Contest proposal: DePR. Stage #2

Contest dates

  • Submissions: 21.04.2021 - 21.05.2021 23:59 UTC
  • Voting: 7 days

Stage #1 of DePR contests showed good potential for articles about Free TON in the press world-wide. But PR is not a thing that has to be done once and dropped, it’s a non-stop process. To have systematic coverage, we need to have ongoing PR contest.

Each stage will bring some new media and their readers to get to know about Free TON. From the point of organization and judging - new conditions and mechanics will be developed.

The goal
To create awareness about Free TON via publications in high-quality press, create a positive and constructive knowledge and fact based background about Free TON, its underlying technology, community and use cases.

For participants
For key members
DePress DeBot video presentation

Participants will organize publications about Free TON, projects built within the network and people behind them in top-notch media world-wide - different countries and different languages.

Before the arranged publication with the media the Participant will demand a text of an article from the publication which is at least 90% final. They will pre-submit this editorial version of the text to Free TON blockchain as described below.

Participants will pre-submit the text of all articles to the Free TON blockchain, encrypted with specially created by them for each contest stage private key. They will submit a hash and a link to the encrypted file into a specially created smart contract via DePress DeBot.

Once the text is pre-submitted the Participant can submit all publications that use that text (original and subsequent publications including translations) to the DePress DeBot as encrypted links.

All articles that originate from this text, along with original publication will be counted.

At the end of each Contest period the private key of the Participant will be published by the Participant via DePress DeBot, to allow anyone to decrypt original articles and links to the publications for verification.

Participants must create original media and content for their publications. The text must be verified with one of the Key Community Members before publication. Participants should choose a Key Community Member from the list published in the contest text. Participants will submit original article to the blockchain before collecting feedback from the Community Member and resubmit the article as many times as necessary until the work on it is complete. The community member will sign the final original article with private key. The contest participants are free to choose any member from the list. Members must avoid conflict of interests, therefore a member key can only be associated with one Contest Participant (DePress DeBot will verify all these terms at the time of submission).

Key community members’ list
Telegram: Contact @EMMorozov, Telegram: Contact @chuck_bogorad, Telegram: Contact @Futurizt, Telegram: Contact @Alexander_Filatov, Telegram: Contact @Dedicate_s, Telegram: Contact @favoritefx, Telegram: Contact @xestrum, Telegram: Contact @isheldon, Telegram: Contact @eteslov, Telegram: Contact @prigolovko

Publications’ evaluation criteria

  • Alexa top 150 000 sites
  • Sites with editorial policy only
  • Indexable by search engines


  • Posted on social media - Facebook, Medium, Reddit etc
  • Distributed through mass PR services as PRwire, Newswire, Presswire or the like
  • Posted in the PR sections of web-sites
  • Branded with paid/sponsored/commercial label
  • Not more than 2 articles per 1 site from one participant
  • Posted at Free TON partners’ sites as Forklog, Cointelegraph, and Hackernoon etc

Publications should be unique and pass all appropriate copyright tests.

At the end of each contest period CommVoice Jury which are formed from CommVoice Initial Members and Jury Members will count all articles submitted by the Participants and verify the text of the original article at least 90% match with the article pre-submitted by the Participant on Free TON blockchain via DePress DeBot. If two or more articles with the same text are pre-submitted the winner is the article with earliest date/time. The Jury will also verify the signature of the Key Community member. Only articles with valid Member Key will be counted.

CommVoice Jury will be rewarded with 5% of the total prize pool.

3% of all contest funds will be allocated to Admin and coordination support of the contest.

Are paid after Jury Verification in each stage for the highest number of articles:
1 place…………… 70 000 TON
2 place…………… 50 000 TON
3 place…………… 50 000 TON
4th place………… 40 000 TON
5th place………… 30 000 TON

Only submissions with at least 5 different sites can enter the top places.

Each article outside the top winning places which meets publications’ criteria — 300 TON.


Почему нет обязательного критерия по минимальному количеству участников, допустим 50 человек, если заявки подали меньше, то конкурс считается не состоявшийся.

А тут получается если будут 5 участников, то статья будет стоить от 30 до 70 т.т - это же не нормально !!!


Full support of course, however, I have concerns that by making the “DON’T” list so comprehensive, we’re excluding some of the smaller fish (such as myself) from taking part. This being said, I don’t run a PR company, so perhaps this contest isn’t aimed at people like me which I suppose makes sense if so.


Дай человеку пилить спокойно. Что ты пристал со своими рассуждениями.



No, you need to change the terms of the competition!

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Ты не беспокойся, критерии подобного рода и другие, Михаил выскажет после конкурса, на созвоне жюри


Can’t agree with you, Ben - you ain’t small, and you ain’t a fish :slight_smile:

If serious, the conditions can be met easier if an agency is pushing the articles through but it’s absolutely doable by a single person - Stage #1 showed that clearly.


Very good amendment of the contest terms based on 1st iteration experience

Everyone can participate in contest, that’s the whole essence of it compare to grants. If you think that you can do better, please participate and win the first place.


good news! And very wise rule-corrections. We would like to participate in the second stage of this contest.

Каждый участник делает как можно больше статей в качественной прессе, почему вы считаете стоимость одной статьи ? Это совсем не так

If u count that each participant will make 10 publications, it ll be smaller than 4800 ton each

Why did they rush to publish the proposal? Why did you not wait for the inclusion of new juries that will be added in the near future?

Слишком сложный конкрус для людей, нужно что то шифровать отсеет 50% участников минимум.

Набор жюри в первом этапе был независимым. С этого этапа жюрейство передали в определенный сабгов. Зачем? На первом этапе был сформирован хороший пул судей

What about results? Where can I publish it?

‘Add submission’, fill out the form, attach a file.


Hey all, so quick word of advice/warning: be SMART in how you approach news sites and with your stories re the DPR contest, it seems some outlets are getting the wrong impression about us:

Well, that was to be expected sooner or later. And why the wrong impression? This editor seems to have described the situation correctly.

It is better to write an article that is not specifically about Free TON, but mentions it once or twice, and in the context of the meaning of the article. Of course, this is a subjective opinion.