Free TON French Sub-governance x SMM Sub-governance collaboration proposal


One of the main goals of the Free Ton French sub-governance is to raise awareness about Free Ton in all francophone countries. In order to do so, we need to create a massive Infospace and spread the word. At this stage, SEO optimization and collaboration with the SMM Sub-governance are our priorities. The main goal of the collaboration is to build synergies between 2 sub-governances and make publications in French in order to attract new people to the SG and to the project itself. Only French-speaking content creators will have access to this platform and all articles will be published in French.

In this way, we could start promotion using not only our local resources, but also resources of SMM SG.

French SG duties within this cooperation:

  • Provide SMM SG with high-quality content
  • Help SMM SG in translation of content into French
  • In a timely manner inform SMM SG about the updates of the French SG so that SMM could cover these events in its articles, reviews, announcements etc.

SMM SG duties within this cooperation:

  • Cover the updates of the French SG using all resources and instruments of the SMM SG.
  • Give the members of the French SG the right to translate original articles written by authors of the SMM and use as a platform for content placement.
  • Create a French version of the

Benefits of this cooperation for Free TON:

This kind of cooperation will be mutually beneficial for both Sub-governances. French Sub-governance will receive access to a larger audience than they have at the moment of making the present proposal. Not only this will attract new members to the Sub-governance, but also allow them to scale up their activities. SMM SG will benefit by getting high-quality content in French and the ability to have recourse to the active members of the French SG.

Procedural remarks

After the creation of a web-page, all French content creators will have access to this platform.

It will be necessary to translate all interface into the French

Our community would use all of the content that SMM subgovernance already have and use it

All content on the French language will be rewarded using the budget of the French Sub-governance.