World of Dogs FreeTON Proposal

Partnership proposal: World of Dogs

About World of Dogs

World Of Dogs is a large-scale Telegram game that takes place in the original dog universe (, where each player goes from a puppy to an experienced dog warrior, taking part in various game features.

Main project components

  • Lor. Puppy Way. Training
  • Hostile factions - the Horde and the Alliance
  • Large-scale PvP battles
  • PvE battles against Bosses Dungeons
  • Clans and their capabilities
  • Game resources, things, equipment and Fighting Power.

KPI (initial commitment)

  • Total active project players: 149,126
  • Initial token request: 550,000 TON Crystals
  • Additional tokens based on the following KPI: 300,000 Tons for every 100,000 new users brought to the Free TON network

Motivation & Goals

  • Growth and development of Free TON through on of the most active communities in Telegram

World of Dogs undertakes to promote Free TON among its user base of players. The gaming community in Telegram is one of the most active and involved. They are happy to accept and help distribute new formats of game mechanics and handy tools.

  • Ensure recognition and wallet installation throughout its gaming users and their gaming audience of community members.

World of Dogs and its community have an extensive system of game mechanics, which tightly intersect with all aspects of Telegram. People on Telegram who play World of Dogs are true fans of this site. This audience will actively use tokens with great loyalty in order to receive airdrops, participate in quests and contests, execute tasks and disseminate information about Free TON and the TON Crystal.

Goal achievement toolset

The user can spend Tons on a large assortment of game items and activities and these will grow exponentially, including:

  • Carrying out operations at the exchange, purchase of inventory

  • Buying chests, gold, energy, electives

  • Buying items in the wizard’s shop, premium passes

  • Donation for clan development

  • Special offers, which can be purchased exclusively for Tons: Platform of quests for project users, various chat rooms and channels, administrators and other closed Telegram communities

  • Quests with activities within the project

  • Quests related to the distribution of articles/posts on social networks and sites

  • Passing a series of quests with predetermined tasks


Localization of the project in new markets so that more countries become aware of it and respectively so will the interest in the TON Crystal grow as a result. We are planning to implement the project in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic and other languages.

  • Bounty Campaign: Channel and chat administrators, referrers, active players, etc. will receive tokens for performing simple tasks.

  • Airdrop: AirDrop among World of Dogs user base.

  • Contests and giveaways: Conducting events, tournaments, contests, quests, etc. among players and project partners.

Key to audience activity

The team has a very negative attitude toward various kinds of gameplay automation, multi accounts and bagozers.

The key to the prosperity of our community is daily activities, including chatting, helping low-level players, and creating a warm atmosphere. We often hold contests, tournaments and other activities for creative individuals.

In order to protect players and prevent the possibility of percentage automation, we have developed an anti-fraud system and introduced captcha.

Read about the game

Other game features

World of Dogs has developed additional mechanics to allow players to earn resources, awards and achievements.

  • Walks. Developed 4 locations for dog walks with 250+ possible outcomes (awards in the form of resources, bonuses and debates in gameplay) and 1,500 variations of texts for outcomes.
  • House of the hero with the ability to Snack and Dream.
  • Daily quests with 500+ task variations.
  • Gaming House: 3 mini-games (find the bone, lucky number, 5 of 36).
  • Referral multi-level system with regular contests.
  • More than 100 different types of game achievements and titles.


  • Total active project players: 149 126 (We are positioned to reach 2,000,000 million players in 2021.)
  • Daily audience growth: 300-2000 players

Payment options:

  • Bank Card (Visa/MasterCard)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • TON (technically ready, can be deployed in 7 bus.days)
  • Online payment systems (QIWI, Yandex.Money, other)

Token allocation

  • For distribution: 80%
  • For integration: 20%

Sorry, for my opinion it is a little bit ridiculous, especially the amounts of tokens you’ve requested.
Besides that overall your way is very unclear, why should we delegate all kinds of token giveaways to you?
It seems for me, if your want to promote the FreeTON you should participate in the contests that our community builds for promoting.

Извините, на мой взгляд, это немного смешно, особенно количество запрошенных вами токенов.
Помимо того, что в целом ваш путь очень неясен, почему мы должны делегировать вам все виды раздачи токенов?
Мне кажется, если вы хотите продвигать FreeTON, вам стоит поучаствовать в конкурсах, которые наше сообщество создает для продвижения.


As a cat, such offers are generally disgusting to me, lol
What else is World of Dogs ?! Now, if it was the world of cats, then another matter)
Okay, jokes aside
In general, I have met such a game. My nephew plays it. The nephew is 13 years old. (kitten at all: D)
I don’t know if children are the target audience …


not reputable for adult uncles

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It can help onboarding kids to FreeTON. I like idea of distribution only for kids.

too many tokens requested

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And it is not transparent

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Besides that overall your way is very unclear, why should we delegate all kinds of token giveaways to you?

Where did you get this, mate? =)
From what I’ve read in this proposal - tokens supposed to be airdropped among the userbase (which is kinda reasonable).

IMO brand master stuff is a bit (a lot more) different: it’s an influencer marketing based on a person’s social capital. Marketing itself doesn’t give any utility. Ability to spend on microtransactions clearly does. That’s my point.

By the way, it’s very unusual (maybe one of the most unusual) projects in Telegram, it looks pretty tech-savvy) And cute, I love dogs)

@WodTeam Simple but practical question from me: what is the user acquisition cost right now?


I’m 100% sure that target audience and active users are definitely NOT kids)) Thats a geeky game and for those who love MMORPG’s, quests, board games and other stuff like that.

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Hi all! Our users would purchase and sell in-game items for TON Crystals. So it creates a demand for token purchase itself - it’s very important for early stages of every cryptoproject) And it creates a utility to a token!


We are not supposed just to take Crystals for selling - we want to airdrop it among our audience. Key thing is to airdrop among 150k users, so 150k would get to know about FreeTON + 150k users would have to download wallets and create addresses!


Oh, our target audience is definitely NOT kids) At the moment the core is like (based on surveys and polls):

GEO (localization is planned)
84% - Russian Federation
12% - Ukraine
4% - other CIS countries

14-17 - 15%
17-19- 50%
19-25 - 20%
25+ - 15%

Male/Female: 82%/18%

So the main (and donating ones) audience core are mature people, who are familiar with cryptocurrencies)


It would be transparent, since the airdropped token transactions to users wallets would be visible in the FreeTON blockchain via explorer. What could be more transparent, huh?) =)


@elk @ClaytonCarrigan @Aleksandr @Stanislav @daernhii Guys, I think you will agree with the statement that it is important to get utility for a TON Crystal and create supply/demand for a token. It’s cool that the game is Telegram-based which makes it a great heir of the big 'ol TON. Synergy and benefits are clear enough.

3 tokens per downloaded wallet and created address is a very good price with 4 billion tokens in a giver. The offer is sweet, in my humble opinion.


Haha, very funny.
How can you prove that these airdropped accounts are not yours? I can create a massive of wallets too.
And why you are so interested in airdrop? Sorry, FreeTON didn’t have their own airdrop yet, and I find it inappropriate to discuss about other airdrop platforms, it is just ridiculous.

Folks… I read the comments and I’m a little bit surprised that no one gets it. Contests are contests, but huge numbers of users brought to the network by one network partner is something completely different. Voting for memes and clever one-time things is level 1.0. Bringing a major use case to the network is something COMPLETELY different.

There are typical contests and then there are use cases and bulk users.

I think some of the comments above, while appreciated, are remiss in the bigger picture. Not only is this a fantastic use case, but I think it should be fast-tracked as soon as possible, because it will catapult the network toward 2.0

Come on folks. Let’s start thinking “evolve”. Contests alone will not solve adoption and growth unless you’re willing to wait another 10 years. Network partners bring value that no amount of contests can bring in the same amount of time. It’s time to think bigger than this.

My two cents.


maybe plan an AMA session? And the guys will present their project and proposal in more detail.


Ну раздали 150тысячам собак по 3 кристала , они купили на эти деньги корм (или другие виртуальные предметы) у организатора и 500000 кристалов переплыли в один кошелек организатора , дальше что ? Какая польза нашему сообществу ?


Hi everyone. The proposal has been slightly edited for language use and grammar. Just letting you know. Nothing else has changed.

I think this bad boy is ready to go! Let’s move to a governance vote tonight.

Thank you all for the time you spent reviewing and commenting.

Love the activity!

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You are claiming that game have 149,126 active players but on the main channel there are only 5469 users. I have played a game a bit and it seems that number of active players is quite lower also.