Recognizing Magister Ludi "Crypto Angels"

[Note: this will be transferred soon to a proposal (not contest proposal). I will leave this to collect votes]

Contest dates

Nomination/Voting phase: 25 September -5 October 2020
Will be transferred to proposal with final votes after 5 October 2020

Short description

A good suggestion was made on the validator chat - that we should reward the “crypto angels” who were extremely helpful to the other contestants.


Certain contributors to the chat were very generous with sharing their expertise and time to help the other contestants. This was especially kind of them because they could have gained an advantage and higher rewards if they had kept their expertise to themselves. Most people in the chats benefited from their contributions and will be better mainnet validator because of the crypto angels’ contributions.

General requirements

Nominated crypto angels to provide a mainnet address in the chat so it can be connected to their telegram handle.

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions

We will use this forum to post nominations for crypto angels. A separate post for each nomination should be used so other Magister Ludi can “vote/like/favorite” for the crypto angels that helped them and that they would like to see rewarded.

Soft criteria to be considered when nominating and voting for crypto angels

Quality of technical expertise shared
Quality of scripts shared (includes additions to devops tools after contest was awarded)
Time/effort spent helping others in the chat (or in DMs)


1 place…………………………30,000 TONs
2 place………………….……27,500 TONs
3 place………….……………25,000 TONs
4 place……………….………20,000 TONs
5 place……………….………15,000 TONs
6 place……………….………10,000 TONs
7 place ……………….………5,000 TONs

Procedural reminders to all contestants

Ideally people will nominate others in the forum below with a brief description of the contributions made by the crypto angel. If you want to add comments to another nomination, please use the reply feature. Please do not vote/favorite these replies (use the original nomination post) to make it easier for the jurors to determine the favorites.

If you are not nominated in the first few days, and think you deserve to be recognized, you can also nominate yourself for consideration.

This is somewhat informal contest and we will likely have to modify procedures as nominations and votes/favorites develop. The reward structure or dates can not be changed after the contest is accepted.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.

(Please reply with any suggestions to improve the contest below)


Great idea, altruistic behavior should be rewarded by the community at every opportunity. Imo.


I support this in every possible way. Such awards should be held regularly.


Completely agree with CP. Any initiative that strengthens the network and community should be rewarded. Especially enlightenment.


I’m glad you do because you and @todiav are my top 2 :wink:


Absolutely a good idea, altruism is good, but thank you must say!


Very nice. We have a chance to know out the crystallization of ourselfs utility. )))



Good idea! Fully support!


Hello! Great idea. Only there are not so many people who helped.


What kind of proofs should participants provide? It’s a good idea, but it doesn’t look completely transparent.

I think that guides can be a good confirmation. I don’t remember any good guides.


Nomination: Vitaliy Tkachenko (@todiav). Vitaliy has very deep understanding of Free TON and validator codes and shared this knowledge freely in both the Russian and English chats. He was constantly providing technical support to the other validators. He also shared procedures for sending election bids manually and using the lite-client (with TVM linker).



Nomination: Sergey Tyurin (@Custler): Sergey also provided constant technical support to the other validators in both the Russian and English chats. He also shared many great bash scripts that automated important validation tasks:
If you are not using his scripts, you are missing out. They will make mainnet validator automation much easier.



Nomination: Sergei Zaitseff (@szaitseff): Sergei may not technically be Magister Ludi, but I think he deserves an honorary degree. Sergei was always in the chats (both Russian and English) and promptly answered all technical questions and provided help to all validators. When I first started learning I was having many issues and Sergei patiently helped me in the DMs. I am now a confident validator, but I may not have become Magister Ludi without his help. His combot rep is in the 100’s, which shows how much respect the community has for him.



Nomination: Serge Medvedev (@sergemedvedev): Serge was very helpful in the chats from the very beginning and he also helped me in DMs. He made great container-based tools for the validator monitoring contest: and continued to build and share additional tools after the contest (when there was no reward incentive). His staking manager is a powerful tool with a simple user-friendly interface - it will be an essential tool for mainnet validators:



Nomination: Ama (@ama31337): Ama was a consistent contributor and very helpful in both the Russian and English chats. He freely shared his network analytics and his investigations helped verify our theories regarding the relative importance of hardware specs, location, channel, latency etc. He provided prompt technical answers and help to everyone who asked. He also helped me in DMs and shared some of his 1337 DevOps skills.


I think I have now made more than my share of nominations. Please add your nominations below.

Also, please reply to nomination posts if you want to add any contributions that I missed. Make sure you favorite the nomination posts of those who helped you the most or who you think deserves to be recognized/rewarded. You may want to be strategic with your votes/favorites to promote your favorite(s) to the top. Please note that only the likes/favorites in the original nomination post will be counted in the polling (but feel free to add them to the replies also).


self-promotion xD
Artem (beardr3d)


Great idea, totally support, sharing expertise and time should be rewarded by the community. @Custler was very helpful, I use his scripts. I vote for him.


I think you may be correct. I was generous with the number of places because I did not follow the Russian chat until late in the game, so maybe there were other I was not aware of. I will modify the places. I think this may also help this proposal get approved by governance.


Excellent idea! Same mechanics as DeSupport 1,2 contests