Contest Proposal: Decentralized Support Contest Part III: Latest Supporters

Short Description

The community have implemented two parts of Decentralized Support Contest till now Part I (Before 28 May 2020) and Part II (From 28 May 2020 to 9 June 2020). This contest is for all of the talented individuals who have supported groups and forum discussions, recently (Part III). The aim is to motivate and appreciate “Supporters” of Free TON Telegram chat groups and the online forum.




Starts August 20, 2020. Ends August 25, 2020 12:00 PM UTC. You can provide your submissions within this time frame.


Reward contest for those who have contributed to chat groups and forum engagement and moderation until 12:00 UTC PM from June 10, 2020 through August 20, 2020.

Chat and Media that Were Supported:

| Forum | Free TON Validators | TON.Dev_ENG | Free TON.Community | Free TON.Validators_Ru | TON.Dev_Ru | Free TON.Community_RU | Free TON Wiki Group | Wiki International | China | Korea | Spain | Turkey | Ukraine | France | Deutsch | Italy | Iran | Singapore | Canada | India | Malta | Greece | Brazil | Arabic | African | ASEAN | Flud Group |

Evaluation Criteria:

Please submit descriptions and screenshots of the work you have done. Based on work performed, the jury will decide who has done the best job so far.


  • Each of the initial Free TON validators can nominate 1 person to the jury
  • Initial validators whose team(s) intend to participate in the contest lose their right to nominate a jury member
  • Each jury member will vote by placing a number 1 through 10 next to each submission, with 10 being the best rating possible and 1 being the lowest.


The top 20 winners will be chosen based on ratings and receive awards as follows:

1st prize………………… 20,000 Tons

2nd prize…………………19,000 Tons

3rd prize…………………18,000 Tons

4th prize………………… 17,000 Tons

And so on…
Until 20th prize……….….1,000 Tons

In the event that more than 1 contestant receives the same ratings, the total related prize will be divided equally among them.

Jury Prize:

Jury members who vote…………. 5% of all total tokens awarded and distributed to winners.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens and entities.


Screemshots - missprint

Good idea, 2 weeks to apply seems better


Fixed. Thanks a lot dear @SkyAnn .


Great. Fully support

Some guys (including me) haven’t had a good chance to participate in the previous parts.
Have lots of ideas. I will get the first rank. Others, you may think of 2nd rank :blush:

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Very nice! :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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Hi! Thank you for this proposal!

We also can add here this one:
Wiki International

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Hello dear @michaelshapkin. Thanks for your feedback, Done.

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Thank you very much! :hugs:


Отлично и самое главное учтены теперь все побочные группы а главное форум!!:ok_hand:


Суппортую нещадно ! Эйрдроп страждущим и интересующимся )

Very good idea! Fully support!

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Только я думаю даты можно смело сдвигать