Web & Design: Initial removing proposal

Web & Design: Initial removing proposal

Based on Web & Design Investigation this proposal suggest removing @michael_kabanov as an initial member and jury from Web & Design Subgovernance.


This community member @michael_kabanov damages the project’s reputation, discredits the Free TON community, and harms by his presence in this public duty position. A lot of community members will support this idea so that other members of the jury do not get caught up in it and do not feel unpunished. See full investigation here.

Procedural remarks:

-Exclusion @michael_kabanov from the initial members and the jury.
-Creation of a new multi-signature wallet and transfer of all tokens to it.
-Redeploying smart-contracts for new contests.

Tags for notification:

@p.prigolovko @Teiwaz @Roman_D @Grigoriy2000 @roman.nguyen @eteslov @isheldon @XLR25t @Cogscides


Поддерживаю. Только ещё кроме Кабанова все жюри надо расформировать и набрать новое.


Michael’s actions cast a shadow on the entire FreeTON and diminish the efforts of all other community members. It’s a pity and our fault that we brought it to this.

I fully support this initiative and would like to discuss at a weekly call how such incidents can be avoided in the future. This should not be repeated.

Тут вопрос не про одного человека, тут вопрос по нескольким членам жюри и инишлам. Также была анонсирована вторая часть, я честно говоря не видел, но прежде чем запускать процедуру голосования нужно получить полную картину, хотя вопрос своевременный.

@Platon Ожидается ли что-то еще по Дизайн сабгаву? Перед завтрашним стримом

Start throwing those rats out!

Totally support. Also community has shown its attitude and made decision!

Terminate W&D SG according to investigation

You can see results in the upper link!

в жюри были адекватные и профессиональные люди, mzonder например.

Mr. @Platon made great investigation, so the community should somehow react on this. It’s up to community to vote and react.
Personally I believe that SG leaders should have 100% clear reputation and commitment to Free TON. Moreover we are committed to DoD, which says to decentralize and grow the whole Free TON movement!

Free TON Weekly Meetup #36. General updates 2021✅

Dear friends! Holidays are ended and this a good time for our Weekly Meetup #36​:fire:We want to remind you that this event is going to happen today, January 12 at 12.00 UTC (13.00 CET, 15.00 Moscow time):raised_hands:

:clipboard:Agenda for today

  1. General updates
  2. Korean Sub-governance token request for contests
  3. DGO sub-governance updates
  4. 2020 partnerships: lessons learned and best practices for 2021

No single word in agenda this about…

То есть коррупция проникла намного выше обычного “зоопарка”?


Интересное чтиво

@p.prigolovko @Teiwaz @Roman_D @Grigoriy2000 @roman.nguyen @eteslov @isheldon @XLR25t @Cogscides


Sharashka - good Russian word that means questionable not trusting attitude to group of people or company . For English speaking friends :fist:

Посмотрите в сабгавернанс - там есть движение по данной проблеме и даже двое уже исключены(!) , а по другим двум голосование еще идет:

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