[PROPOSAL] Listing on BiKi exchange

Hi, my name is Anna, Marketing Director of BiKi exchange with 3,000,000 registered users and 150,000 daily active users. Our main markets are China, Russia, Vietnam and South Korea. I have been watching your project’s growth for a while and I think your progress has been very impressive, we have shortlisted your project to explore collaborations to achieve better liquidity for your community as well as letting our users buy your tokens on our exchange.

Here is the discussion from the local (Russian) thread: Листинг на бирже BiKi

You can verify my personality in any of the BiKi exchange’s group chats


Hi. No. No one at Free TON is responsible for anything like that. Free TON is similar to Bitcoin in that respect, because we are a completely decentralized blockchain driven by a community. There is no centralized authority or decision maker.

Regarding listing, Free TON does not and never will ask any exchange to list them. Whatever listings there are, they were done by the exchanges independently of the community. We cannot help any exchange list us and do not consider this a partnership proposal.

Asking Free TON to be listed is a no-go.

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Thank you for your respond and time you’ve spent to share your opinion :handshake: