Proposal: Replenish Community Voice Subgovernance wallet

Community Voice Subgovernance was in a dormant state for some time already. Refreshing process has been launched. Initial members’ list now consists of only pro-active units. Jury contest also showed good results with 26 submissions and 10 new jury members added to the subgov.

After the success of DePR. Stage #1 originally proposed by Mitja, the second stage was launched. Based on the experience gathered during the pilot contest, conditions and requirements have been tuned up with the goal of even greater results and transparent judging. While DePR is a contest focused on voicing Free TON values through press and media, it was a logical step to move the contest from Main Governance to Community Voice Subgovernance.

It’s proposed to top-up CommVoice wallet address with the prize fund of DePR. Stage #2 contest ([forum page] / interface link) - 240 000 TON.

Community Voice Subgovernance wallet address: 0:89741749a1570c9f24a028bbfed0788b5fa56f5af898d3bb1c927b813267a492


Thanks Ben! It’s essential that CommVoice starts voicing FT values world-wide.

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Agree. It’s about time. Before it was basically a chat group with talented folks. Now it’s morphing into a sub-gov with real intent. I’m ok with it.

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Sure. Members should vote for it

Only 3 votes are enough for jury selection ?
Why initial members didn’t vote ?

Yes this was unfortunate, but we’re aware. It’s been discussed and we’re acting appropriately)))

IM update I/ IM Update II

Do you know about the W&D jury contest revoting after insufficient jurors voting.
SMV is an important part of Free TON ecosystem so voice subgovernance should deploy a revoting schedule with new initial members to select new jurors.