Surf: account creation code and TG username transfers

Following 2 developments are suggested:

Development 1: PROMO CODE
Goal: verification of Ton.Surf account creation for the purposes of relevant promo campaigns

There needs to be made a new development within Ton.Surf:
a) when new account (ie new user and TON wallet) is created in Ton.Surf, special random ‘promo code’ is created and saved in Ton.Surf for further reference
b) Ton.Surf via API verifies requests for pairs {‘wallet address’, ‘promo code’} - whether ‘promo code’ matches the wallet: if matches - returns the date of account creation, othervise - fail

This development allows to guaratee actual new Ton.Surf account creation and due verification of this event for any promo campaigns where creation of new accounts serves as KPI

The customer eligible for promo payout for new Ton.Surf account opening shall submit:
a) ‘wallet address’
b) ‘promo code’
c) personal identification data, for example, ‘Telegram username’. This data can vary and depend on actual promo campaign. Main goal of this data - minimize the risk of malicious applications for the payout

Development 2: EASY PAYMENT
Ton Surf user can link his/her wallet to ‘Telegram username’. Once it’s linked, transfers to the user can be made based on ‘Telegram username’. It means that to make a transfer within Ton.Surf there could be specified ‘Telegram username’ only, even if the recepient is not within payer’s address book.

Both developments can be implemented in Ton.Surf independently.

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Promo code development is made in responce to the issue of actual performance control of campaigns aiming new Ton.Surf wallets opening

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Very interesting, but nothing is clear :crazy_face:
Some kind of promo code should already be implemented soon. After all, the announcement was made about a month ago

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The idea is to create straightforward tool for verification of Ton.Surf wallet creation. At present there is no such a tool though most of Free TON partners do claim some KPIs in this regard

Can you please provide some info on mentioned by you promo code development?

I agree with the initiative.
Promised KPIs must be verified, especially if a reward is being issued for them.
But this must be made mandatory only for those who sign the KPI. I don’t think this should be rolled out to all users…

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Sure. It’s designed to be purely a voluntary action on user’s side. No threats of any kind of deanon to those who don’t want to use promo payouts. Moreover, using this facility allows to structure the payout in a complicated formula depending on the scope of the data disclosed to the paying agent, or timing of wallet creation, etc.