Free TON landing page. Extending deadline. [until October 9, 23:59]

Greetings fellow designers! 👋

This topic is created only for one purpose — to give an opportunity to participate to those who passed the work on October 9. We know that the terms of the contest say «delivery time October 9 end of the day», but you and I got into an awkward situation when we finalized our landing page and found that no one would appreciate it.

If you submitted your work on October 9, then support this topic with a like and comment. ❤ 💬

If you are for fair participation, then support this topic with a like and comment. ❤ 💬

We are in the same boat, today this situation happened to us, and tomorrow you will find yourself in the same situation, support us with a like and comment. ❤ 💬

We still have 3 days until the end of the judges ’ vote. Let’s do this, restore justice! 🦸‍♀️


The email I sent on the morning of October 9:

And in the same hour sent an email with work:

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I support it! Many people couldn’t add submission because of smart-contract. it’s not their mistake.


For those who don’t know what happened ❗ ❗ ❗

The deadline for submitting applications was set in the terms of the competition until [October 9, end of the day]. Some of them planned to send their works to the contest on October 9 (just like me). But we faced such a problem that the contest ended [October 9, 00:00] EARLY in the MORNING.

This is not fair on the part of the TON team. Let’s unite and support our theme so that we can be heard.

We may still be able to send our works to participate in the competition.

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I agree that there should be some kind of compensation or something like that.


This is not the first time this situation has been encountered. Then it will be fair to make compensation for everyone who was in a similar situation.

I’m all for it. You just write about it!

Thank you to everyone who supports the theme, I appreciate it!


Friends, what exactly is going on here!? We use the big words: “Community”, “Decentralization”. But what’s the real deal? This is not the first time an error occurred with the deadline - and still no way to fix it?? Just no ideas about some sort of fair decision? Look, contests are for everyone including beginners. Actually, Free TON - this is generally now about beginners - 'cause everything is just beginning! :wink: The beginner can’t imagine the error in the terms of the competition, and that these terms need to be checked on the .GOV or something. And also that if an error occurs there will be no technical possibility to fix it. And what have we got after this error: “this is a blockchain - nothing can be done”. Brilliant! And the question is, why do we need such smart technologies if an error can’t be corrected? What if the next time the error will be more severe - with a risk of someone’s health or life? Will the answer be the same - it’s a blockchain - nothing can be fixed!? Then why do we need such technologies, where we become their hostages? Technology should help people. But it should’t manage our life, otherwise soon we can lose a control. Does anyone think about it?

WHERE IS THE COMMUNITY? Someone personally made this mistake. Right? The error is not in the interests of people who honestly participated in the contest. Right? Then why are there still no options to get an alternative gentlemanly way? If we don’t take into consideration the interests of the participants who are currently left out, it means that the interests of the community in general are not taken into consideration. Because everyone can find themselves in the same situation. There will still be a lot of beginners here. It’s just a beginning…


Buddy, I agree with every word you say. Well said👏 👏 👏

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So, If the blockchain can’t change anything, I’m sure that he HUMAN still can. My Proposal is 1. Start another same contest with a new prize pool just for people who left applications to Landing Page Design contest on the Free TON forum on October 9, 2020. Or may be for everyone who wants to participate! Why not? Let’s call it The LANDING PAGE DESIGN Vol.2. And let’s give just 1 day to submit applications. Or 2. just pay compensation to those who left applications on the forum on October 9, 2020 but could’t apply on .GOV. At least in the amount of the minimum prize. Would that be fair?


If we don’t care about the interests of members who suffered, in this case, such a Community is worthless. Is Free TON a real Community?

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Hi! Nothing stops you to suggest such a contest)))

Create a contest proposal. That’s all

How is the tender offer made?

Did i make everything correct? Could you check my Proposal pls Proposal: Free TON Landing Page Contest Vol.2 (TURBO - 24 Hrs to submit the application!)
Thank you.

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