Recognizing Magister Ludi “Crypto Angels”

Short description

A good suggestion was made on the validator chat - that we should reward the “crypto angels” who were extremely helpful to the other contestants.


Certain contributors to the chats were very generous with sharing their expertise and time to help the other contestants in Magister Ludi and Depools contests. This was especially kind of them because they could have gained an advantage and higher rewards if they had kept their expertise to themselves. Most people in the chats benefited from their contributions and will be better mainnet validator because of the crypto angels’ contributions.

General requirements

Nominated crypto angels to provide a mainnet address in the validator chat (or below) so they can receive rewards.

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions

We used the forum (link below) to post nominations for crypto angels and Magister Ludi “vote/favorite” the crypto angels that helped them and that they would like to see rewarded:

Soft criteria considered when nominating and voting for crypto angels

Quality of technical expertise shared
Quality of scripts shared (includes additions to devops tools after contest was awarded)
Time/effort spent helping others in the chat (or in DMs)


Formula used: 800 TONs x Number of votes = reward

1 place Vitaliy Tkachenko (@todiav). - 26 votes ------------ 20,800 TONs
2 place Sergey Tyurin (@Custler) - 23 votes --------------- 18,400 TONs
3 place Sergei Zaitseff (@szaitseff) - 18 votes ------------- 14,400 TONs
5 place Ama (@ama31337) - 14 votes ----------------------- 11,200 TONs
4 place Roman_D (@Dedicate_s) - 13 votes ----------------- 10,400 TONs
6 place Serge Medvedev (@sergemedvedev) - 10 votes ---- 8,000 TONs
7 place Roman Romanov (@RRoman_Tver) - 4 votes --------3,200 TONs
8 place Artem (beardr3d)- 3 votes --------------------------- 2,400 TONs
9 place Lev (@asddsa1337) - 2 votes -------------------------- 1,600 TONs


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.

[This now includes all votes and is the final proposal for governance}



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As a proof of owning the Telegram account @todiav I’ve placed my forum nickname to the “about” field of that account.

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I confirmed Renoul is @todiav (we just messaged on Telegram)

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Hey! :wave:

What do you think about the idea to make “Crypto Angels” for the whole Free TON? Some king of Trusted Persons List (With confirmed results of the contribution to the development of Free TON.)


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I think this is a good idea. Those who contribute should be recognized, IMO.

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Free TON “Crypto Angels” - is ok?

I think we can make a proposal together.

One thing to consider: people who are contributing should already be receiving crystals. If not, the system is not working correctly. This contest was different because these people were helping others with no or negative benefit to themselves.

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Good point! Can you please help me with the text?

Отличное предложение. Полностью поддерживаю!


I was asked to add my address:


Thank you. You definitely deserve a reward for all of the support you provided to everyone.

Ok, much better in terms of presenting it as a proposal vs. a contest proposal. That said, there is one other issue in my humble opinion.

The token amounts are immensely high. I know we have all seen the previous amounts requested, but the network has evolved, and as such, so have the realities. These amounts are not commensurate to the work involved. Again, this is my opinion. 41,600 for 1st place is WAY over-the-top at this point.

I suggest that the top prize be somewhere around +/- ~5000 tokens and then down the list from there. Anything greater than that seems inflated.

Please consider.

Thank you

The original amounts were proposed when OTC market was $0.5 and would not be considered unreasonable, IMO. I feel very guilty for not moving the proposal faster.

Many of these nominees have supported the community consistently for > 5 months. Also Sergey and Serge developed and shared many valuable scripts and tools (with their competitors) without any incentive, for example:

If these were contest submissions, they would have earned rewards similar to the original proposed amounts (when the contributions were made and rewards proposed). Many contestants earned much more for memes and GIFs etc. This is why I did not modify the amounts after the market price changed.

I also understand how others could think they are too high (due to very recent events). As a compromise, I reduced the rewards by 1/2. I hope this is reasonable and fair.