SMM Sub Governance: Growth Recognition Token Request [Updated]


Hello everyone! We are glad to inform you about the improvement in the development of SMM SG direction in Free TON, here is our plan for further steps, but first we want to make a few notes:

Firstly, we have formed a new team of specialists, and we are open to new participants who are interested to help.

Secondly, we want to increase cooperation through partnerships between all Sub-governances - SMM mediation.

Thirdly, content distribution and translation are very important parts of any community, in this proposal we would like to make this commitment and involve translators to spread the news about Free TON all over the world!

And of course, thanks to all members of the SMM group for their work and contribution to the development of promotional activities (CEO, news coverage within community, blogging, etc.)

SMM status clarification

Previous status: With the initial activity of the SMM sub-gоvernance, which was launched as a Sub-governance of the blog and coverage of the internal activities of the community, the SMM Sub-governance coped with this task, then the following data on the work done is provided.

New status: Increase Free TON awareness on external info fields, encouragement of authors, help with translations of news and apps of the project, interaction between sub-governances.

What we have achieved from September 28, 2020, till March 7, 2021:

  • Hackernoon Contest
    • We received 17 applications that helped the Hackernoon community learn more about Free TON. A partnership has also been recently accepted
  • Content creation
    • We have created several hundred articles that have been published on the blog and picked up by other sites. We also developed a strategy for the content and promotion of Free TON on other resources
  • We ran a blogging contest
  • Selected the author of the year
    • Decentralized, we have identified the best content maker and distributed small prizes among the rest of the participants
  • Contest for the selection of the jury
    • We have selected independent juries that evaluate the work of the participants
  • Added active members in secondary members
    • The most active SMM members have been added as secondary members

What are further plans and what we are going to do:


  • Hackernoon/Habr/VC. See example.
  • Attraction more users via social media contests.
  • Sub-governance representantes contest
  • Translators contests (DeSupport/DePress)
  • Online Hackathons (YouTube, article master-classes)
  • Reddit/Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook contests
  • Banner campaign

Partnerships between sub-governances

The main idea is to strengthen the ties between the sub-governances. This allows for more interaction and faster achievement of goals. At the moment, we have entered into partnerships with the following sub-governances:

We also plan to partner with:

  • Chinese sub-governance
  • Mexican sub-governance
  • eSport sub-governance
  • Korean sub-governance
  • Veitamese sub-governance
  • A&S sub-governance

and other subgovernances.


We organized news translations among local communities, via this chat. This helps to convey information to different language groups and raises awareness of the communities about what is happening both internally and outside Free TON.

Our next step will be organizing apps/community resources translations and evaluating these transfers through DePress debot .

Current SMM members:

  1. Alexander Chernov (Telegram)
  2. Andrew Andmans (Telegram)
  3. Roman D (Telegram)
  4. Grigoriy (Telegram)
  5. Darkwing Duck (Telegram)
  6. Senya Dumbadze (Telegram)
  7. Evgeny B (Telegram)
  8. Ekaterina (Telegram)

Benefits to the Free TON Community

Based on a decentralized strategy, the community will gain greater recognition in the crypto environment, an increase in the number of network participants through the SMM promotion plan.


“There are a number of problems that Free TON has, not transparent fulfillment of partnership, competitive conditions. Ignoring them creates chaos, which can only be solved by a convenient service that can take on the task of vesting, canceling transactions (to the buyer) - if the seller has not fulfilled your conditions, then by entering the secret word you can return the rest of TON Crystal to your wallet from which you paid.

Transparency is just one of the many uses of blockchain technology.” - DebiTON.

We plan to use the vesting system in contests to improve the quality of the work and detect plagiarism and substandard work in the right time, thereby helping the community receive better services from contest participants.

SMM Development program token request

Program name Period TONs
SMM Renewal Decentralized Contest 3 months 90,000
Hackernoon/Habr/VC 3 months 90,000
Reddit/Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook contests 3 months 80,000
Decentralized translations 3 months 60,000
Partnerships between sub-governances 12 months 40,000
Banners campaign 2 months 40,000
Online Hackathons and master-classes 3 month 15,000
Sub-governance representantes 3 month 9,000
Total 424, 000

Based on feedback, the request is divided into several months.

1st month

Program name TONs
Medium/Reddit contest 40,000
SMM Renewal Decentralized Contest 30,000
Hackernoon/Habr/VC 30,000
Decentralized translations 20,000
Banners campaign 20,000
Partnerships between sub-governances 15,000
Online Hackathons and master-classes 5,000
Sub-governance representantes 3,000
Total 163 000

2nd month

Program name TONs
Twitter/Linkedin/Steemit contest 40,000
SMM Renewal Decentralized Contest 30,000
Hackernoon/Habr/VC 30,000
Decentralized translations 20,000
Banners campaign 20,000
Partnerships between sub-governances 15,000
Online Hackathons and master-classes 5,000
Sub-governance representantes 3,000
Total 163 000

3rd month

Program name TONs
SMM Renewal Decentralized Contest 30,000
Hackernoon/Habr/VC 30,000
Decentralized translations 20,000
Partnerships between sub-governances 10,000
Online Hackathons and master-classes 5,000
Sub-governance representantes 3,000
Total 98 000

Funds that will be unspent during the SMM request campaign will be carried over to the next period.

Multisignature wallet:

0:ef0602f87210bdc8761bbbbbe44294dda2b4803a9893be65a7b7415bc5b0e3af Intro


A lot of work to do for development of Free TON community) Great)


A lot of work has been done and more needs to be done. Definitely :+1: :+1:


Yes a lot, but good progress.


Media content creation need to be continued. Support it!


Great, I’m with you. Great things await us.

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Good proposal, I agree with almost every point of your plan. Need to work more with social media!


I’ll support you. The guys did a lot of work to move in the direction of the original mission, although at some point SG was not moving in the right direction.

The contest of articles on Hackernoon was a time-consuming task, but a good result was achieved and Free TON received good coverage in the external media. And as you can see, it is worth continuing to do this on other media, which we will do together.

Set the right goals and objectives.

My wish to @Aleso, which will allow you to work inside SG much more efficiently and speed up many processes for organizing and conducting contests , is to give a key to access the publication of proposals on the rest of the multisig members.


Да все хорошо ,работайте

I fully agree with this proposal

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Good proposal! Good progress! I’m with you!

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Great stuff. Let’s keep doing this over and over again

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I support this proposal. In general, I prefer that SMM concentrates more on “social media marketing”. I see this proposal considers “social media marketing” more than previous proposal of SMM sg. Good luck guys. :v:


Folks… folks, folks, folks! Let’s come back down to Earth please. 424K? Come on now.

Please explain these, i.e., what do they entail?

  1. SMM Renewal Decentralized Contest 3 months 90,000 ← what is this exactly and why does it require $USD 45,000?
  2. Hackernoon/Habr/VC 3 months 90,000 ($45K)
  3. Reddit/Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook contests 3 months 80,000 ($40K) ← social media contests to do what exactly, and why does it cost a year’s salary in the USA for this?
  4. Decentralized translations 3 months 60,000 ← USD$ 30,000 for translations? Those must be some damn amazing translations! :joy:
  5. Partnerships between sub-governances 12 months 40,000 Please exapin this and why does it cost $20k?
  6. Banners campaign 1 months 40,000 ← $20K for banners? Are you serious?
  7. Sub-governance representantes 3 month 9,000 ← what is this?

Please explain. A total of well over USD$ 200,000??? Um… what’s the word I’m looking for… ummmm… oh yeah! I remember the word. That word is NO :bangbang: :joy: :joy: :joy: At the moment this seems beyond unrealistic.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but please be reasonable. Waiting for a detailed breakdown of all the expenses and their justification.



Oh, it’s all over now :slight_smile: Ron, your emotions are making me uneasy. But if you remove the emotions, then, of course, you are right and the guys need to paint everything.

I’m using social media like Facebook, instagram to interact with my friends. I want to earn TON cryptocurrency for social media promotion.

These two social networks very rigidly moderate the topic of cryptocurrencies. And most likely they will not allow you to write on these topics. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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In my opinion, blog is important for new traffic on the project, but this plan of development is not exactly correct. We can do a lot of things with a much smaller budget.

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Request has been updated.

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All is well
Ton is won