Proposal: Free TON Landing Page Contest Vol.2 (TURBO - 24 Hrs to submit the application!)

Dear Community members.

If you remember not all participants could take part in the Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9] because Contest entry period ended 24 hours earlier than it was written in the terms of the Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9].

That’s why My Proposal is: to organize another the same Contest with just 24-hrs applying period: all who have ready design and who couldn’t submit the application will be abble to do it. And this is a chance even for new participants! They will have 24 Hrs to work hard and submit the application in time.

Short description:
Landing Page Design Contest Vol.2 (TURBO - 24 Hrs to submit the application!)



Contest entry period:

October 21, 00.00 UTC - October, 21, 23:59 UTC. (JUST 24 hours)


A chance for previuous Landing Page Disign Contest participants who couldn’t submit an application on 9-OCT because of the dedline time error in the terms of competition. Some new participants can also be added!

By organizing this Contest the Community cares about the interests of members who suffered because of errors, respects their time and activity and receives some extra good ideas for the Community.

Restoration of justice!

General requirements:

All technical requirements, evaluation criteria and winning conditions are absolutely the same like in previous Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]


This Contest is not for members who participated in Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]. The jury can reject the application if it finds a similarity with the work in the previous competition.


1st prize…………………………25,000 Tons

2nd to 10th…………………….….15,000 Tons each

11th to 20th…5,000 Tons each


Yeah it would be nice. but the works that will be submitted here will not compete with all the works. there will be a sample of a small number of latecomers. it is not correct. the only way out is to completely submit all the works anew, and the old competition will have to be canceled


Agree with you but think that the Cancellation is impossible, and the only way is to make another separate contest. We do not need now to complete the winners of the new contest with the winners of previous one. Because this is another contest. The 24Hrs idea is to involve in this contest mostly them who couldn’t participate in previous contest. To give them the day they lost. And if participation in the Main contest is impossible - to organize a new one.

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I support the topic! Roman_D, on October 20, you will have a weekly jury meeting. we kindly ask you to raise this topic and the topic of the previous question (at the link below)