a collaboration proposal under main governance to be discussed.

The unpredictable events, which were basically beyond our control, led us to publish our working plan (which was basically prepared for stage II contest) in the form of a “Collaboration Proposal”.

We have done our best and now expect, if this proposal is acceptable just let us to move.

We tried to be as clear as possible. Almost all the budget will be requested after implementation and based on the jurors’ votes. It is our uniqness. We first bring values to the Free TON. It will be judged by Free TON jurors and we will accept it surly. The tokens will be distributed based on the jurors vote under main governance.


I admire you. Very well written proposal.

Comparing to Korean and Mexican sub-governance, your proposal is worth it to be accepted. I fully support.

You deserve even more as you don’t get your budget in advance. But it may help you to stay motivated for doing your job better. Money for well-done job. Good luck


Thank you very much
Happy to see your comment and support.

I just participated on ambassador subgovernance as a jury, because I found it very important for Free TON. Today, we come up to 236 validators and Free TON promotion looks like more important. I hope the main team and community will support you and other previously elected ambassadors to keep going


Below is my analysis and feedback on this proposal. Please accept that it is just my personal view; however, I think it is the view of the majority of the community based on previous interactions. This forum is for discussion purposes only, and the comment in no way reflect consensus.

  • How to create surf wallet,
  • How to sign declaration of decentralization (DOD),
  • How to create a forum account,
  • How to participate in free TON livestreams,
  • How to propose a contest,
  • How to participate in a contest,
  • and many other educational videos/banners …

Are all things that can be handled by the Free TON Academy sub-governance. I suggest you bring these ideas there. It will be formed very soon.

  1. Aparat already made a direct proposal. The response is that it is still too early.

  2. Marketing is not use cases. Marketing can be handled by one of several sub-governances, including the soon-to-be launched "Community Voice sub-governance.

  3. Messaging apps. Please first develop one and then bring it as a partnership proposal. Free TON is not a bank or a VC. We do not fund ideas. We partner and provide MINIMAL integration cost offsets to bring your ALREADY existing users/messenger to use TONs. If you want to bring the messengers you named, please have them make partnership proposals or give you the authority, in written and signed format that can be KYPd (know your partner) and verified by the community, where they have authorized you to speak and partner on their behalf, with their commitments to integrate, with all details and commitments provided by their CEO.

  4. Email and SMS promotion is useless. It’s spam. Free TON will not partake in such things.

  5. Again, there is a Community Voice and SMM sub-gov for all marketing related tasks.

  6. Marketing is not a partnership priority. Sub-govs are for this exact thing. Maybe think about developing a Persian sub-governance. Start with forming a group (not a chat group but a sub-governance group in Telegram and then take some weeks (maybe months) developing it until it has serious activity and many individuals ready to work and have proven their abilities, and then make a sub-governance proposal for a 2-3 month trial period in a token amount under 100K TONs, and then deliver some real results. After this first KPI with delivered metrics, then we can talk about further development.

  7. Free TON will NEVER EVER EVER ask to be listed on any exchange. It’s no different than Bitcoin in that regard. Free TON will NEVER approach exchanges. Exchanges can do whatever they want on their time and at their own cost.

  8. Partnership Motivation & Support section (your section 10). This is pointless and has no purpose. Just do it. You can do this now. No one needs TONs to seek out ways to “find” anything. The rest of this heading is something the Free TON Academy is there for (coming soon!)

  9. This sounds more like a Persian sub-gov proposal than a partnership proposal. There’s no partnership to be had here.

Please take all of the above critique with understanding. I tend to be very direct, but it is not out of ill will. I think the Persian community is extremely valuable and has a lot to offer. It just needs less “water” and more actual metrics. At the moment the whole thing reads like “We hope, we want, we will.” It needs to be “We do, here are the facts, here’s what we’ve done, let us deliver results for a very small amount of TONs over the next 3 moths and then decide if we should continue.”

Love your enthusiasm too! You guys never sleep :joy:

Thank you for your offer.