Reorganization and renewal of Influencers SubGovernance


Due to the withdrawal of some of the initial members from the Influencers SubGovernance and the theft of the balance, it is necessary to reorganize SubGovernance and add new initials.

This document describes a way to implement control for Influencers SubGovernance Free TON

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Previous activity

For five months, various events and contests were held: launching contests, supporting users of eight crypto forums, developing programs, launching and maintaining a subscription company. Involvement of people in the Free TON project, training and integration into the community. More than 1500 active users and 600 new community members were attracted. We received many applications from participants from different countries, more than 200 competitive applications and different programs. We have several times increased the activity and attendance on the project resources, opened full-fledged Free TON sections in several leading forums, negotiated promotion with several exchanges and much more, which is proof of serious and successful work. A full report on the work carried out can be found here.


This SubGovernance was created with the aim of attracting new members to the Free TON ecosystem, with the aim of developing the growth of an active community of enthusiasts, partners and companies that can become a single team and move the project to new levels.

General Goals

The goals of the Influencers SubGovernance are to actively popularize Free TON through influencers in the crypto industry around the world, develop the Free TON brand, develop use cases, attract new community members who will use Free TON as the final product for their own purposes.

Main Tasks

  1. Community development by attracting influential people from the cryptoindustry, bloggers, social group administrators and others who will increase the Free TON community with people interested in Free TON, in its products and developments;
  2. Keeping the community active by running various contests and campaigns to reward community members and attract new influencers;
  3. Attracting new users to the Free TON network who will massively use the project’s network products;
  4. Involvement of experienced developers who will implement the various and the most popular uses of the network Free TON;
  5. Support in the preparation and implementation of any tasks for all influential persons interested in the development of Free TON and the development of the community;
  6. Development and growth of the Indonesian, Nepalese and Indian communities by posting articles about the project in local influential media such as,,,,; organization of support groups in telegram channels and on leading crypto forums:,,, etc;
  7. Development and growth of the Persian community, in which strong opinion leaders have already of Iranian influencers on various platforms such as Telegram,Whatsapp, Instagram,Twitter, Youtube,Aparat etc., promoting the project through the already created website for Iran (, a new group will be created and work will begin to attract participants to raise awareness of the Iranian community about the Free TON project; Development and growth of the Iranian communities by posting articles about the project in local influential media such as,,, etc; organization of support groups and on leading crypto forums:,,, etc;
  8. Promotion of Free TON through the news site, active involvement of new readers in the project community and creation of educational guides for them;
  9. Social mining on the DAO Maker platform. (we are waiting for the new platform to be completed, the contract has already been signed).

Initial Members

  1. Gonchar Alexandr @Alex770 8186107c30a0d4fbf30c84634b2edfc49984306fbc4bcc2b5157b0b6d8d000f5

  2. Heyod Hewow @heyodhewow ca768972bc353b0a30ff5ac00adfd754418478927984d60f4ac41f2c181a816d

  3. Konstantin Kronch @Kronchs

  4. Bhijan Neupane @VznGo

  5. ayato slaw @ayatoslaw

  6. Erran Morad @fsdfsfsdf32


  7. Mehdi Akbari @Midiak

  8. Rustam Ом @Rrrrrrr22

  9. Igor Ponomarev @lesnik13utsa

  10. Risky Kasmaja @kasmaja


  11. Andrey Greek greek1313


  1. Gonchar Alexander - Entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast since 2012, trader, financial markets analyst, moderator and admin of several leading crypto forums;

  2. Heyod Hewow - crypto-enthusiast since 2017, Global Moderator at Altcoinstalks since Nov 2017, Ambassador at Cartesi project, trader, chats/forums administration, information support;

  3. Konstantin Kronch - crypto enthusiast over the past few years, trader, designer, web developer, administrator of several chats of one of the Free TON partners, creator of;

  4. Bhijan Neupane - crypto enthusiast since 2017, physicist(Quantum Physics), author of so many blockchain technology-related articles, involved as a full stack developer on, and active member in so many crypto communities including Free TON;

  5. Ayato slaw - Crypto enthusiast since 2017, forum moderator, business partners in exchanges, community managers, trader, and moderators in several blockchain projects;

  6. Erran Morad - Moderator of the cryptocurrency forum. Moderator and SMM in several blockchain projects. IT enthusiast. Entrepreneur, investor;

  7. Mehdi Akbari - Bsc, Electronic Engineering, Msc EMBA (Executive Master of business administration), 15 years of experience as a CEO in engineering companies in the field of computer hardware, software, network, IT, industrial networks, instrumentation and BMS. creator and admin of Iranian Telegram Group, creator of Persian section of forum, creator of Iranian FreeTON site and forum ( ), Initial member of Wiki SG, Secondary member of Ton Mexico SG, jury member of Academy SG and active in FreeTON community and the highest score in the Country Ambassadors for FreeTON stage1 contest.);

  8. Rustam Oм - Entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast since 2017, influencers recruiting, search for new partnerships, chats administration;

  9. Igor Ponomarev - crypto enthusiast since 2017, trader analyst. Worked as a system administrator, senior engineer of the automation group for over 5 years. Author of many articles on decentralization and blockchain systems (Golos, Steemit), active participation in testing blockchain nodes (+ administering chats for them). Also an active member of the FREE TON community and crypto forums (altcoinstalks, cryptotalk);

  10. Risky Kasmaja - Crypto enthusiast since 2016, forum moderator, fundamental expert, blockchain writer. Community Manager - Bitsong and CAIT Projects;

  11. Andrey Greek - crypto enthusiast since 2016, trader, administrator chats, engaged in software tests, support for blockchain networks. Engaged in technical support when installing nodes.

Budget Estimate

To accomplish the tasks set, it will be necessary to carry out the following activities:

  1. Jury selection contest;

  2. The contest for secondary members consists of two stages: the first is to attract active community members with their Free TON development programs and the second stage is to implement these programs.

  3. Contest for influential bloggers, attracting a new community members;

  4. Posting articles on specialized technical resources to attract blockchain developers to the Free TON project;

  5. Organization and conduct of contests for creating content for placement in the Indonesian and Indian media. Support for these events in all leading crypto forums in their respective language groups;

  6. Contests for the Persian community, posting information on social networks, forums. Creation of unique content for the website, attracting new members of the Persian crypto community;

  7. Attracting representatives of the gaming industry to use the Free TON blockchain and the coin itself for settlements.

  8. A series of Free TON recognition contests: popularization of the name and logo of the project with the involvement of new interested community users

  9. Dao Maker - Free TON social mining launch

  10. Sub-Governance Support

In total, the required budget for the implementation of these tasks is 120,000 TON Crystal


Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance Initial Members form the initial Jury until the Jury Contest is held. The Jury selection contest will be held firstly after the approval of this Sub-Governance.

Influencers Sub-Governance Multisignature Wallet: 0:38254a5ce50a68e4eef2fdf2531f1b78570262cb2dee2c3a3ce2e3da47605183


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Casting my vote for Influencers SubGovernance!
In my opinion, this SG has a good clear plan of action, a sufficiently powerful basis for their implementation, as well as a formed team of active community members that has passed the test of strength! SG has just started to gain momentum and has good prospects for successful development.

Отдаю свой голос за Influencers SubGovernance!
На мой взгляд этот SG имеет хороший четкий план действий, достаточно мощную базу для их реализации, а также сформировавшуюся команду активных членов сообщества, которая прошла проверку на прочность! SG только начал набирать свои обороты и имеет хорошие перспективы для успешного развития.


This SubGov is re-constructed from its root. All initials are real and they already have long experiences in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain sphere. Seriously, we have a clear vision to upkeep this Influencers Sub-Governance by encouraging new members to join the community.


I fully support this proposal. I have seen the work of this subgovernance and am confident that it will be useful to our community. For six months, the guys have organized many projects and initiatives to attract new participants to the Freeton project. After reorganization Sub governance Influencers will show their full potential!

Полностью поддерживаю данное предложение. Я видел работу этого подуправления и уверен, что оно будет полезно нашему сообществу. За пол годы ребята организовали множество проектов и инициатив для привлечения новых участников в проект Freeton. С новыми силами и обновленным составом subgov Influencers проявит весь свой потенциал!


Support. Do we need do organize new jurors group as well or not ?


Hi, if this proposal gets approved, we will launch a separate Jury selection contest. Kindly check our Main tasks :blush: !


Thanks to everyone who comments for the kind words.
With the new staff of the initial members, we will be able to avoid the mistakes of the previous version of our SG.
Спасибо всем комментирующим за добрые слова.
С новым кадровым составом инишиал мемберс мы сможем избежать ошибок прошлого варианта нашего СГ.


Идея неплохая) Как минимум можно предложить сообществу, а там дальше уже решится вопрос )


Yeah, after reorganization, here a lot of work :smiley:


With this proposal we will be able to reorganize our SG, get rid of ballast, get a new Jury and work for the project in full force, having a fully staffed initial members and judges of the jury with people who really want to help the project move forward.


I see how much the community has already done to spread the word about FREE TON and that’s great. The reorganization was necessary, and in my opinion, this composition is capable of moving mountains in order to achieve this goal.


Yes, you are right! We need to reorganize our Influencers SG. Initial members list is perfect for today work.


Hope the reorganization will boost project! Agree with this proposal.


Поддерживаю идею. Желаю удачи всем


TOP! GREAT JOB! Hope the reorganization will boost project!


Одобрить. Предложение хорошее.


Наличие ответственных людей, лучше, чем их отсутствие. Я поддерживаю полностью это предложение. Нам нужно двигаться вперёд, не смотря ни на что.


Добрым товарищам добрые коменты :wink:


I know several initial members as people who really care about the project and it’s future. Hope they can change the situation with all that mess with contests etc. I support those people in their undertakings of this proposal. :vulcan_salute:


On a new, good path. Forces in the implementation of our plans. A very great plan. I would like to congratulate all free ton users, happy birthday of the project, happy holiday.