Contest: Free TON Video Explanation [UPD]


Due to the necessity of the new smart contract deployment which will give the right for the new jury members of Web & Design Subgovernance to vote, we need to relaunch the video contest.

Participants should submit applications within the dates of the current contest. The date will NOT change.

All submissions will be transferred to the new smart contract automatically!

Short description:

Make a video explanation of Free TON, duration from 60 up to 120 sec.



Contest entry period:

November 23 - December 7, 23:59 UTC.


Increase Free TON’s presence on YouTube and other video platforms. Explain to new participants what Free TON is. This contest is a big step for mass adoption.

General requirements:

  • History of the projects, key features, future plans etcIt is necessary to show the history of the project creation or what problems it solves.
  • Storytelling format
  • Legal background music and/or voice-over
  • CGI graphics

Contest specification

For this video, you can use the following documents:

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions:

  • High-quality work
  • Free TON related
  • Sound - high-quality soundtrack and/or sound
  • Creativity - the video uses fresh ideas and/or techniques
  • The quality of animation/effects - the video is pleasant for visual perception
  • Memorability of the FreeTON brand - the brand is easy to remember, the plot can be retold in words
  • Viral effect. The general impression of the video - the video evokes emotions and you want to watch it.


  • Each of the initial Free TON jurors can vote on your submission. Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions

Reward (Testing new system):

Prizes grid according to the level of difficulty of the contestis formed:


Free TON Video Explanation: Contest difficulty level - 8.

In this case, all participants who have scored from 3 and above will receive prizes.

The size of the prize is determined in accordance with the average point gained.

Procedural remarks

  • The prize fund cannot be determined in advance - it is calculated after voting.

Jury rewards:

An amount equal to 5% of the sum total of all total tokens actually awarded will be distributed equally between all jurors who vote and provide feedback. Both voting and feedback are mandatory in order to collect the reward.

Procedural remarks:

  • Participants must upload their work correctly so it can be viewed and accessible in the formats described. If work is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, the submission may be void by jurors.
  • Participants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of applications. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.
  • If the number of participants is less than the amount of prizes available, the excess prize awards are void.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


Please add the definition of “difficulty” and the process of how it should be determined.

And maybe this contest would be better to hold under some of existing SG?

1 week is not enough, we should extend the contest entry period up to 2 weeks at least in order to get qualified works.
How about uploading videos on youtube as a contest requirement?


There are two weeks until November 20

Agree, I think we should increase period for 2 weeks and add definition of “difficulty”.
Good proposal, community needs this a lot!


Great idea!

Couple of comments:

  • the cycle of video production should be at least 2 weeks
  • I’d cut the length to 60 secs - 180 sec as long videos loose action (in most cases)
  • language must be specified as well
  • voice over is not a must have, imho, texts/slogans can be enough
  • and the criteria of difficulty should be also described

Plus, it’s more a thought - and what about a tik-tok videos? No graphics/animations but can be fun.


Good contest idea and interesting distribution ranking

Класс идея . Но 120 секунд многовато ребят .

Less than a minute is not enough to explain “what Free TON is”. For a brief promo, of course, will be enough.

It is desirable that the sources of the project’s video should be provided, or that they should be interested in making corrections in case something needs to be fixed. Maybe something like the additional round of corrections.

I remember the most difficult part of the landing page contest was to collect all the materials about Free TON. So it would be nice to provide some historical time line and the core benefits of Free TON. Because it is difficult for me as a designer to distinguish the most important things from the technology. In general, a short abstract that need to be rolled out in video.


Опять сроки надо поставить вменяемые, минимум две недели! И по продолжительности видео тоже вопрос, например тикток видео или вирусные видео имеют хронометраж не больше 15 -20 секунд. Нужно больше информации по тому что должно быть в видео. И я так понимаю даты приблизительные, тк еще даже не выбрали дополнительное жюри, а это 10 дней плюс.


Две недели для чего-то оригинального мало. Месяц. А то впечатление что это жюри не терпится побыстрей? Нет? Все равно во всех жюри одни и те же судьи. Далее - голос за кадром только на английском? А нужен ли он? Нудный голос лучше понятных анимаций с надписями? Впрочем, все равно если голос надо на английском, то пас в этом.

What about language?

It is unclear whether you need a presentation of tone or a viral video? where is the connection? what do you want to hear that tone is freedom or a full answer and it will not work viral, and time for such an answer you need 60 seconds imaginary and viral it will not work. Whatever the competition is really cool, you don’t need to push people into some strict limits - I am an artist, I see it that way! And about the language, I also offer freedom of choice, not to limit it only to English.

Where is information about format?

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YouTube or other platforms for popularizing video, as I understand it

Yep, it should be added that the video should be on a video-hosting platform, google drive etc.

In AVI/MP4/etc formats.

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finally сool contest for youtubers) Can do it without a voiceover?

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Its written in proposal “Voiceover must have”

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I take it the prize pool is unlimited for this contest? (based on the proposed award system) If the competition budget is limited, you can consider Option 2, described in this topic Prizes and contests. Time is not a token

And I want to clarify, what does the “difficulty” parameter mean in this contest? And who will evaluate how “difficult” it was ?

It turns out that you need to give two ratings. The “difficulty” rating and the standard score from the jury.


You also need to specify the format and resolution of the video, for example: 16:9 (1920x1080) , 1:1 (1080x1080), 9:16 (1080x1920)

About the voice - very often videos in social networks in the feed are watched without sound, but read the titles. Not the fact that the voice will give the atmosphere. Against the background of an epic soundtrack, it is not particularly necessary sometimes.

I suggest making voice-over an optional item.
A time frame of no more than 1 minute. Unless it’s a narrative video for youtube.


Awesome competition because I wanna promote TON by using video, still have any time for joining competition because I ever make any video in bounty campaign and I think my skill is not really bad for creating video.