Ton's Promotion on FACEBOOK!

Got facebook group with 211k+ followers and 210k+ likes
if administrator’s are interested in promotion we can talk about it

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It’s a good idea.

But it’s a decentralised community so there is no central authority who will talk about it with you.

You can create a proposal for a facebook promotion and you can participate in it. You can find a template here

Or you can simply wait and hope that such contest will be proposed by someone else but I would prefer the first option.

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ur right ill do it rn :wink:

ugh i just checked its like a giveaway aswell so idk what should i write there ugh…


Hello friend!
I hope this helps you!

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which contest exactly? thanks btw

Participate in the next promotion competition, and try to win the competition and win the crystals. It’s just that the community doesn’t pay anyone directly.

You can make a new contest like a Contest: Decentralized Promotion [Finished]

Or promote for free, and help to community.

Or wait a new contests

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so it means i have to wait okay then

You don’t need to wait it
I hope I will create new contest in the future


emm it will be perfect xD

let me know when it will be done

It’s better to make your own offer about the contest

i think its already moved into contest promotal

Hi. You can support following contest proposal to be activated by community, and then submit your idea.

Contest Proposal: Free TON Social Media Promotion ``

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