Contest Proposal: Decentralized Support Contest Part II -- Latest Supporters [Finished]

Short description

Free TON Telegram chat groups and the online forum have received a lot of help from talented individuals who have supported group discussions (“Supporters”). This contest is for you.


Chat and media support contest


Starts June 10, 2020. Ends June 15, 2020 12:00 PM UTC/2:00 PM CET. Please provide your submissions within this time frame.


Reward contest for those who have contributed to chat group engagement and moderation until 12:00 UTC/2:00 PM CET from May 28, 2020 through June 9, 2020.

General requirements

Must be simple, fair and transparent

Chat and media that were supported

Evaluation criteria

Based on work performed from 12:00 PM UTC/2:00 PM CET May 28, 2020 through 12:00 PM UTC/2:00 PM CET June 9, 2020, the jury will decide who has done the best job so far. Please submit descriptions of the work you have done. .


Each of the initial Free TON validators can nominate 1 person to the jury

Initial validators whose team(s) intend to participate in the contest lose their right to nominate a jury member

Jury selection and members will be public

Each jury member will vote by placing a number 1 through 10 next to each submission, with 10 being the best score possible and 1 being the lowest (“Ratings”)


The top 20 winners will be chosen based on Ratings and receive awards as follows:

Highest rated………………………… 20,000 Tons

2nd highest rated……………………. 19,000 Tons

3rd highest rated……………………. 18,000 Tons

4th highest rated……………………. 17,000 Tons

And so on…



Until the least rated of top 20…….….1,000 Tons

Jury prize

Jury members who vote………………1,000 Tons each for performing your civic duty and for taking the time to review all contestant submissions.


Hey, few questions:

  1. Contest for supporters starts every week?
  2. Do I understand correctly that I can enter any number of contests at any time in a row?
  1. Now it starts when current mainnet validators vote for it. It can be started periodically, but not exactly every week.

  2. Not sure I get what you mean

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Hi all, I want to participate in this contest.
I’m active validator atm and trying to help others with issues and questions to start a node, deploy wallet not only in chat but also people ask in private, everyone got his answer and help.
Atm in top10 active users in validators channel, tg nickname @ama31337.


Deadline Extension Proposal

The original contest (named below) ran from June 10 to June 15, 2020 and passed at more than 50% saying “Yes”; however, the contest was never moved to “Contests” and to this day is still in limbo on the “Proposals” list.

For this reason, obviously none of the participants had a chance to make their submissions. This is not fair to the participants.

In light of this, the current extension proposal asks that the contest dates be extended until:

June 25, 2020, 12:00 PM UTC, 2:00 PM CET.

Contest name:

Contest Proposal: Decentralized Support Contest Part II – Latest Supporters

Link on forum:


@XLR25t I think the name of the Arabian and Brazil telegram groups are wrong. the word “Free” have been translated into “gratuito” and " مجاني"


That is correct. In the case of Free TON, free = uninhibited, uncontrolled, unrestricted, unobstructed, etc. Not free as in complimentary or gratis. That being said, I do not know Portuguese or Arabic, so who am I to say. :wink:

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still running a validator node and trying to be active and help people in @validators_ru tg channel.

tg nickname @bakarapara

p.s. not sure if i can participate in every new iteration of this contest. :slight_smile: if not this should be reflected in rules i guess.

  1. If we want to translate the word “Free” , so we should do it in other group names also, include : Russian , Chinese , Indian , Ukrainian , Iranian , Turkish , Germany , Italian !
    but now they have not translated the word “Free” because they thought it is part of the branding not an adjective for TON. is it ?
  2. translating the word “Free” will lead to the name resemble so much to scam projects. so we should avoid it.
  3. currently in both Arabic and Potuguese the current translation here means “complimentary or gratis” , I’m 99% sure.
    but generally as @Mitja one time said “it is FreeTON like freedom”. I think it should be part of the brand not as adjective for TON. IMHO


As for the aforementioned contest period (from May 28, 2020) and to the present date (June 21, 2020, the contest deadline is June 25) I was active in FreeTON Telegram groups while providing support, striving to help and share some knowledge; there were some private Telegram dialogs with the group members for the same purpose too. The groups are listed below with the screenshots from the respective Combot stats pages, which are showing my activity:

In the future, I’m planning to continue my participation in the aforementioned Telegram groups and take my part in “decentralized support” process.

For the proof of owning the Telegram account screenshotted above, I can provide the following: I’ve placed my forum account username (“Renoul”) to the “about” field of my Telegram account with nickname @todiav.


In the period from May 28 to June 9, I helped with the following tasks:

1. Telegram support.

Help with questions and answers. Spam moderation. Posting.

2. Help with Livestreaming:

Added time frames, help with answers, stream management

3. Help with posting

4. Forum support


Hi all,

From May 28 to June 9 I mostly

1. Helped the project by answering in Free TON Telegram Channels, for example:

2. Supported livestreams:

3. Supported forum:

Thank you for your attention!


Hello there!

My attention has been drawn to this page by one of fellow community members with a request to post a few words about my project-related activities.

So, here they are.

Aside from being occasionally active on the forum and more frequently active in Validators Chat (Eng), I’m developing and promoting tools for Validator’s routine automation and productivity gain which I consider my the most significant contribution.
I do it in spite of that it potentially undermines my competitive advantage in contests, since I feel that establishing reliable and productive network is now more important.

P.S. My name is present on related combot status page screenshots posted by guys above, so I decided not to flood the thread.

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Hello, I am going to participate in this contest from a different point of view.

As you know, one of the major goals of Free TON is to establish a decentralized community all over the world. I, as creator of Iranian Free TON community on Telegram (, have tried my best to promote Free TON in my country, as a local supporter, in the period from May 28 to June 9. I was present in many Iranian crypto related Telegram groups in order to support interested Iranian users and share correct information about Free TON.

The reasons for my good performance are briefly listed below:

1- Highest number of telegram group members among all local groups (such as Spain, France, China, …). Please see the number of members for all local groups below *:


*Note that the information is gathered at 22 June 2020 UTC 5:15 PM.

2- Highest number of telegram group online members among all local groups (such as Spain, France, China, …). Please see the number of online members for all local groups below**:


**Note that the information is gathered at 22 June 2020 UTC 5:50 PM.

A high number of online members could indicate that a group benefits of active and real (not fake) members.

You can see, at a glance, “number of members” and “number of online members” of Free TON local groups below:

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I was helping people in the Telegram groups directly related to FreeTON: Free TON.Community, Free TON.Community_RU and Secret TON Surf Testing from May 25 to June 9.

I was doing some tasks to help the community: sharing my knowledge about the network as far as it goes, providing a discussion, answering to people’s questions both in English and Russian and helping them to install and navigate in the testing of TON Surf app. Basically, making moderators and administrators lives a bit easier.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from Combot with statistics, where my account is shown with a pink outline. Unfortunately, due to a bug in Combot that doesn’t allow me to check Free TON.Community group statistics(it says that the group is private), I had to “borrow” a second screenshot from Roman_D’s post, I hope that’s not critical.

I can’t post more than one picture in my post(it says that I’m a new user), so here’s a link to combot statistics private gallery:

I’m also going to provide a bunch of examples of my help in screenshots below both from group messages and DMs, for the sake of anonymity I’ve blurred out the names and profile pictures in DMs, I think that was a right thing to do and I’m thinking you can understand that.
To prove that it’s my Telegram account and no one else’s, there’s 2 versions of screenshots: some of them are from PC and some from my phone, also you can easily check my telegram tag here on the forum in my profile.
Here’s a link to the private gallery:

I’m looking forward to help more people from Free TON community in the future and help in growing it further. Thanks.



I’ve my share to support development for TON blockchain:
streamlined, actualized and promoted developer tools documentation;
shared hands-on TON dev experience with the developer community in chats;
Prepared materials to conduct the first smart-contract workshop for TON.

If you see value in this, please support Free TON development!

Best regards,


I make my contribution to helping our community.
I am not the most frequent responder, so I can not boast of a large number of messages.
But there are interesting points, for example, help in catching error 1006.

I am mainly active in the testing group.

I wrote an important topic that interested many about the continuation of the promotion contest.

My address:


tgname :@ enbit 88


Hello all.
On May 29th the Telegram group for the African Community was created (By Me). The aim of creating a general African group can be seen here

Since then, I’ve been actively sharing contents in the group and while still educating the existing members in the group and in PMs and also spreading the word for more FreeTon awareness in other to get in new members.

Activities can be seen


Thank you all for your time and attention.


I was one of the most active users in the forum in the period of this contest.

from the launch time of the network I have spent 15 hours in the forum and it is the most.


Decentralized Support

I’m IndiaChain from India and contributing in Free TON community chat group engagement and moderation since launch of free TON and become a moderator at Free TON India Chat Group to featuring out FreeTON ecosystem in India.

India have 1.37B population and more than 600M internet users. So Free TON blockchain ecosystem have a wide opportunities to leverage adoption of Free TON in India.

As of Combot Stats I’m the most active member as well as moderator of the Free TON India Group.

I’m browsing blockchain technology and bitcoin since last four years and a great enthusiast of The Open Network.