Proposal: Amendment for Contest Rewards "Free TON landing page"

Proposal: Amendment for Contest Rewards “Free TON landing page

And my proposal for rewards. As previously shown by design contests, many participants take part in them.
I offer the following awards:

*OLD Rewards *
1st prize…………………………………. 50,000 Tons
Runners up from 2 to 10th place………. 15,000 Tons each
Runners up from 11 to 20th place………. 5,000 Tons each

Original topic get 9 likes - Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]


In the original contest doc I focused on site structure, rules and requirements but have totally missed applying the experience of other design contests in the part of rewards.

Creating a landing page (together with writting content for it!) is a much-much complicated task if compared to stickers or mems. Thus, it needs much more time for realization and all the good works should be awarded. Current prize model deffinitely needs to be corrected.

Will be happy to hear opinions of other designers/participats.



It`s correct amendment, i support this!

I fully support this decision as, as I said, it will attract even more competent contestants.

Great, Michael! I wanted to write something like that, but you already said it. Fully support

I’m also in favor of increasing prizes. This will attract more participants to the contest.

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There is another opinion in the air - to connect the place/prize amount with points.

So, if someone submits a blank page and one of the juries won’t reject it and give it 1 point - it can still win something. So, may be we should discuss a model when the prize has a connection with the amount of points received?


I definitely support this proposal! Great idea

I think rewards looks very big. I think that old version is fairer.

Thats fair also, if we want to evolve Free TON by participating managers, designers, not only developers.

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Let’s compare total prize funds:

Airdrop Mechanics - 465k
Decentralized Promotion - 465k
DevOps Tools - 270k
Animated stickers - 197k
Non-animated stickers - 173k
Memes - 173k


Initial prizes for FreeTON Landing page contest - 235k
Proposed in this amendment - 685k !!!

As you can see, in comparsion with other contests - 235k total prize fund is fair.
My opinion is that we shouldn’t increase the prizes.


Yes, in tis case I agree with you. There should be a balance

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I believe the amount increase its just over blown and the price distribution is not in the spirit of the Contest idea in general.

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