Proposal: W&D reforming

Proposal: W&D reforming


Recent events occurred within and around the sub governance show that reforming of the current initial members and jury is essential. Both voting mechanics and approach to contests’ development urge for re-thinking and updating.

Due to internal and external demand, the following list of initial members is offered:

Григорий @ Grigoriy2000 fd9333c65b8ac909f74a9f905bd8e95c4019c62bb9cfdbc65f50e3ac081d2577
Daniil @ danoneo a93c7b128cb435bc95d495fd8282781a8f864daddf85695869e0d1d22d07373e
Ivan Klimenko @ Cogscides aea5518518417cd746ad60a009f71aac2741298d6412f61c7b8e4dfd7235a527
Идель @ ttwozy cf0d8ffc19bdca2607385a957abffc52162d98e4a27e773f1af072666b232730
Ivan Kotelnikov @ isheldon b37e94b3177921824eeebb978bc2916f80a2fb19982e1b673171b5fe41dc0c9c
Роман @ Dedicate_s 6f10bb0c31958196a87e35a7d8320355e6ae161da57d9a77abbfa1e12d4131be
Vlad Goh @ VladGohn 1a3c1cc54f635835526305f8edc7161d9bf0bb2df20b87726b85b06c936d2a3f
Dmitry @ dm_identity 5e9877ac535293c6008c7dd24e1d6d3d3c2f8a388442fa44295cada8835bd7f9
Roman Nguyen @ inyellowbus f0c02482ac2a54691aba1e2c38b6cd7fd3708f9eb015058c7d85a939646715e7
Tim @ stop_think_ask ac8c932481f5dcedf64426c6b58b3b4ae20f97c7481ba8d9991ffa8ea81eeb28
Max @ mzonder 4e05c65605d6017d3bdb43414771e2196e1e55836b76666e420f47f40ca13c4f
Andrej Mal @ jiullrock ba74919641eef083a82ad38c6475ddda6a1c8e1888a01416a936039c10d5171f
Ilya Iksent @ iksent 6c2a67fb8267f49b199f0c567a4d5dda1e5357cccaf5270ccf5fc69f3f4517f0
Salty Palo @ saltynarwhal 9745b2a58e27e61a7f7495e57d349c04fd7627f2ce315e489de3b1d4999d87d9
Ashutosh Nandan @ am_kira 85655e78995c570fa8601ce99a3ed2c0b39816cd1023d65b4c3021fba7961d05
Maxim Muzychenka @ maximmuzychenka 611f9718cb616301ea7665496c9f867045e834d162d8fd7fc438c5fdeb72c248
Rajnish Kumar @ indiachain ffb2f527856ff8aed314514a00c860200be42915fbe9ab090d34969c28eae111

Following steps
The updated team should focus on the following steps that would make the functioning of the sib governance more effective:

  • develop the basis for voting instructions and rules (updated per each contest with respect to their focus)
  • discuss and plan what KPI’s could be introduced which can be a measure of success of a particular contest and overall performance
  • create roadmap of activities - both short-term and long-term
  • carry out 2nd Jury contest with total initial and jury members limit of 32 people

All the concepts should be discussed within the WD Team, after reaching internal consensus all proposals should be made public to the community for further discussion, commenting and choosing best ways of implementation.

Token allocation & return
It’s proposed to return the large part of the allocated tokens to the giver, leaving a moderate amount on the new subgov multisig wallet.

Amount to be returned: 2 300 000 TON

New multisig balance: 255 761 TON


The amount of tokens (0, some, all) on the new multisig is the subject of discussion. It depends on the understanding of the updated WD Team of closest steps and contests.

I hope to see comments of all the involved people in a fast and furious discussion of the future of the subgov.

as i’ve already stated in the voting in chat, I am in favor of returning all crystals to the giver, but can totally understand Michael’s idea behind leaving some for the next contest that the reformed jury may hold.

Below is the original roadmap from the proposal of creating W&D(Free TON Web & Design Sub-Governance - #16 by Riemann) . I suggest to remove a few contests from it and then take it as a core for the reformed subgovernence.
Which contests we may consider to remove from the list:

  1. 1 or 2 of Infographic videos contests, as there was already held explainer video contest
  2. 1 (out of 2, not totally) Infographics and schemes contests, as we had Greetings cards contests, which cuts into these costs
  3. Merchandise design could be cut down in the cost a bit.
    These are just suggestions, but we have to consider the budget that was already spent.
# Contest name Expense Num of contests Motivation
1 Website Features 100 000 2 To develop and support the necessary features of the current website
2 UI/UX Standard Elements 100 000 1 To create identity concepts to implement user experience to the web and mobile applications
3 Illustrations Kit 100 000 4 To provide concepts and sketch books for enhancing visual communication on the web, mobile and blogging materials
4 Mobile UI Kit 200 000 1 To create a UI/UX kit for the mobile application for the reference of the mobile developers of all the TON mobile applications
5 Web UI Kit 150 000 1 To create a kit for web applications elements to implement user experience to all the TON web applications
6 New Landing Page 50 000 5 To create additional landing pages for the the product website submenus (e.g. FAQ, Features) for general and marketing purposes.
7 Logo Brandbook 100 000 1 To design a logo for different purposes
8 Media Vault 100 000 1 To create a media vault (catalogue) with all the available graphic materials in the ‘source’ formats on the . The source language is English
9 Presentation Templates 100 000 1 To create a set of templates for presentations in Powerpoint, Keynote, InDesign, Word, etc.
10 2D / 3D Graphics Design Elements 50 000 3 To create various graphic elements to be used on web, mobile, presentations, video, SMM
11 Static Infographics and Schemes 150 000 2 To create static infographics for SMM and general marketing
12 Infographic Videos 150 000 4 To create infographic videos for SMM and general marketing
13 Merchandise Design 100 000 1 To create design templates for the Free TON merchandise: T-shirts, hoodies, hats, casual wear, etc.

Contest that I would consider as a priority one should be one that is related to the design kit. Imo it’s really important to have ready made elements and style solutions in figma for developers to make use of it, so they can focus on building useful tools instead of thinking how should this or that button look like.

In the end all of the Kit (UI, illustrations, mobile, infographics, etc.) contests winning works should be united into one Free TON design kit, where you would see different pages with:
Styles (logos, colors, typography, etc.)
Components (text fields, buttons, etc.)
Presentation templates
Links/showcase to alternative variants of the kits (which should be left after contests).


I’m in. This proposal is more constructive and allows you to keep the working pace.

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Цели обозначить нужно, более предметно а не в целом и общими мазками


I do not support this idea. Unclear further plans((( Need reforming, then we can request next round of tokens

Не могу поддержать эту инициативу, нет четких планов( Проще продумать все, в том числе на коллеже и запросить следующий транш токенов после реформы


Agree, this proposal more productive than previous one. At least first steps are defined. All funds must be returned.


Hello. Good proposal. It is imperative to follow the stated goals (Free TON Web & Design Sub-Governance - #16 by Riemann). Describe the terms of reference. It is necessary to create contests as needed

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There is already a vote on the refund.

I would move media vault (or contests catalog) on top of the list.

Having contests is good, not having the results of them - is bad both for history, promotional purposes and actual usage of the created materials.

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I support the idea, but I think we should first get the tokens back into the giver, do the internal work on a plan, and then request the tokens for implementation.
On the technical implementation side, I’m not sure what the best to do first. I think we should have a call this week to discuss the latest proposals and coordinate on further actions.

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we should do some reforms within existing WD SG since we can’t ignore the importance of right time for user growth of Free TON.
Starting from scratch will not be better for Free TON community because there may be loss of precious time for developments considering blockchain development pace all around the world.


I don’t see KPI’s and needs for each of the contests proposed. And the amount of rewards should be in par with what the community will recieve

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you’re free to propose your own metrics and contests in that case. i will be glad to support more detailed and thoughtful idea.

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it turns out that the winners of the conducted W&D contests will not receive any prizes?

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all winners already received prizes afaik

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I don’t agree with this proposal. Technically, it’s almost the same as before and a few elements have been changed. This Sub-governance needs a full restart. Not just some minor changes.


User-Interface is the main revolution and requirements for Free TON adoption so we should think about the capabilities of Free Network Blockchain and invention logics for its happening.
Why we aren’t staking on Free TON Users rather than community givers❓

Let the users come in with their demanded-services for their betterment and check the potential of Free Network invention after the Free Software

My Opinion cum Proposal
We can invent logic of KPI and their performance based on their proof of work credentials by creating a Interface For User-Adoption.


I am against this proposal. It does not change the essence of the current state of affairs. I propose to wait and find candidates among the new members of the community.


I support the proposal.