TON Surf new installations stats and promo controlling

Development of TON community has the highest priority and implies large expenses, particularly on referral programmes. On the other hand, there need to be developed clear transparent checkpoints for actual performance of such programmes.

One of the main KPIs today - the number of new TON Surf installations. There is no reliable source of such information except for TON Surf itself.

I would like to suggest to develop publicly available database where new TON Surf accounts could be verified. Technology of such identification can be very much different, and certainly it can be realised without any risks for account holders. Development of such database requires creation of some new internal features within TON Surf for those customers who are going to utilise such promos.

This scheme will definitely benefit the whole society and provide TON Surf promoters with very useful controlling tools.

I suggest to a) develop such public domain and b) make such add-ons for TON Surf.



Following 2 developments are suggested:

Development 1: PROMO CODE

  • there needs to be made a new development within Ton.Surf:
    a) when new account (ie new user and TON wallet) is created in Ton.Surf, special random ‘promo code’ is created and saved in Ton.Surf for further reference
    b) Ton.Surf via API verifies requests for pairs {‘wallet address’, ‘promo code’} - whether ‘promo code’ matches the wallet: if matches - returns the date of account creation, othervise - fail

This development allows to guaratee actual new Ton.Surf account creation and due verification of this event for any promo campaigns where creation of new accounts serve as KPI

The customer eligible for promo payout for new Ton.Surf account opening shall submit:
a) ‘wallet address’
b) ‘promo code’
c) personal identification data, for example, ‘Telegram username’. This data can vary and depend on actual promo campaign. Main goal of this data - minimize the risk of malicious applications for the payout

Development 2: EASY PAYMENT
Ton Surf user can link his/her wallet to ‘Telegram username’. Once it’s linked, transfers to the user can be made based on ‘Telegram username’. It means that to make a transfer within Ton.Surf there could be specified ‘Telegram username’ only.

Both developments can be implemented in Ton.Surf independently.


The suggestions are also posted in Surf development thread


Dear Keeno!

I think it is a VERY IMPORTANT undertake, to develop new functionalties to receive a clear picture for TON Surf installations. As I understand, some have been faced with theft thru creation of multiple wallets to receive the benefits of promo on Free TON. Also, the matter address KPI, set Partnerships, to receive additional tokens for downloads of TON Surf. Until this function is created, this, what you can call theft will go on.

100% SUPPORT!!!


Thanks a lot. Yes, this precisely aims encountering malicious practices and setting up new tools for transparent measure of KPIs related to new Surf accounts openings

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Hi All.
Could you please help me?
What is going on on sreenshot above? What shoud i do to activate wallet? I’m unable find any info about activation in the Ton Surf help.

try contacting developers in Telegram group