Contest Proposal: Free TON Social Media Promotion

Short Description:

This contest specifically targets Free TON promotion through social media such as Telegram, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. The contest aims to encourage existing influencers on social media to use their power for promoting Free TON all around the world more effectively, rapidly and sustainably.




Starts July 25 2020; ends Aug 10, 2020 12:00 PM UTC


Today, social media is a necessary solution for all businesses. The social media marketing is an effective tool to build a brand and increase a brand’s visibility, through active relationships with users. The influencers on social media can expedite the Free TON promotion by using the power of their “users”, “members”, “followers”, “subscribers”, “readers”, and “viewers”.


  • Increase Free TON brand awareness
  • Benefits from the power of influencers
  • Rapid promotion of Free TON content
  • Target and attract new related audience
  • Easily tracking of results by counting “post views”, “comments”, “replies”, “likes”, “discussion”, etc.


  • The owners of active channels, groups and pages on social media
  • The influencers with great number of audiences.

Potential Contents:

Please note that this contest isn’t aimed for content design and production. Contestants are allowed to use the current existing contents on Free TON channels and groups to promote. This contest is aimed for effective, rapid and sustainable “distribution of Free TON contents”. All types of contents such as Text, Banners, Videos, Gifs, Stickers, etc are allowed.

General Process:

The contestants should do their best to promote Free TON via sharing contents on their accounts on social media, and submit their proposal including a screenshot of their activities.


  • Each of the initial Free TON validators can nominate 1 person to the jury.
  • Initial validators whose team(s) intend to participate in the contest lose their right to nominate a jury member.
  • Each jury member will vote by placing a number 0 through 10 next to each submission.


Contestant Prize:

The top 25 winners, based on jury votes, will receive the following awards:

Highest rated……………………… 30,000 Tons

2nd highest rated………………….25,000 Tons

3rd highest rated………………… 20,000 Tons

4th-10th highest rated ………… 15,000 Tons each

11th-25th highest rated .………… 1,000 Tons each

Jury Prize:

Jury members who vote…………. 5% of all total tokens awarded and distributed to winners


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens and entities.


Главная оценка только в количестве лайков и репостов? А если работа хорошая качественная(ролик или ещё что-то похожее) но не собирает нужное большое количество просмотров, тут как быть?

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Thanks for your comment @encipher. The primary goal of this contest is that guys around the world get familiar with Free TON project. So, the view and like should be considered. Cooperation between the creator of nice banner/post/video/… and the owner of groups/channels/… could have the best results.

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Ok i can make a nice video, gif etc…who wants cooperation with me?
But how do we then share the award, because the address is one. just how to protect yourself from cheating then in case of a win

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Hello @encipher. Thanks again for your contribution. As you can see, this contest is proposed to attract the audiences. Without the views and likes (popularity) this will not fulfill. We suggest you, as only the creator of contents, to participate in the following interesting contests:

Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part I: Animated Stickers
Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part II: Gifs
Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part III: Images for social media
Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part IV: Non-animated Stickers
Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part V: Memes

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What about this contest? Will it be added to active?

I asked it from forum admin @Roman_D.
It needs proposal popularity which can be proven by users’ comments and likes.

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Hi. I support and wish to get into the contests.

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Не чего не понятно, но очень интересно

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А можно продолжить конкурс?Пожалуйста:kiss: Я знаю, что есть классные идеи:star2::star2::star2:

I also have some ideas about FREE TON promotion is social media. W8 for start of contest :innocent:

Don’t you think there are too few winners?
maybe it is worth giving a chance to win more people, for example, 10 - 100 highest rated ………… 200 Tons
This will have a much larger impact on the growth of the community


Dear @kovrus,
Thanks for your comment. We have added 1000 TONs prize for the next 15 top ranked. Now, we will have 25 winners.


So does this contest started or it still need to be proven ?

I think all the proposals are now under overviewing process by Admins. Maybe still need support to start.


I support too, the power is in community.

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it is better to change this contest proposal to defining a mechanism to evaluate and remunerate the social activity of the users.

it should be something like this: “designing a mechanism for influencer marketing”
a mechanism that evaluate the activities of the influencers in the social medias and calculate their rewards and let them to take it.

great idea tbh
i will try to take a 1st place

Не дай бог занять второе)))))))