Token Request for continued development of SMM Sub-governance (SG)

1. General description

Having achieved its launch goals, SMM Sub-governance is now ready to proceed to the next stage. Now we are requesting a budget extension for the next period of our activity and growth.

2. Statement of results

SMM is an integral part of the development of every community and project. SMM Sub-governance is planning to relaunch as a group of social media experts focused on creating buzz, awareness and engagement around Free TON while continuing to create valuable content relevant to Free TON. With our focus on managing the social media platforms and relevant content platforms/forums (ie Reddit,) we will work together to fine-tune our content strategy and roadmap ensuring SMM’s efforts will have a direct positive impact on the entire Free TON ecosystem.

Free TON’s Twitter account currently has 12.1k followers with an average of 20 engagements (likes, retweets) per tweet. We plan to triple both the follower amount and engagements with a KPI of 50k followers and an average of 60 likes per tweet by September 2021. We have created a three month long proposal with contests which will help us reach these goals. Each month will feature 4-5 contests: one large contest focused on social media engagement, two supporting contests such as “top viral tweet” or “most engagements on an infographic”, “Get picked up by an influencer” and 1-2 supplementary contests which are geared towards editorial content creation for social and blogger platforms.

While managing the social media platforms, content published on social media platforms will come from two resources:

    1. Internal/Curated which comprises all Free TON community and subgov updates, content and inner sources like FTH, Telegram channels, Youtube channel, etc. Such materials include articles, news, digests, timecodes, interviews, transcripts,reviews and other types of content. SMM SG active members are working tirelessly to keep the social media communities updated.
    1. SMM-Created which comprises content created from SMM contests and members of the subgov. This part is crucial in creating unique content, engaging with influencers, the industry and spreading the word about Free TON outside the community.

We will be developing a content calendar to ensure we stay on top of trends, holidays, events, and always have valuable, unique content to share as well as a roadmap which will help us in content planning. Examples below:

Example fig.1

Example fig.2

Quality and value of content/tweets will be tracked and reported each month by using social media monitoring tools such as hootsuite, buffer, tweetbinder, palantir and tweetdeck.

3. Planned Contests (explained in more detail below)

  1. DeSocial Management Contest
  2. Best Infographic Contest
  3. DeHype Contest
  4. Awarding best performing content
  5. Supplementary Influencers contests
  6. Tik Tok creation contest

4. Partnerships between sub-governances

The main idea is to strengthen the ties between the sub-governances. This allows for more interaction and faster achievement of goals. At the moment, we have entered into partnerships with the following sub-governances:

Moving forward, all working SG groups will be encouraged to represent an SMM contact to relay information between groups.

5.Current SMM members:

Name Nickname in Telegram Public key Free TON Address
Grigoriy @Grigoriy2000 fd9333c65b8ac909f74a9f905bd8e95c4019c62bb9cfdbc65f50e3ac081d2577 0:4cb8ec1104567e93081aef709360da83cbdac13cd578dd01b98395052102739f
Alex @ducktalesblock 3fe1889a81a1941b0f86bef70998e1625170f36789ec9e8645f32ffd54b8bee9 0:c0efbaaa82ea20862cc7b49fdd57288275eae56ff92832c5c948a37943888691
Senya @senya_dz 7ee520d94a4df7cda9d8e4a8354c0787decd1bd7837f1bb4412959881e2e312f 0:28f1f2b44107f3619bc9e6374966747064636bbd5ed4f0473a873a41ab126f49
Alex @tugt45 8355ee4acf95b683e4c24b0cb0c2c15e4c5358dcca4e376cf46670396583798b 0:b9ec5a01667acfca8b6bb560004e6153b43ebfcbbae5826fbfdd490c8d12ec14
Roman @Dedicate_s 6f10bb0c31958196a87e35a7d8320355e6ae161da57d9a77abbfa1e12d4131be 0:85414bd34a8e7b37ad8582a27480bbfcf00eefb0532f8b2ad8b97a97fbede6c7
Andrey @andmans 80fc6cee148f0d6661a780cab1322b10535d58ce354a8853c73afce670b95733 0:2110626322a857753263d335d0cac7b9d16a210b1791b05c739ef48e1acf0751
Ekaterina @kekerya b86a93f61407d52e6a12684c1539d2e1404c43fc3725a9bb800f40cb9a1320a1 0:e8cfa8749a30449479d85e65105652c3d18bfaeb726bea25771ed94cd533f8c0
Evgeny @soundsond 080d90d8f1cae7024cfbf6b8ed80be93962e9ca2809917fe7c358d5506d225c4 0:b2f7b29780ef96edfdce3fccb0b36787b2c5d0c10a9c0de728b527bf49c4df60
Ben @mrbsunder1and31 1dbe2acde419ef931d86491cc3d2a146c30daeb0613904ac10f5f71bef7c9d3b 0:72f0251d313e70b4bffe30132018cede5fa3697d8dcc53e3d5850b335a0e6bf2
Joanna @powderedtoastwmn cf6c9fd2653a52ddeb38f3c7a40f0b7a7d23d8a478d0eaeda00bfb34c8f8b2f1 0:b3deb2f80dbc616c9eee686a305be74a82e71c5d00195997913da818e248e976

Benefits to the Free TON Community

Based on a decentralized strategy, the community will gain greater recognition in the crypto environment, an increase in the number of network participants through the SMM promotion plan.

7. SMM Development program token request

Funds that will be unspent during the SMM request campaign will be carried over to the next period.

Free TON SMM Month 1

Program name TONs
DeSocial Management (in process - contests will be aimed at increasing Free TON presence at these platforms) Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, Facebook,Instagram 10000
Reimbursement for previous Free TON SMM Renewal Contest 2021 77645
Sub-governance representatives 0
Supplementary Influencer Contests 3000
Supplementary content creation contest awarding 4000
Best Infographic Contest 5000
Supplementary admin reimbursements (time stamps etc) 3000
Additional supplementary contest if it will be needed and reward for video creating/time-codes/other reward related to support social media channels 5000

Free TON SMM Month 2

Program name TONs
DeHype Contest (twitter viral marketing) 10000
Supplementary Influencer Contests 3000
Sub-governance representatives 0
Supplementary content creation contest awarding 3000
Supplementary admin reimbursements 2000
Tik Tok contest 7000
Additional supplementary contest if it will be needed and reward for video creating/time-codes/other reward related to support social media channels 5000
Total 30000

Free TON SMM Month 3

Program name TONs
In order to show conscientiousness on our part, we do not schedule the 3 month in detail, contests and programs for it will appear by analyzing the previous two months and are scheduled immediately before the 3 month. We will analyze our activities and, if necessary, adjust the vector. 30000
Total 30000

Total: 167 645 TONs

Multisig wallet:: 0:e2ac0aaddc884cb51de4ee62907798b72aa6093b57e25ed4e04bd771998f4121


Need to add ‘Month 3’ - Jun Jul Aug

Alexander Chernov (Telegram ) - tg hidden user - exclude tg link

DeSocial Management Contest - has its own budget and there are more then 10k+ in separate contest

Here no 10k budget to smm & African SG cooperation - what line of funds for that?

French SG collaboration require “Create a French version of the” - what line of funds for that?

Collaboration with French and African SG already passed. As I know for a blog they got funds for translations and technical development of the blog page.

So can we exclude it from this proposal?

We don’t ask for funds on this, we’ve just written about this part of SMM.

Fantastic! Finally!!! :joy:


Much better guys! Good luck and let’s make fire!)))


Great! Let’s do it! Sept 2021!

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