Community Voice Members Update Part II

Proposals: Add new active member

Forklog actively helps in promoting Free TON on the ForkLog FEED and HUB channels. They tell crypto audience how Free TON works and how it can help them. I propose to nominate Fedor, an active representative of the Forklog, to the Community Voice members.

Fedor - TG @fedorstares

Started crypto career in 2018, wrote paid articles for global crypto media (Cointelegraph, NewsBTC, Bitcoinist etc.) as an anonymous author. Was an editor at Bitnovosti (Russian media) and Newconomy (Eng.). Worked for a small crypto exchange. Contributing to Forklog since 2019.

Public key: 4e799e2e291e35b78185cdd897f42e415cb4b4725473ba080223b9f8ac265522
Wallet address: 0:87402b9cac5b955cc21257f8719a53a6fa3be7c3cda96bf1ac0c977959459f70


Roman, thank you for the nomination. I’ll be proud to become an active member of ComVoice SG. Ready to answer any questions


Accepted Free TON Community

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