Free TON "Crypto Angels"


Short description

Based on an idea from @itakura1 (Magister Ludi “Crypto Angels”) I propose to expand this to the whole Fee TON and to gather all the people who have made a significant contribution to the development of the network.


Certain contributors to the community were very generous with sharing their expertise and time to help the other participants and contributed to the development of the Free TON. This was especially kind of them because they could have gained an advantage and higher rewards if they had kept their expertise to themselves. Most people in the chats and forum benefited from their contributions and will be better Free TON because of the crypto angels’ contributions.

General requirements

Nominated Crypto Angels to provide a mainnet address in the community chat (or below) so they can receive rewards.

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions

We use this tread to post nominations for Crypto Angels “vote/favorite” the crypto angels that helped them and that they would like to see rewarded:

[Note: this will be transferred soon to a proposal (not contest proposal). I will leave this to collect votes] Contest dates Nomination/Voting phase: 15 October - 25 October 2020 Will be transferred to proposal with final votes after 25 October 2020.

Soft criteria considered when nominating and voting for crypto angels

Contribution to the Free TON.
Significant results.
Time/effort spent helping others in the forum or chats (or in DMs)


Formula used: XXX TONs x Number of votes = reward

1 place
2 place
3 place
4 place
5 place
6 place
7 place
8 place
9 place


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.

(If you are listed above, please reply below with an address to send the reward, or in the validator chats. If anybody knows how to contact Vitaliy, please ask him to post his address.)


На самом деле это действительно классное предложение для всего сообщества.
Есть люди, которые постоянно помогают всем, двигают и развивают сообщество, делятся идеями - они заслужили свою награду.
Сейчас есть шанс сказать им спасибо, так что не ленитесь пожалуйста и поддержите классное начинание Михаила.
Уверен, что всем нам есть кого поблагодарить


Надо совместно подумать над правильной моделью для данного предложения.