Signature campaign participants reward payment for 3, 4, 5 weeks proposal

Short description

Due to Free TON Ambassador Subgovernance was suspended and there is no possibility within the framework of Ambassador Subgovernance to pay reward to signature campaign participants for the work already done, make payments regarding this proposal within the framework of Global Governance. This signature campaign was held at the three most popular crypto forums: Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk.

Signature Bounty Campaign for Crypto Forums [12.10. - 08.11.2020]

Signature Bounty Campaign for Crypto Forums extension Proposal [19.10-15.11.2020]




Make payments to participants who have fulfilled their responsibilities according to the campaign rules: Signature Bounty Campaign for Crypto Forums [12.10. - 08.11.2020], Signature Bounty Campaign for Crypto Forums extension Proposal [19.10-15.11.2020], Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk, Free TON. KPI and fulfillment of all conditions of each participant were checked and confirmed for each week of the signature campaign period as far as wallet addresses, the result of each week is displayed in spreadsheets for every week (Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk).


The following KPIs was achieved during 5 weeks of Signature campaign:

  1. Each participant in the signature campaign filled out a Google form to participate. An answer spreadsheet that confirms the number of participants and shows that they are real people: Bitcointalk forum, Altcoinstalks forum, Cryptotalk forum. Total number of participants in the campaign which signed the Declaration of Decentralization, joined the Free TON forum: 425 participants.
  2. Each signature campaign participant made same actions and have same result and proof-of-work:
  • every week 15 posts with information about Free TON on main crypto forums (sometime even more posts) (main contribution)
  • installed Surf TON, activated wallet and using it (main contribution)
  • subscribed (additional contribution)
  • sign the Declaration of Decentralization (additional contribution)
  • subscribed (additional contribution)
  • registered on Free TON forum (additional contribution)
  • active Free TON users (additional contribution)
  1. Total number of participants who submitted the Brand Ambassador Application: 21 potential Free TON Brand Ambassador and are ready to implement development programs.
  2. For a full-fledged signature campaign, the following was done:
  • Development and design Signature Code;
  • Conditions and rules for the campaign development;
  • Creating Free TON ANN threads on the forums: Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk;
  • Free TON ANN threads translation into English: Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk;
  • Creating campaign threads on forums: Bitcointak, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk;
  • Campaign moderation for 5 weeks;
  • Personal communication with campaign participants - 183 personal chats in Telegram, answers to all questions and support;
  • Weekly check of all reports and activities of each participant for the fulfillment of the campaign rules.
  1. Every week, the completed work of the participants was checked/proof-of-work done -

Week 1 - 351 participants x 15 posts/person = 5265 posts

Week 2 - 78 participants x 15 posts/person = 1170 posts

Week 3 - 77 participants x 15 posts/person = 1155 posts

Week 4 - 81 participants x 15 posts/person = 1215 posts

Week 5 - 81 participants x 15 posts/person = 1215 posts

Total number of posts: 10 020 posts with information about Free TON, which saw 3 187 193 crypto users (Bitcointalk - 2 869 852 forum members, Altcoinstalks - 55 576 forum members, Cryptotalk - 261 765 forum members).

Reward Week 3, 4, 5

Taking into account all data for week 3, 4 and 5 in three spreadsheets (Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk), a summary spreadsheet was compiled with the total amounts of payments for each participant for the reporting period.

Telegram ID TON Surf address Amount
@Kavoshnik 0:4cb88bd2b56dff5da750e82eb3edf11276ce2eab4d657369fdb76f1553a9f336 20
@TolleAndre 0:32e4e0d889790ac269e781278a4cd59e0c379e4ff37e2e59ce1d08b4c5533e10 30
@crypto_j0e 0:a8a87eeb8e3c743d6f71eb147d9368c44619f7e5b0cd5d44632d3e1fec2af1b4 30
@VznGo 0:fffd905c140bb70e7dbe50e886bc660eeef3b3965d49451afdb87e96241f7d64 30
@nimogsm 0:b0565238c28e2ecf20df36a31a886e598f1c137c543f7787ba792fd004086458 35
@reef1251 0:dd6a70527ee8b33bc5bc41379d5872ae0375d9c681839521f3cc1f3ed29b1595 35
@Rrrrrrr22 0:b3fae611485a41046e3703abac11d6283c4c92832ac7380317c0b0c0f52c4b6f 80
@andrehol1317 0:5dc40eeebfd2e15c937369475af8d26e5865571a469b7b4f186957e02d135b97 100
@bogdan_bogdan1981 0:87cd179268049c8afda09ea8eab200b06903aad761921bbacb7cca29dbd2e7fd 100
@Rayth3on 0:b7c7416eadf743a994d9c476fc4b78d234978149790f1569ce14d4c17ea51843 100
@ugolok000 0:3ad8574539740222f95353c12f5a85a93e0872267b9673404619746ce33fbb8f 150
@Xxmodded 0:ed632af78928f221affd0e50fc3ad0595b3fa6fe478d77de8d34a387b18d2af3 150
@Accept_Bitcoin 0:e6fc084b0823c156864484c019d51cb9cf45750898bb64d88616e8af70cbb74b 200
@dreamer75 0:04dab7149d0fa18f75bf34c907b9a023f12ae119e707ea9ccd92c6cae3c71b3b 225
@bilozub 0:1388efb5d2a90354cc35d12b4215a6b2b7f36670a58d4e14a221c29fb5b97d29 225
@cperkele 0:147acc69ce2cd1d06eca3da84b1436a7d49e22a95406b16303c6495b97946556 225
@dron788 0:2f2689b2ed78343fa2db486f4dde4eacefc372211cd9f55646812baa0ed94cb1 225
@alrz18 0:4a6189532d4f04bcb4c65264640699125ffe6ef0c01def4e1e0076d705125749 225
@charamazigh 0:4f9c870edab9035d4271c956544e8a55ebfb77353848bcb3beadf85c96364df0 225
@Toriska1 0:56edcdb6814a30fbdf4efd99317302a4b428d3da8ff925b95cb4008b9dfef88d 225
@salamsaloma 0:92fbedae615a218ed4c121e57c37d1b86557cc9f25cfaa0848b627477ea8e4e3 225
@Leekboy 0:94835bdf62a1e707f78926b62529a05f82a77d24b0cab0176b0dcb11da7dbe58 225
@mike013 0:8bb4786cfdb493ebb3fce1ed46c814b2e02a7e3c36e467465a15cd036fd00f54 250
@Altryist 0:9e7f327c3e5372d599202e2297bbc06d19810c65d3cb33d766f57da3a35af1a4 250
@AndreyRoyal 0:cecaeaa076584d09f1b5b8be911255228858c2db5171eacae829afa065cdbeec 265
@fsdfsfsdf32 0:11a6a63eb1ab1d52314c6d22b33a3daf4f6de437d2782c763a49939bef55a010 300
@Vova1981an 0:1a662ba1d35162623303effb464bbd70e9c41724f816f1680f4f282f99cb02b6 300
@VelesV 0:1ac4a247e40235f32863090e7575013848a0289daf0c80d7a97fbef79a711faf 300
@feedose 0:2805dd78092e981038705cc96905baf2e14cf3722ad24011fc6f1e892ea46a87 300
@NaProbo4ke 0:3917b729e6a081336c5a4f60cab19b537049e2e8dd58e51c8e7f7fec344ab0a8 300
@AliBabaSezam 0:41610e9665fdae20e4c9ba4459022a17aed59af64168d2ebd5a85738769fc7b2 300
@vl77lp 0:45d1f180bc76c575e15512449838ebe197930806ca0dcddd940ed31e481d09d7 300
@jixeje 0:5d9d1ab3bac7bbc00073c4ae73597615c12bd9d21fe0aeabf8d7991eab86758f 300
@error_7777 0:699b6f02121c77b535e8828b6b500c21119d58be759b2488494962ef46d81d97 300
@xardbas 0:746430a9edccefe5efbec999b42ab961acb664dbe07fc9d1a4a171f231f8caa0 300
@bakasabo 0:774db341e21112941d078d1998a663c3ee0d44f7ddf180a60ac486958554f1c2 300
@dragonfund 0:79e45b616803e83dcbc1464188a30ad55e5dd91ce3127ab37fb5db62aaf7dad6 300
@Wiseman14 0:7d3db9f393342816d1799fbc4cf1ab0cd8d8012b030829cd97717aea8094ed80 300
@bulgakowa 0:804e625b1223b2999b4975b77d68d1f618a2a037c215d7a490ae8dd0119798ff 300
@GButrik 0:8c76ee397a9859ac27017ef8c9b778e4593288c4433f75147702cb18154e7483 300
@aleks_sergeev1ch 0:93871c72903e48f10104e55c842c546a11e874be56ae2207738423d90aeb7b61 300
@Richmon_1 0:9402b3933a2608eb29f7ab8a66cec6832f44a2c5ede1bb856a265f77ae3052df 300
@bestiya928 0:9c0c08a98bc925ee28cd08017d62e196023be7957fa1739a5274e670e5fa823c 300
@snow_m 0:a8509a2c1601ef6447a36fc5957ce9bba39c39a70d59601b534028773fccd2e7 300
@ChrisBarth247 0:ad87b282e0a3684dd81482e8d9a4510032a00ec04fccea6ea089a5cdec00ae1c 300
@paulscathedral 0:af3e438a33993162337bf86c59697714d6200b51b63a253dc262d287ccb6d2e2 300
@alexex07 0:b60f255299453c1c4dce60c21b9f989093d7c41601ace315e940d712a8040193 300
@Alltalk_ID 0:c8f24812bf339aa30dcf151e3be99028151fc3510703ce7e4733cc800323a991 300
@s_dotsenko 0:cb3e6cec4412205e244ddefaffd8e88fe14ad162d50652fd23ab2480dec3421d 300
@N3t5ky 0:d6ff61596181ffce1469b28e01160badcb8e170f26ad6795f667b7291ce6d89d 300
@Krislaw 0:d8750a6ed8895ed5c767f94d9221b7b74d53e5e223f4e9bff2832076349d963f 300
@Timmy_timmy 0:e61b2e18dc0af93cd9d830ee40682b42f5ec0bfa792a58438686200f028e1be6 300
@GREENch85 0:f55d1d4460a7004f7e7c1c3a588b387e17cd08e27cbaef8c22956c19e3911985 300
@Mishany11 0:9afc252841272b4d7f96850b29950c41cc78de7a6571ad2c40148751d5f70f6a 320
@Ebuhegelbinsartre 0:c9500fae2413582c9df8b2dd06609b6d421ee96bca6534b0f36f39114a737949 320
@blizneccripto 0:cf58823ad7362111129711b6529a690ed7aaeed9d334397885c21c1eb4aee548 330
@lesnik13utsa 0:75a60f6c9aff6ecb6e2ce52ab16924248b09e3e11d5b4adb98893b7967591047 335
@IrenOK0803 0:36788a84c59c3650db208382cc67c43ff10daa1bea5f8332c6df08580ecb6d24 375
@yobrodude 0:b375cc45553185ca6ad5afac4e568fc2dccaf34413e88056562429f811c38b25 375
@criptonub 0:4f9fbd2dc276db530c086c399ff00825331aa27a29a6249b88ac0fb79f94e803 450
@elagai 0:91dc4ad407c8b6dc24f5d86a0a8cce45ca7da6aa41ed73ab99eeffe65c8eb4cd 470
@gost_111 0:a4e2767c3a3c1ee6cf1621306c04f7f5425cd01494f1ca874d673d42dac425f2 470
@cryptoq11 0:bca6f30aa24e733dd0565dd5907bc0988bb89d01da7e29452a4ebf0737c5b0c9 485
@stanley_tvdl 0:389d7b5ec4bfcb88bf41a8e28291fb55ed0ef144dac4181d0481bce37b5a2b1a 525
@Miha99 0:df2cb75d0ea7b9be12bfba3757c147b4d4160cc79147ef8b1bc8f2435d438ce7 525
@Artanovskaya 0:67d445e84934feeaea7409a5698b595cd531f1544ca5b91e231a82de1780f224 600
@bubbalex 0:61900fdb9daef942199787f38c6f4f3cf3a868672b308bf575a635ada8cd0896 675
@nimogsm 0:07c72df8ab147e95c177974bf034b82c55c082028295e75b60dfd63531c32fd1 750
@yurez1981 0:11f7f26404276a10c8582c680f3da9023bb87ae32562b09c155d33404c10255f 750
@nik009rus 0:1ba9180f75fc1e5845387ad6d0a1bad5cac2d0e9b146667020ff059560d9bf36 750
@winwo 0:4536e0f8fa1dc07db56d74789e05a666418004f92f338fed06fc1543d073001d 750
@MyLuckBitcoin 0:493c5277f2177d61d5c23add36fde8577445ba3b9b4abe3e973f9fb932366acf 750
@Maksimus 0:50d9817f3ca3dd5fd2320ebf860a0b36cf90c1b69782607a64658ba934c09723 750
@greek1313 0:8fc665e82267808fa42d666c81285768be1366dbb592cf3c1bd1072b762c5c40 750
@ayatoslaw 0:b5f3a3cc6516e2b8c547bb4ffaf36c379561610b3b95a3c367db0136270a0090 750
@Komosa 0:d2a2163acec73232aa0bd64935b718fb5df1d0e39d013cc152dee65ec750d3c3 750
@yucher 0:d995e94e13dae6aa127ad21698fc85e893b549b6a1281ebb298125d702e0abf9 750
@serenget 0:dfebe79552d179800c241e0b6ccc57eba4a7f9bb29910a91420054fa57292440 750
@rr_0 0:ea487444003bac34c813643ef11dff5f39cbae8cc22023f44537d6bb0261913a 750
@heyodhewow 0:a91ece411d5d794ada1d35c619572ef4d280d2f051ebfdd2aea5b3323bfc565f 770
@Alex770 0:361bd3d1f366aaeba3b056e3a24beb8e0a0545edc67a78b2b10ce21a1344b4b2 1500
@epidemia777 0:812bb87afaea4a40d5f7df7641d0b8b2661873ecf651e7fcaf2db0b700be19a9 1500
@Artanovskaya 0:67d445e84934feeaea7409a5698b595cd531f1544ca5b91e231a82de1780f224 20000

The total amount: (31 275 TON Crystal per 3 weeks Crystal + 20 000 TON Crystal for creating, conducting and moderating signature campaign) 51 275 TON Crystal.

Some metrics from Free TON forum:

New forum usersConsolidated pageviewsDaily engaged users


Number of unique visits and comments of threads on forums:

Bitcointalk bounty thread

Bitcointalk En ANN thread

Bitcointalk Ru ANN thread

Altcoinstalks bounty thread

Altcoinstalks EN ANN thread

Altcoinstalks RU ANN thread

Cryptotalk bounty thread

Cryptotalk EN ANN thread

Cryptotalk RU ANN thread

Total amount of unique visits - 77 621 and total amount of comments - 3 186.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TON Crystal to US citizens or entities.


Excellent reportage, in addition to the proposal. Best of the posters were selected from week 2 and above rules were changed. If you didn’t have up 10 merits and above on Bitcointalk your registration and participation was nullified and replaced. We had to post 5 extra posts on ton forum even more sometimes depending on the mood every participant was in. Some of us are still.

The Campaign attracted best of forum users.


This is where the previous discussion began:


Good proposal, thank you @Artanovskaya for all your efforts during this campaign!


Thanks to @Artanovskaya for the quality work and confident professional approach to solving the problem. It’s nice to deal with the such specialist!


thanks to @Artanovskaya, you do the best effort for your supporter to get reward. i am sure we’ ll get the best for we’ve done.


A well-formed proposal, I see positive results and a high KPI. Thanks to @Artanovskaya and all members of the Signature campaign.


Excellent work @Artanovskaya the participants has done a great job for the extended 3 weeks, they deserve the payment for great awareness about TON other communities.


A lot of work has been done. The conditions were very difficult and the manager’s control over each employee. but this is one of the best companies I’ve seen. Thanks @Artanovskaya


one of the few good bounty companies in recent years, I am very glad that I was able to participate in it, special thanks to the excellent bounty Manager @Artanovskaya


Very systematic efforts and work for Free TON growth and awareness, must be rewarded.


Of course it’s bad that the payments haven’t been made yet. The work was done by all members of the subscription company and gave impetus to the development of Free TON. Thanks to all the participants. Hope for an payment


Thanks for a job well done.
I hope now it becomes clearer how much work has been done.


Paying your own bills is comme Il faut at least. And this signature campaign was already voted by community before it’s start. So it is a question of reputation now. The assumed obligations should be fulfilled, no doubt.


I absolutely agree with you, I don’t understand why they don’t make payment, because a lot of time was given for this. The issue of payment is very acute, because this is the reputation of the entire community. I hope the payment will be made.


Thanks to @Artanovskaya, she did a great and quality work, unfortunately there is no other way to receive payments for all campaign participants, let’s hope for an objective vote.


it’s hard to earn a good reputation. losing a good reputation is easy.
I hope the responsible persons will make the right decision in a reasonable time…
хотя уже и при благоприятном исходе вся эта эпопея будет выглядеть так: ложечки нашлись, но осадок остался…


We have done our task, we deserve to get the payment. Thank you @Artanovskaya for your efforts to help us… You did your best!!


Thanks to @Artanovskaya for the professional work


Good proposal @Artanovskaya, i am hoping they see the real value of advertising.