[Withdrawn] Free TON - Community Voice Sub-Governance

[I am withdrawing this proposal and proceeding with the Validator Decentralization contest as an effort separate from the formation of the Community Voice SubGov].

Free TON - Community Voice Sub-Governance


The function of the Community Voice SubGov is the coordination of “external messages” from the Free TON community to present a coherent “community voice.” This SubGov initially started as a “PR” SubGov, but a consensus on the appropriate structure, roles, and responsibilities of this organization has not yet been reached. This purpose of this proposal is to establish an initial budget and jury to allow time-critical, near-term tasks to be completed.

Proposed gov URL: https://voice.gov.freeton.org
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/CommVoice_FreeTON

Initial Goals

  • Develop and document a community consensus on the positioning of the Free TON movement, community and project
  • Develop and document a community consensus on the core values and goals of the Free TON community
  • Develop and document an optimized SubGov(s) organization structure for coordinating with other marketing-related SubGovs and providing effective marketing, PR, and external communications for the Free TON project and community.
  • Prepare background information, statements and positions for near-term media activities
    • There are ideas and stories behind every “article”, and these ideas/stories must be collected from all meetings, workgroups, sub-governances, discussion threads etc. The goal of this task is to capture and document the 6th-month-long story of the community and make it available to external media so they an effectively report on the Free TON community.
  • Organize PR campaign contest for upcoming “Validator Decentralization” milestone
  • Jury selection contest for Validator Decentralization PR campaign contest

Potential Future Goals

  • Increase awareness of Free TON project, world-wide for:
    * Developers
    * Entrepreneurs / Collaborators
    * Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts
    * End Users / Adopters
  • Development of media content for all channels (global and country-specific)
  • Developing and collaborating with a network of PR agencies
  • Develop network of external media collaborators (bloggers, publications, influencers)
  • Organize PR contests, events and activities

Justification for initial Budget request:

Contest Budget

Validator Decentralization milestone PR campaign contest. The reward structure (summarized below) is detailed in the contest specification, which can be found here: Public Relations (PR) Campaign for Mainnet Decentralization

1 place ------------ 10,000 TONs
2 place ------------ 9,800 TONs
3 place ------------ 9,600 TONs
5 place ------------ 9,400 TONs

50 place ------------200 TONs

Total contest rewards = 255 000 TON

5% for jury rewards (they will be reading and judging 50+ articles) = 12 750 TON

Budget for miscellaneous "Bounties"

Contests are Free TON’s primary method of rewarding contributions. However, there are sometimes small tasks that are not appropriate (not efficient) for a full, formal contest. A good example is translation of a document. For these small tasks, I propose the use of bounties, which are essentially contests, but without the formalities such as juries and voting.

Example bounty:

"Media contact Bounty:

We need to compile a list of media contacts (media writers, bloggers etc.) to send invites to compete in the Validator Decentralization milestone contest. Anybody who has media contacts (writers, bloggers etc.), please add them to this spreadsheet: https://onlyo.co/36qTevC. This list will be used to send and track the invitations for the VD PR contest. Ideally each person will personally invite the media contacts that they have relationships with, so you don’t have to include their contact details, if you prefer not to. They must make a submission to the contest for you to collect the bounty:

Reward per contact: 100-500 TONs, depending on audience size (size must be verified):

less than 1k audience - 100 TON
1k to 5k audience - 200 TON
5k to 20k audience - 300 TON
20k to 100k audience - 400 TON
100k+ audience - 500 TON"

Budget for miscellaneous Bounties (including the example above): 50 000 TON.

Total initial request = 317 750 TON

Initial jury: Sharif Sakr @SharifSakr, Itakura itakura1, Fat Tony @totkaplan, Fedor Skuratov @teodorix Michael Kabanov @michael_kabanov, Nikita @Riemann, Jo @powderedtoastwmn, PvP @prigolovko, Ron Millow @Ronmillow, Ivan Kotelnikov @isheldon, Alexander Filatov @Alexander_Filatov, Roman_D (@)Roman_D

Community Voice Wallet address: 0x:xxxx

Disclaimer: Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TONs to US citizens or entities.

Addendum: I recommend that this SubGov experiments with the ideas offered by @Teodorix here: Community SG Proposal His suggestions address many issues with our current SubGov systems and will help to recruit more professional talent to our community.

Note: If you are a marketing/PR/media professional and reading this now, please see the link to the Telegram channel above and join us.


Are you planning to create your own SubGov?
This will be the third one ?
How many SubGov are there already?


A lot of Sub-Governance are already on the layout. Have they previous ones been able to meet their goals? I’m curious to know why everyone is coming up with the idea of new Sub-Governances. Why not merge this with already created ones?

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The idea is quit the opposite - when subgovernance is created, it means that there is a group of people that have an idea and a plan. So, different groups (subgovernaces) - different ideas. But one goal - mass adoption.


Truth that, if I understand the description of the proposed Sub-Governance correctly, “It is represents the community of Free TON” I don’t think it has much difference from the already drafted Influencer Sub-Governance. As time goes on Development will still be worked on this.

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Guys, I don’t want to put a spoke in your wheels. I see eminent people among the participants of this subgovernance. But you know, there is a tendency to create subgovernance without specific goals.
Namely: here we are, here is the name of the subgovernance, here we need a budget.
I understand that you need a budget for good goals. But describe to the community in more detail what it is for, how it will be used.
I’m sure you can sell your idea to the community, but more information is needed. Because I didn’t understand anything. And the jury members who will consider your subgovernance may also have these questions. you must be prepared for them in advance. Good luck in your endeavors)


Thanks, @daernhii @Josefjix @mirglonassa

I kindly ask you: please, imagine that “ambassadors” “influencers” “global community” or whatever topics were never raised on this forum. They were hot and important, of course. But this kind of “context” will not help you understand what work lies behind our proposal.

Here are the details of what goals are:

  • Prepare statements and position for nearest media activities (these are not just “articles”)
  • There are ideas behind every “article”, and these ideas collected throughout all workgroups, sub-governances, discussion threads, and 6th-month-long story which the community experienced
  • The first task of Community Voice - finalize and cast the message about the upcoming “Decentralization Milestone”.

Outcome of the “Magister Ludi” Contest.

  • :gem: 300 000 000 are going to be distributed among the most capable and agile DevOps teams running the validator nodes to support the Free TON Project.
  • The number of validators will increase 50 -> 400. Each onboarded validator will receive his reward in form of a “locked+vested stake”.
  • Individuals, teams, and entities behind these validators are verified to be independent parties.
  • Each validator should run TON Validator Node 1 year after the event to receive each of 12 parts of the “vested stake”.

These are fundamental reasons why Network Value behind the Free TON project will increase after Validator Decentralization.
This event is by no means the most important after Mainnet Launch and should be covered properly.


We should make the first contest after the Jury contest about gathering a data base of medias, influencers etc by language/territory. To have a pipeline to spread the voice around the globe.


I support this proposal. We can talk endlessly. Let’s start moving!

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This budget is not for the creation of an organization. It is only a budget for specific tasks/goals - to conduct the Validator Decentralization contest and to fund miscellaneous tasks that need to be done (via bounties). For this request, the list of “members” are only for controlling a multisig wallet for contest payments and for judging the appropriateness of bounties and bounty payments.

If you have some Marketing, PR or related experience, please join us and contribute. We currently only have a few contributors that have significant media contacts - this needs to be improved.

I agree that the rapid formation of SubGovs is somewhat chaotic right now. My position is that each SubGov should start with some near-term tasks and budget(s). In future budget requests, they should report on how well they accomplished the previously proposed contests/tasks and what value these provided to the community. If the budgets provided did not add add significant value, or the SubGov did not function efficiently, then the community should not vote to give them additional allocations.

Any group of people should be able to propose a SubGov to accomplish specific tasks. If a SubGov is not functioning well and not providing significant value to the community, new SubGovs should be formed to compete and replace them.

I disagree with this. The opportunity to have a PR campaign/contest for the addition of ~400 new validators (Validator Decentralization milestone) is about to be missed if we don’t start it ASAP. We will have all ~400 validators online before the end of this year. The “learn your country” contest can not be completed in time to support this.

Also, the media contact bounty proposed above will allow us to quickly compile a list of media contacts for sending out contest invitions. I’m not against your idea, but I don’t believe it should be a priority over the VD milestone contest.

Я так же думал о создании конкурса по написанию информационных писем для СМИ, топовых бирж, обменников. Но так как был уже ноябрь, отложил эту идею из-за грядущих праздников. А тут уже и сабговернанс предлогают. Молодцы! Если не трудно, можете провести конкурс по написанию писем для ТОП-10 бирж с предложением о сотрудничестве на НЕкоммерческой основе. Но лучше будет организовать его после рождества( для большего эффекта)

Free TON не имеет дела с биржами и не запрашивает листинг на биржах. Я думаю, что обмены будут включать TON после достижения достаточной децентрализации. Пожалуйста, смотрите это объявление для получения более подробной информации: https://t.me/ton_crystal_news/254

Вы ошибаетесь. Запросить листинг на бирже может любой участник сообщества Free TON( яркий пример биржа Coinneal). Конкурс на составление письма о сотрудничестве с биржами топ-10 даст возможность составить его грамотно и экономически подкованно. Так же отмечаю что предложение не должно иметь финансовой подоплеки (Free TON не должен платить за листинг).
Этот конкурс яркий пример Community Voice.

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согласитесь, что любой член сообщества может все сделать самостоятельно, но сообщество не должно вознаграждать усилия, которые не соответствуют заявленным ценностям сообщества. Я думаю, что скоро мы увидим больше бирж, добавляющих Free TON, но Сначала нам нужно больше децентрализации (увеличение децентрализации и созревание проекта будет иметь больше влияния, чем написание писем)

Как хотите, тогда этот конкурс подготовю я. Но после праздников, чтобы не одна биржа не пропустила предложение о сотрудничестве.

Вы правы, скоро мы увидим больше бирж…Но будут ли в их числе Binance, Huobi,Bitmex, EXMO. Согласитесь, листинг (и новость о листинге) на этих биржах уже даст хороший приток в коммьюнити новых участников, включая валидаторов.

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Это не правда. Не нужно вводить в заблуждение людей. Несколько членов Governance и есть биржи. И они уже запрашивают себе монеты помимо того, что у них есть уже монеты каждый месяц.

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If I understood the translation correctly, then I will support your desire

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