TON Surf testers reward for the beta testing period

I can create it. We just need to come up with mechanics, etc.


All beta testers are already known. This will not change. Therefore, the competition should be just for the sake of form.

It seems to me that you can not invent anything.

We create a contest, and each participant from the second list submits an application in the form of a wallet / telegram account.

What do you think about this?


Is that all? Easy peasy!

Anyone else confused on why we are supposed to make a contest instead of a proposal? First half was accepted, tokens were delivered. I can’t see anywhere that it was a contest, it was a proposal. We proposed to reward people for their activity in the early days of testing of TON Surf, they agreed.
This time though, it must be different but because of what? What is the logic behind?
Do we need to create a contest so people can participate in it, like a new contest for new testing purpose? But TON Surf is out of beta.

Is it just me or it feels like a separation from “early birds who put efforts” more into another contest with the competition? Can we get answers and talk with people responsible for these words? Let’s discuss.


Ahhhh, I see. So they probably want to see some activity from the people on the list, so that not the creator of contest gathers all the information and sends this to the governance. But yet, they still accepted the first half which is 60% of participants with different rules. I’m still confused.

Dear, I have created a contest for mechanics on your suggestion.
You can check it

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Я тоже не совсем понимаю, что тут можно придумать?
Есть полный список участников, кто был в списках изначально, есть группа которая уже получила вознаграждения и есть те, кто не получил.
Единственное, что я могу сделать, это составить список на основании заявленных пользователей и тех, кто уже получил награду, отобрав по никнеймам тех кому награда не была зачислена.

Это уже давно сделано и есть несколькими сообщениями выше )

Тогда о какой механике идёт речь, было предложение изначально. Его одобрили, опоздавшие просто просят начислить им, то что полагается по решению жюри я так понимаю?
К чему усложнять и придумывать какие то условия?
Вон человек выше уже придумал 3000к за 1 место и т.д. не смотря на то что фиксированное вознаграждение = 1000

Моё предложение:
DiorFCT 0: 4c5f64449b6094d0f22755c0803d887f488c9db812f070a4b2c110cab9cda61c

He meant something different. What he provided is a contest on designing a mechanic for a fair distribution in such contests/proposals. Doesn’t have anything to do with rewards for this proposal.

My preference:

  1. Tg nickname
  2. Wallet
  3. Proof of work(screenshot from the Telegram chats) - but I don’t know, do we really need that?
  4. Place in the provided list of participants.
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Yes. Something like that. But we should create a contest. Who is going to do that? @Kolman or anyone else?

Anyone can create a contest if he has a good idea for implementation and knows how to describe it all

Идея для конкурса:

  • Ваш ник есть в таблице выше
  • Вы еще не получали награду

Если условия соблюдены, считать победителем конкурса.

Вроде справедливо.
Иначе это будет уже совсем другая история.



How is the writing of the document to rerun the contest going? I hope everyone is doing a great job to submit the contest documentation. But if it takes too long it might get rejected by the jury since there is a huge gap between the original contest and the rerun.

Anyway just wanted to let you know you have my support and wish everyone a good luck!


Неистово плюсую.Да прибудет реворд.


@Anjin-san @Asm @Nima @gyromath @Eugene @ferox @betsha1830 @Redbooker
@kek @Kolman .

I must remind you.

It’s been more than 2 weeks now from the first message from Kolman in regards to the round 2 for the latecomers for this proposal.

We already have a list of participants with their wallet addresses for Stage 2.

Yet, the proposal was “declined” in the currently existing form,


(a quote from Kolman’s original post) : The jury doesn’t vote for proposals, the initial members do. Contests get voted on by a jury, and this is the difference

We haven’t come up with the mechanics for such a contest, but we need to. I understand that there are people who just want to get their rewards, but we must talk about how this contest is supposed to look like.

The issue I see here is that the jury should vote from 0 (reject) to 10, which means that they should decide who did a better job, that means competition. There wasn’t any competition in the first place when it was a proposal. Rewards were equal. This time, if we submit this in the form of a contest, rewards should be different for different places. (You can correct me if I’m wrong)

Even though I understand some of you may already have some growing disappointment in Free TON, if we don’t do anything, it won’t get better.

We should finally discuss this and make a decision on how to do it as a certain group from the community, otherwise we should abandon this and forget it like it didn’t ever happen at any point.

I hope to see an opinion from any of you.


@SamBadi @Kino @demyan1805 @Dragonfund @altair @DiorFCT @LucidLynx
@Felar21 @Skydev - you guys too.


Предлагаю распределить призовой фонд среди опоздавших участников первого списка из расчёта 1000 кристалов на человека.
Но предложить шкалу, по которой будут распределяться награды, допустим самый активный и полезный участник тестирования из опоздавших 42 человек (если не ошибаюсь) претендует на награду в 3000-4000 кристалов, самый менее активный и менее полезный для теста участник 200-500 (пример)
Или предлагаю решить какое количество вообще могут выделить на повторную награду для тестировщиков и исходя из этого уже думать, каким методом распределять награды.

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