Signature Bounty Campaign for Crypto Forums extension Proposal [19.10-15.11.2020]

Short description

This signature bounty campaign is held at the three most popular crypto forums: Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk. The Free TON will expand its boundaries and enter platforms where a huge number of people interested in cryptocurrency are gathered.




A Signature bounty campaign on three popular crypto forums will attract a new active and engaged audience to the Free TON and increase Free TON awareness.

New bounty campaign period

October 19, 2020 - November 15, 2020


The signature bounty campaign will run for more 4 weeks on each of the three forums: Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk.

Active forum users who take the initiative will popularize the Free TON by means of Free TON signatures in their profiles, publishing posts in various threads, participating in discussions. For this, they will receive a reward, regarding all the rules of the campaign.

Estimate budget

Total number of participants: 83

Signature bounty campaign supporters payment for 5 working weeks:

  1. @epidemia777 - 1 000 TON Crystal (0:812bb87afaea4a40d5f7df7641d0b8b2661873ecf651e7fcaf2db0b700be19a9)
  2. @Alex770 - 1 000 TON Crystal (0:361bd3d1f366aaeba3b056e3a24beb8e0a0545edc67a78b2b10ce21a1344b4b2)
  3. @bubbalex - 1 000 TON Crystal (0:61900fdb9daef942199787f38c6f4f3cf3a868672b308bf575a635ada8cd0896)

The total amount: (20 300 TON Crystal + 11 000 TON Crystal + 14 000 TON Crystal + 3 000 TON Crystal) 48 300 TON Crystal per 4 weeks / with a reserve of 50 000 TON Crystal , in case there are many people who want to take part in the campaign, including gas fee for transactions of all reward payments.

Campaign rewards are paid every week on Monday or Tuesday after checking all reports of work done, provided that the stated KPIs are achieved.


4 weeks more:
1 week was held October 12 - October 18
2 week will start October 19 - October 25
3 week will start October 26 - November 1
4 week will start November 2 - November 8
5 week will start November 9 - November 15


The following KPIs will be achieved:

  • Each participant in the bounty campaign must fill out a Google form to participate. An answer spreadsheet will confirm the number of participants and show that they are real people.
  • Each participant of the signature bounty campaign also must join the Free TON forum.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TON Crystal to US citizens or entities.


Good proposal! This bounty campaign attracted many active users. Well done!


Great to hear that we are doing cool work!



[BOUNTY] Signature campaign - Free TON - Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Network

The campaign period: October 12, 2020 - November 15, 2020.


  1. Participants must follow Free TON News Telegram Group -

  2. Participants must sign the Declaration of Decentralization -

  3. Participants must register at Free TON Forum and leave any welcome message at Welcome Thread.

  4. Participants must follow Free TON official Twitter page -

  5. Participants must follow Free TON Brand Ambassadors [EN] chat or Free TON Brand Ambassadors [RU] chat.


Reward distribution according to user level:

For Bitcointalk:
5 spots for Members - 100 TON Crystal/week
7 spots for Full Members - 125 TON Crystal/week
8 spots for Sr. Members - 150 TON Crystal/week
10 spots for Hero & Legendary Members - 250 TON Crystal/week
Your account must have at least 10 Merits received in the last 120 days

For Altcoinstalks:
20 spots for Hero & Legendary Members - 100 TON Crystal/week
3 spots for Mythical - 250 TON Crystal/week
Your account must have at least 100 Karma

For Cryptotalk:
10 spots for Sr. Members - 75 TON Crystal/week
15 spots for Hero & Legendary Members - 100 TON Crystal/week
5 spots for Moderators - 250 TON Crystal/week
Your account must have at least 1000 Likes

Payment will be made every Monday-Tuesday after checking your activity.

Campaign period:

1 week: October 12 - October 18
2 week: October 19 - October 25
3 week: October 26 - November 1
4 week: November 2 - November 8
5 week: November 9 - November 15


  1. Add signature of your level, avatar and personal text

  2. Fill and submit this form:GOOGLE FORM - for Bitcointalk bounty campaign participants - for Altcoinstalks bounty campaign participants - for Cryptotalk bounty campaign participants

Please check your participation in this SPREADSHEET - for Bitcointalk bounty campaign participants - for Altcoinstalks bounty campaign participants - for Cryptotalk bounty campaign participants

If you want to become A Free TON Brand Ambassador, fill the GOOGLE FORM

If you have filled in something incorrectly in the Google form, you can make a request to the bounty manager for corrections, but you will be moved to the list of potential participants.

To participate in the campaign, you must fulfill all the prerequisites, wear a signature, personal text and an avatar. After that, the bounty manager will consider your application and make a decision to accept you into the campaign.

Reports & Payout (just for Altcoinstalks)

No reports needed


  1. Participants must follow Free TON News Telegram Group -, sign the Declaration of Decentralization -, register at Free TON Forum and leave any welcome message at Welcome Thread, follow Free TON official Twitter page - and follow Free TON Brand Ambassadors [EN] chat or Free TON Brand Ambassadors [RU] chat. Every week, all participants will be checked for the following main rules. All who will not be followed will automatically be excluded from the campaign.

  2. The Telegram username must be visible, everyone whom the moderator cannot verify for the subscription to the telegram channel is fulfilled will be excluded.

  3. You need to generate 15 posts per week with each post containing more than 150 characters.

  4. Posts can be at any sections, except Off-topic, Bounties/Airdrops, Referral Links section.

  5. Posts must be spread throughout the week. If you submit 4 or more posts within the span of one day, these posts will not be eligible for campaign rewards (maximum 3 posts per day).

  6. Anyone who will not be active in the campaign for 2 weeks will be automatically excluded.

  7. Please note, we would only accept quality written posts, meaning something that provides useful information to others, constructive feedback/criticism, creative and interesting insights/information.

  8. Multiple accounts registration is forbidden. We will be auditing regularly and any multiple accounts will be immediately disqualified.

  9. Accounts with red trust are not eligible to participate. If your trust score turns red your rewards will forfeit. (this rule just for Bitcointalk)

  10. Also, you must write at least 5 posts per week on Free TON forum. Posts should be on the topic of discussion, more than 150 characters. Posts in Welcome threads will not be accepted.

  11. All posts can be in any language.

  12. In case your forum rank upgrades, please write in telegram chat to receive the corresponding awards, starting with the beginning of the next campaign week.

  13. Please inform us before you want to change/modify your signature/avatar/personal text or leave this campaign, or you may not be paid for the week. All those who, without notice and permission from the campaign moderator, remove the signature, will not receive the award at all.

  14. We may alter the rules of this campaign as we progress and will make sure to notify all of the participants in this thread.

  15. At the end of the campaign, the signature can only be removed after the publication of the signature removal information in the main post. Anyone who removes the signature before, will not receive any reward.

  16. Final decision on controversial issues for moderator.

  17. There will be no exceptions for anyone who does not abide by the rules.

To apply please leave a comment with the following information

Example for #Proof of authentication Post

Forum name:
Forum Rank:
Telegram username:
Free TON Forum username:
TON Surf Address:
Wear Appropriate Signature: Y
Wear Personal Text: Y
Wear Avatar: Y/N

Member rank:

Full Member rank:

Sr Member rank:

Hero/Legendary rank:

TON Surf (Official Free TON Wallet) -

If you have any questions, please write to Free TON Community Managers in Telegram


Great proposal!I think we will see a large number of good users in the project.


You did a great job, Daria, the Signature Campaign attracted a lot of good members


Well actually as I expected we’ll have to give way to the more capable ones))


There will be rules for such campaigns, that’s normal. Many thanks to this manager. This is the first time I’ve seen such a campaign. The manager has made good rules for such campaigns in this forum. Everyone has published for this campaign long ago. So I think such a rule should be made. There will be more improvements, there will be more improvements in the future. Will these rules be effective from week 2 ?

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i understand that it is up to you to change the rules when needed but why you won’t pay full member rank in cryptotalk now ?
and is this permanent or there is a chance to update the rule again maybe in week 3 ,4 or so ?
i would appreciate if you answer me @Artanovskaya

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These rules will take effect from the second week


At first I need to give thanks to the manager dushanya to arrange such a good project. It already make a revolution in the crypto world. The rules and regulations is very effective to develop the project.


Yes, start from second week


I dont think so, but maybe second round, will see


OK. Thank you very much. I have claimed to be a Bangladeshi community ambassador. So I think I have the right qualifications to join the project. Because I posted ANN section. There I am writing about free TON in Bangla section. So I’m spending most of my time on this.

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Bот это да - прошла первая неделя и такие кардинальные изменения. Как я раньше и говорил именно высокие ранги смогут прокачать и раскачать проект быстрее, чем более низкие соответственно. Изменения глобальные прям, но мы к ним готовы!!!

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Тут уже будут кардинально другие цели!)))))
Нам нужны лучше из лучших))) Ребята, которые пишут реально полезный контент, ведь это лицо проекта))


Неожиданные изменения правил. Теперь и карма берется в расчет. И количество мест для участников заметно сократилось. Остались только высокие ранги на АТТ форуме.

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К сожалению,я не соответствую условиям подписных ни на одном форуме(((. Получается что со следующей недели мне придеться покинуть подписную на бтт. А может кто пару меритов подкинет по знакомству)).

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Я надеюсь я Вас не подведу, хотя конечно я не лучший из лучших, но старательный точно) Так сказать я только учусь… Правда я только на 1 форуме смогу пройти по поправкам, но сделаю все возможное и невозможное тоже)
P.s. Ничего что на русском пишу здесь?

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Все окончательные списки опубликуем в скором времени)))