Rebranding. Full list of suggestions

Submission period: today - November 1, 2021 at 23:59 UTC
Voting period: today - November 5, 2021 at 23:59 UTC

Here is a place where everyone can suggest their own versions of the new brand name. Write it in comments.

Everyone can vote by pressing “like” on someones suggestion.

The proposal must conform to the following form:

Full network name - Free TON
Currency name - TON Crystal
Short network name - TON (multiple variants ​​can be)
Ticker - TON (multiple variants ​​can be)
Logo - :gem: (multiple variants ​​can be)
Description - Free TON is like TON but free and bla-bla-bla (free form)

Soft criteria:
  1. Meaning.

  2. The imagination is not limited by anything, except for the criteria below.

  3. Free from offending the feelings of people and the reputation of organizations.

1. There are no connections with the religions that are relevant today.
2. There are no connections with political organizations.
3. There are no connections with commercial organizations.
  1. Ticker.

  2. A ticker can be found no more than 2 times, or no more than 3 times if it occurs in a pair of cryptocurrency tickers from the top 50.

  3. Domain.

  4. Exact match to the name.

  5. Availability of free zones:

1. .org
2. .com
3. .net
4. .tech
5. …. etc.
  1. Name.

  2. Convenience of input (no more than 7 characters).

  3. Unique to CoinMarketCap, there are no word root matches.

  4. Not copyrighted by the Global Brand Database.

  5. It is SEO-friendly.

1. Unique to Google search engines.
2. Unique for Yandex search engines.
3. ……
  1. Recommendation:
1. It is advisable to avoid hissing sounds (not all languages ​​are pronounced and in general may have a negative connotation) and letters that can be heard “wrong”. Try to avoid those letters:
2. H - (not pronounced in some languages ​​at all, for example in Italian).
3. S / F - sibilant (negative).
4. X - can be confused with “iks”.
5. C - The letter can be pronounced "K". It also has different phonetic rules in different languages ​​(can be pronounced as "CH").
6. K - because it can be confused with “C” (see above).
7. G - Pronounced as “G” (gym) and as “G” (google).
8. J - pronounced like “G” (Jeep).
9. Not making 2 letters in a row - it's hard to hear the correct spelling.
10. Not using 4 consonants in a row is difficult to understand.
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Full network name - ThunderBlock
Currency name - Thunder
Short network name - TB Network or smth like that
Ticker - TBC, TBN, TND
Logo - :zap:
Description - Sounds like thunderbolt associated with the speed of lightning. And lightning branches are like a multi-threaded blockchain design.

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Full network name - Diamos
Currency name - Diam
Short network name - none
Ticker - DIAM
Logo - :gem:
Description - Diamond + OS

Full network name - Diamox
Currency name - Diam
Short network name - none
Ticker - DIAM, DOX
Logo - :gem:
Description - reads like [daimoks]

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Full network name - Crystalium
Currency name - Crystal
Ticker - CRT
Logo - :gem:


Full Name: DIOS or DIOS Protocol
Native Token’s Name: DIOS, DIOS Token
Ticker Symbol: DIOS
Logo: To be designed by professionals through W&D contests.

Description: DIOS stands for “Decentralized Internet’s Operating System” [or] Decentralized International Operating System
More details: A name suggestion for Re-Branding of Free TON


Full network name : Nucleus Network
Currency name : Nucleolus
Ticker : NCL
Logo : :crystal_ball: (v1), Sacred Geometry stylized atom (v2)

Description - In the game theory, the Nucleolus function finds a consensus in players interactions. Imagine a DAO, where everyone is searching for balance at the asynchronously, iterating votes until everyone is more or less happy. This is the same mechanism as in Atomic world. Electrons, protons and neutrons are searching for stability, exchanging electromagnetic charges.

In Quantum physics, we believe that if we can predict the movement of sub Atomic particles, we may predict the future of macro world. And this is why the Crystal Ball is a good logo for Nucleus. The Crystal from freeton is transformed into a sphere, like a Nucleus. This is a Decentralised Autonomus Organization Operating System (DAOOS).

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No one is being religious, here. It’s an acronym. Read the details.


Full network name - Freeton ( not Free TON)
Currency name - Freeton
Ticker - FRT
Logo - :gem:


Я бы сеть как предлагает Arthur пределал в - Freeton
Так ТОН останется, но не бросаясь в глаза. Многим он нрав. И отдает дань создателям
А курренси - Crystal (Crystal - one love)
Ticker - CRT (Как у Tavrivos) или CRTL
Logo - :gem:

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Full Name: Be Spin
Native Token’s Name: Spin
Ticker Symbol: QED

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Name: Crystal METH
Currency: Crystal
Short name, ticker: METH
Logo: :gem:
Description: Speed up your life

Full network name - SIVER
Currency name - V-Crystal (or IV-Crystal)
Tiker - SIV (or SVR which sounds good but this ticker is busy)
Logo - :gem:
Description - radiance and greatness — that’s what this name is based on

I like the name TON
Token: TON
Full name: Total Operating Network
smth like this

Full network name - Geronimo!
Currency name - Geronimo!
Short network name - GRM
Ticker - GRM