Free TON Africa & SMM (Sub-governances) Co-operation Proposal

About the SMM and Africa Sub-governances

The goal of the SMM Sub-Governance is to create an information field around the Free TON project blog, creating news, processing information and submitting it to the community within the framework of Governance 2.0. SMM Sub-Governance includes:

  • Social networks - Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Medium etc

  • Blog - Necessary for a project on its own domain

  • News - Review of internal news, announcements of releases of new products, community development updates, etc.

  • Articles, reviews, other content - YouTube video for the main channel, time codes for videos, images for social media, copywriting, summaries.

On the other hand, Africa Sub-Governance aims at moderating mechanism of Free TON– related African community initiatives through the following mandates:

  • Running educational programs, volunteer, and mentorship training.

  • Vast community integrations and partnerships.

  • Creation and management of localized social media pages.

  • Avail Africa Social Mediums and allow SMM SG to assist in the moderation of messages periodically.


Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Hackathon, Medium, VC - we generate content across all of these platforms.


3 Months beginning 15th March 2021 to end 15th June 2021 .


Our proposal is to promote the Free TON ecosystem, by popularizing and bringing it to the masses through publishing content on target platforms. Thus, we want to team up with African SG to increase target audience taking into consideration all aspects of African culture and crypto trends. The collaboration will raise awareness of both SG’s work among the masses and attract new members of the community. The main goal of the collaboration is to build synergies between 2 sub-governances and exchange best practices in order to attract new people to the SG’s and to the (Free TON) project itself.

SMM SG obligations (benefits for the African SG)

  • sharing information, including updates and results of African SG social campaigns.

  • cover the news and contests of your SG in order to raise awareness and attract new users.

  • write introductory articles, posts, e.t.c. to attract a specific audience to your SG.

  • assistance in content adaptation (other languages).

  • assistance in contests preparations launch.

  • Sharing best practice of community development in respect to the Africa norms and culture and as the Africa SG deems best.

  • advertising Free TON Africa social media pages.

  • Create a language version for African SG on SMM blog, for example, English, French, Arabic, Swahili.

African SG obligations (benefits to the SMM SG)

  • Introduction of social networks and platforms where it is better to publish material related to the topic.

  • Help SMM SG in translation of content and projects in Free TON into local languages.

  • Keep the SMM SG up to date with the African SG activities so that SMM could cover these events in its articles, reviews, announcements etc, in a timely manner.

  • Holding De Support contests for SMM SG based on the results.

Overall partnership benefits

  • Co-operation with other sub-governances, particularly in areas of marketing, PR, education, etc.

  • Explore meetups, workshops, hackathons, and discuss with potential partners within the current missing African Countries.

  • Explore how Free TON could be leveraged in other platforms, including institutions.

  • Community integration program – non English speaking + translations and web content creation

  • Creation of a single base of materials, for example, interviews, translation of content, support contest, etc.

KPI (achievable results in the partnership) - 3 months

  • improving the quality of content for users.

  • publication on specialized platforms.

  • attraction of specialists.

  • make lower entry threshold for regular users (educational articles what and how to do in Free TON).

  • a wider scope of audience.

  • Content creation and deployment (Inclusive of promotions and campaigns) to social media platforms.

The KPI can be reviewed regularly, probably on a monthly basis.


20,000 Tons divided thus: 10,000 from SMM SG and 10,000 from Africa SG.

Contact Information

Telegram: RU, EN

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @TonAfrica

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Totally in support, this would greatly expand Free TON Africa scope across all front.

Let’s make Free TON community for all users!)

Sure, and also create familiarity. A lot of people are interested in the project but are shying off because of complicated blockchain terms and technicalities. So we have heavy lifting coming ahead to accomplish & simplify the Free TON blockchain to the masses. Grateful to SMM Sub-Gov for the partnership acceptance. Looking forward to co-operate even more.


This is totally a good initiative. kudos to the African sub governance

100% support. This will open open up opportunities for the community