A name suggestion for Re-Branding of Free TON

there is already crypto god, his name is bitcoin

DIOS is ok for religious too, because they have Dios.
DIOS is an abbreviation.
Quite accurate, reasonable, extremely impressive and unique one.

May be this World needs DI-OS like never before…

Can we save Crystals as a native token this way ?


DIOS Crystals (Божественные кристаллы) is a way better than Sekond Crystals :rofl:


Some americans may think DIOS Crystals are some kind of drugs :crazy_face:
but I don’t care, drugs have a lot of slang names, and this shouldn’t be a problem for Crystal tokens

Крутая идея для названия)

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Whatever name you choose, it will be great if they immediately approve the Logo, abbreviation and write it in the Whitepaper.
If do this, it will become easier to work.

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Ребрендингом обычно занимаются, когда уже совсем говно дело.

Мне интересно… TON Labs прозевали домен TON.org? Не просили или просили, но им не дали? Кто-нить в курсе?

I think Deos is good one.

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Second or Sekond sounds good!

Better write there :point_down:

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Dios sounds like bios or some operating system

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Diamos = diamond + OS (operation system)

This option is without insulting someone’s feelings. It’s related to the “Crystal” logo, concept and association - we will not depart from it.

dios mio - переводится как “О господи” )

new one rebrending topic Rebranding. Full list of suggestions - #2 by Asgerion

Nima, as a autor DIOS, try to write there

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Звучит очень даже хорошо, поддерживаю

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좋은 생각이야
그런데 가능한 모든 경우의 수를 대비하여 만물을 창조하는 조물주는 어때?
creator ,maker

Вместо названия лучше проектом заниматься.
Нам надо чтобы токены выросли в разы.

Why do you think rebranding is needed, if not to improve the situation in general, then for what?

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Even Meta Chain is better, and much