Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]

Contest: Free TON Landing Design

Short description:

Create a landing page design for Free TON that delivers up-to-date information about the network and the community at large, including its positioning in the marketplace.



Contest entry period:

September 18, 2020 - October 9, end of day UTC.


Landing page design should be user-friendly with an entry point for traffic coming from different promotional campaigns and organic sources.


  • *** The crux/essence/gist of the landing page must be based on the following positioning document.
  • Logo 4 and patterns;
  • Font - PT Root UI 1;
  • Colours: Dark #20262A, Light #FDFDFD, Neutral #ABB4B8, Accent #0088CC, Orange #FF5F33, Green #719E64, Pink #FFBBB6, Blue #5186C1, Yellow #EEC100;
  • Illustrations/graphics should be in the same stylistics as,,
  • 1920 pixels wide
  • Software: Sketch / Figma / Adobe, layered document, icons and similar objects placed as vector files
  • Site structure should include:
    • Hero image + tagline
    • What is Free TON + wiki link + explorer link
    • Key features of Free TON blockchain
    • Who is Free TON
    • Surf
    • News
    • Active contests
    • Community
    • For developers
    • Forum
    • Partners
    • The Declaration of Decentralization
    • Social media links
  • All contest submissions as well as the forum discussion link MUST have a preview of the landing page design and contain a link to the full size landing page preview.

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions:

  • Creative and user-friendly delivery of the major points in the “Positioning” document (see “Requirements” above, 1st bullet point) to communicate the right message. Do not replicate the document! Use your own ideas and stylistic interpretations to deliver the message to the public (user, business, public office, everyone around he world) in a way that you feel will best apply. This is a global project, so think wide! ← This is the key measure of success.
  • Compliance with brand identity
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Unique design, no templates
  • Carefully elaborated site structure
  • Well-thought-out user interface
  • The winners should provide the sources of the design as a layered document


  • Jurors will vote for your submission. Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions of their own lose their right to vote in this contest.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject or abstain.
  • Jurors should provide feedback to your submissions.
  • Duplicate, sub par, incomplete or inappropriate submissions will be rejected.


1st prize…………………………………. 50,000 Tons

Runners up from 2 to 10th place………. 15,000 Tons each

Runners up from 11 to 20th place………. 5,000 Tons each

Note: If the number of winning submissions is less than the number of rewards available, any remaining rewards are not subject to distribution and are considered void.

Jury rewards:

An amount equal to 5% of the sum total of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed among jurors who vote and provide feedback. This percentage will be awarded on the following basis:

The percentage of tokens awarded to the jury will be distributed based on the number of votes each juror casts.

For example, if one juror votes 50 times and another juror votes 5 times, the juror who votes 50 times will get 10 times more tokens than the juror who votes 5 times.

Feedback is mandatory in order to collect any rewards.

Procedural requirements:

  • Participants must upload their work correctly so it can be viewed and accessible in the formats described. If work is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, the submission may be rejected by jurors.
  • Participants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of submissions. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.
  • Every contest submission must have an identifiable contact that can be matched with your discussion forum description. If you did not provide a discussion forum description, then your submission must provide links to your online persona, such as a Telegram ID (preferred) or other direct contact information that can confirm that the work submitted is your own. If you fail to provide a means to verify that the submission is your own work, your submission may be rejected.

Free TON Contests Submission Guidelines: [EN] [RU]


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


Hello. Cool.
“Software: Sketch / Figma / Adobe, layered document, icons and similar objects placed as vector files” - source images also attach?
Site header (menu) is required


Layered image is the source file.

Menu - good point, thanks.

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Menu :

  1. Home page with a logo.
  2. Features and Documentation
  3. Benefits
  4. Wiki
  5. Community and resources
  6. News

Идея хорошая но как верно подмечено, можно в конструкторе сделать быстро ширпотреб и заработать, если будет допустим четкое указание что мест 5 и они неделимы , те не может быть два вторых и 5 третьих мест, тогда да люди будут стараться . Те жюри надо смотреть сначала все работы выбирать лучшие а только потом писать оценки в блокчейн. Извините что не перевел , нет времени)


I think that we should keep the landing light - no to overload visitors with lots of info. Plus, the site might (and should) evolve with time - new info blocks added, may be some inner pages as well.

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Templates can’t be used as part of the rules for the contest. Thus, tilda/winx like services won’t work - these works will be rejected and won’t get into voting.

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It’s a great idea to create aio landing to:

  • attract new users
  • explain what is happening in Free TON universe
    Proposed site structure is good

Maybe we want to add translation of this landing page to different languages (either as part of this contest or as a separate one)


Good point, but I’d add ‘multi language support’. Thanks!


Hello. This is not required for the website layout. Translation of the main documents is not yet ready.


Having the switch between languages is a good point, though

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Automatically depending on the region.


The switch must be there in any case, auto-language picking is a thing for programming stage.

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This is a great move. Good idea.


Hello guys! Great idea! Will be interesting to many community participants. Will tell to my colleagues about this contest.


Hello everyone! That is great idea!


I think link to explorer also should be included.
So this contest are more for sketches neither implementation (html/css)?


Good point about explorer. Will add this one. Thanks.

Yeo, this proposal is all about design and html/css/cms will be determined in following proposals.


Excellent idea! It’s a necessary step in Free TON promotion.