Influencers SubGovernance Activity Report

A total of 50.838 TON Crystal were spent on contests, payment to the winners and payment for the activities of the initial members and judges of the Jury. You can read the full report on contest payouts, jury and initial member payouts here.

During the Influencers SubGovernance activity stage from December 2020 to April 2021, the following objectives were set to achieve overall KPI in accordance with the approved budget:

  1. Launch of contests:
  • activity in social networks,

  • information coverage for more than 10 forums

  • other information platforms;

  1. launching ISG accounts on social networks;

  2. Jury selection contest;

  3. Search and agreement of potential partners;

  4. Agreements with leading crypto exchanges for listing and promoting TON Crystal

The team’s work in Phase 1 (December 2020 - April 2021) yielded the following results (as planned):

The following contests were launched and held:

  1. Free TON Article Contest:

The goal is to increase user awareness of the Free TON project and attract new, active participants to the project community;

As a result, articles about the Free TON project were read by more than 8.5 thousand participants, materials about the contest posted on eight cryptocurrency forums and in social networks were read by more than 2.5 thousand people. The full contest report can be read here.

  1. Contest Proof of Love:

The goal - the participants had to show their love for the Free TON project, create some kind of work that will be original and at the same time unique, which will also attract new users to the project.

133 applications were submitted for the contest, most of which were of good quality and all the necessary conditions were met.

To attract the maximum number of participants, announcement topics were created on 5 cryptocurrency forums and in social networks.

In total, 20,000 people got acquainted with the theme of the contest, the participants’ works posted on social networks, YouTube, Telegram and other platforms were viewed by more than 22,000 people.

The full report on the contest can be seen here.

  1. We have launched and conducted two new contests - Traders and Holders Contests.

The purpose of the contests was to attract the attention of the crypto community to trading and holding with the TON Crystal, intensify trading and increase trading volumes as well.

Despite the fact that some of the participants did not reach the end of the competition, good results were shown: in the very first days, trading volumes increased to 140K per day (compared to 25K-35K earlier) and the price of the coin peaked at 0.8 by April 15, at the start of the contests the rate was $ 0.46 (April 8). The full report on the contests can be read here.

  1. Together with the CEX.IO Exchange, the contest was held to predict the TON Crystal rate.

The purpose of the contest was to attract the attention of traders to the TON Crystal coin, it was necessary to learn how to predict the price of the coin and be able to do market analysis, thus it was necessary to study the project and read all the news on the topic. Participants table and results can be seen here.

  1. For the purpose of promoting the activities of the SG, specialized accounts were created on social networks and Telegram:

Twitter -

Reddit -

Facebook - Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance - Home | Facebook

Bitcointalk - (link)

Vkontakte - Free TON Influencers | VK

Telegram (link) 530 members

Telegram (link) 200 participants

  1. Organized and conducted the contest: Choice in the Jury :

The goal is to create a decentralized jury of experienced and respected members of the Free TON community, with no more than 20 judges;

Result - 14 Jury members were selected, who were added to our smart contract for voting and were given the opportunity to participate in the judging of the contests;

  1. Negotiations were held with a possible partner - the Yobit exchange and the cryptotalk forum in order to promote the Free TON project and the TON Crystal through the Exchange forum numbering 300,000 unique users and Exchange users (more than 2.5 million users). The issue of promoting the project was put to a vote in several forums to see how much the community supports this promotion.

  2. Negotiations have begun on promoting the project with the Bithumb Exchange, which is 6th in the top Coinmarketcap, with 8.5 million unique users.

  3. Negotiations have begun to promote the Free TON project through the Coinsbit Exchange, 65th in the Coinmarketcap list.

  4. An agreement has been concluded and the news of the Free TON project is being published on the Coindar aggregator.

  5. At the crypto forum Cryptotalk (TOP 2), after negotiations an agreement was concluded to create a full-fledged section dedicated to the Free TON project .

  6. Also on the crypto-forum Altcoinstalks (TOP 3), a similar full-fledged section dedicated to the Free TON project was created.

In addition, over the past five months, the project has been supported on eight cryptocurrency forums in the English and Russian sections, many author’s articles have been written and published, project news, announcements of various events and other events have been regularly published and continue to be published. All initial members have worn and continue to wear project banners in their signatures on crypto forums.


Personally, I learned about the Free TON platform precisely through Influencers SubGovernance. Hope this team continues its work! At the very least, there is a list of participants and an information base (foundation), which now needs to be developed further.

Лично я узнал о платформе Free TON именно через Influencers SubGovernance. Надеюсь, что эта команда продолжит свою работу! Как минимум, есть состав участников и информационная база (фундамент), которую теперь нужно развивать дальше.


Надеюсь на дальнейшую реогранизацию данного саб говернанса. Их труд по узнаваемости бренда FreeTon нельзя считать пустым. Огромное количество новых участников, большой охват для соседних сегментов в социальных медиа. Я тоже узнал о сообществе благодаря открытию Influencers.

Поддерживаю вас и предлагаю свою помощь в дальнейшей работе. С меня новые идеи, а с вас помощь в реализации!


We’re happy to announce that in addition to full section for Free TON on Altcoinstalks (Free TON Forum) forum, Free TON now has sections on Cryptotalk forum as well!

Even more crypto-users will now be able to learn about the project and participate in discussions on the platform they are already familiar with!

RU Free TON section on Cryptotalk

EN Free TON section on Cryptotalk

Welcome to Join!

Мы рады сообщить, что в дополнение к полноценному разделу Free TON на форуме Altcoinstalks Free TON Forum, Free TON теперь также имеет полноценные разделы на форуме Cryptotalk!

Еще больше криптопользователей теперь смогут узнать о проекте и участвовать в обсуждениях на платформе, с которой они уже знакомы!

RU раздел Free TON на Cryptotalk

RU Раздел Free TON на сайте Cryptotalk

Добро пожаловать всем, кто интересуется проектом Free TON!


Собака лает, караван идёт. :muscle:. Благодарю за вашу работу и информацию.