Platform improvement strategy: How to make the platform more convenient, participants more active and ideas more developed

Hello! I would like to present my proposal on how to make the platform more convenient, participants more active and ideas more developed.
Please take a look and comment.

Current inconveniences and goals

Current inconveniences

  1. There is no way to digitize feedback on ideas. Now it is only in chat and discussion format.
  2. There is no way to define the general mood of the idea.:
  • a lot of comments
  • rash assessment
  • it is not clear whether the evaluators really like the idea or just want to support
  1. It is difficult for most of the participants to describe and analyze ideas correctly in order to publish them on the platform.

The main task
Fast and high-quality evaluation of ideas
Draw up a development strategy for the platform that will allow:

  • to simplify the process of posting ideas
  • to make the voting process more thoughtful and balanced

Goals and values of the platform
When I made suggestions:

  1. I defined the goals of the platform:
  • quick assessment of ideas
  • an increase in the number of quality projects
  • community activation
  1. I took into account the values of the platform:
  • transparency
  • decentralization
  • involvement

Necessary changes to achieve the goal

  • Easily identifiable and collected project rating
  • Participants evaluate ideas rationally
  • Competent feedback and helpful comments
  • No falsification, voting fraud and protection from sole promotion of ideas
  • Analytics for all projects and ideas is collected in one place
  • Convenient form for submitting an idea and a checklist for its description

Competent feedback and helpful comments

How to make
Make a special comment form with categories:- the merits of the idea

  • disadvantages of the idea
  • suggestions for improvement

Example Yandex Market

What effect
Affects the evaluation of ideas:
improves the quality of feedback due to the standardized form of comments
reflects the attitude towards the idea due to the point score given by each voter

Community activation:

  • increases the level of awareness when commenting, because it is necessary to describe the pros and cons
  • increases the level of development and quality of ideas due to thoughtful feedback and suggestions

Convenient form for submitting an idea and a checklist for its description

How to make

  1. Voting is divided into 3 stages:
    I: Ideological - purpose of the idea, description of the idea, how the idea affects the result, examples and links
    II: At the second stage, we add analytics and the predicted effect of implementation, we calculate what resources will be needed. In evaluating an idea, you can like or dislike the main numbers of the project.
    III: The third stage includes a complete analysis of the idea: description of the technical assignment, financial model and other indicators that are needed to implement the idea

If an idea gets a certain number of votes at the second stage, but the author does not know how to work out ideas at this level, then a prize fund in tokens is allocated for a competent description, qualitative analysis and preparation of an idea for the third stage. Those who have experience in describing ideas can participate.

  1. Create a guide for describing ideas for each stage, which includes information:
  • how to describe ideas, what sections should be done
  • how to calculate the effect of an idea
  • how to assess the complexity of the implementation
  • how to determine the prize fund, etc.

What effect
Affects the evaluation of ideas:

  • the best ideas that have the unconditional support of the community are selected
  • the voting process is facilitated because ideas are correctly described and adjusted by society

Community activation:

  • participants who know how to describe projects are interested in this activity because it is monetized
  • participants who do not know how to describe, but want to earn tokens - go through the guides and look at descriptions of ideas

Participants evaluate ideas rationally

How to make

  1. Voting by Crystal
    To vote for an idea at the last stage, you need to invest a certain amount of crystals in it. To stimulate the community, 5-10% of the prize fund is allocated to those who voted, depending on their share in the investment.

  2. Limitation on the number of projects in which you can invest within a week.
    By default, there is a limit on the number of projects in which you can invest. However, there is an opportunity to increase this limit for active participants. Activity is determined by the number of likes under the comments of participants. This means that the comments are useful and the community agrees with them.

What effect
Affects the evaluation of ideas:

  • reflects the real demand for the idea among the community, because people need to vote through their resources
  • increases the speed of information processing on the idea because voting with a limited resource stimulates the selection of the best ideas

Community activation:

  • improves the quality of the selected ideas
  • increases responsibility for influencing the site by investing its own funds
  • increases accuracy and awareness when choosing ideas, by limiting the number of projects for which you can vote
  • increases the level of elaboration and the quality of ideas, due to the ability to purchase additional voices, if your comments are approved by the community

Easily identifiable and collected project rating

How to make

  1. Each idea is evaluated in 3 stages:
    Stage 1:
  • overall star rating: 1 to 5 stars
  • a number of positive or negative comments

Stage 2: The following estimates are added: like and dislike to the main numbers that are put in the summary of the idea

Stage 3: People evaluate the idea with their own resources as they invest in its promotion.

  1. Hashtags (possibly ML, like Yandex’s algorithms for processing reviews)

Reflection of ideas in the general feed (example producthunt):

  • by how many points the idea rose in a week
  • how many people voted
  • how many tokens were collected

What effect
Affects the evaluation of ideas:

  1. makes it easier to get an overall rating for an idea:
  • we can see the place of the idea in the overall rating
  • how many points the position has changed
  • the number of stars reflects the overall rating from the community
  1. increases the speed of information processing on ideas because the primary characteristics are immediately displayed on the project card: change in rating, number of stars and other indicators
  2. improves the quality of perceived feedback: easier to get the main idea of comments due to the hashtag

Community activation:
Increases activity on the platform: people see how the positions of ideas they are interested in are changing and that`s why they are ready to participate and vote more often

No falsification, voting fraud and protection from sole promotion of ideas

How to make

  1. We implement verification to prevent cheating of likes and votes:
  • restriction on the number of votes by IP address
  • the certificate of the signed declaration is displayed in the personal account
  1. Limitation on the number of shares in the voting of the project.
    One person can finance no more than 2% of the amount already collected in the project. There is an automatic maintenance function indicating the upper value of the amount, which a person is ready to invest in order to support the idea.

What effect
Affects the evaluation of ideas:
reflects a real attitude towards the idea because only real users can vote

Community activation:
Increases activity on the platform: the ability to promote quality ideas constantly because you can keep investing in an idea, until your share reaches 2% of the total investment

How the platform interface changes after the changes are implemented

User interface Updating the page with projects with the ability to filter ideas
What it consists of

  • top ideas of the week
  • active contests
  • stages and results of voting

User interface A new tab that displays all platform analytics
What it consists of

  • voting and investing in ideas
  • number of platform users
  • the impact of implemented projects on token capitalization

User interface The appearance of the news section
What it consists of

  • analytics overview: influence of ideas, number of users
  • completion, start and change of the rating of competitions
  • platform change notifications

User interface Changing the voting page
What it consists of

  • initial vote for an idea from 1 to 5 stars
  • secondary vote on analytics and numbers
  • final vote by Crystal

Read more about updating the page with projects
Divide into 4 parts (example producthunt):

  1. a window containing the names of the top 3 ideas from the final scoring for the past week

  2. windows containing titles:

  • 5 new projects from the first vote
  • 5 new projects from the second vote
  • 5 Topics of Popular Discussions
  1. a window with current competitions (10): title, short description, number of participants, end dates

  2. a window with all ideas from the final vote: title, short description, rating, change of the position, number of comments. The page can be scrolled until new ideas from the final scoring are revealed

More about the tab with analytics throughout the platform
We create a separate tab with platform analytics. Analytics is presented in the form of dash boards and includes (example similarweb):

  • analytics of participants – new, active, signed the declaration, how many participants visit per day/month
  • project analytics – leading positions, winners, new or completed contests
  • impact from implemented projects on the platform and token capitalization – this is a difficult formula to calculate. To begin with, you can focus on the number of new users, the speed of operations

The page will provide information on the pace of development of the platform. New and inactive participants will be pulled up to the active ones, because they will see the results of common work and want to be a part of big and important changes

First changes and required resources
for full prioritization, you need to make financial models and estimate labor costs more accurately


Such a long and conscientious topic. I wholeheartedly agree with your proposals in general. I’ve been used a lot of forum and to be honest, Freeton is one of the most user-unfriendly forums. While I’m typing this post, the composing panel takes 1/3 of my screen space. It make me difficult to scroll up/down to see other comments.


Yessss…ideas as if it were raining. Good proposal, put close attention on decentralization. :ok_hand:

I think the platform should be developed to discuss other important ideas and attract members to participate in the discussion. Any issues related to the market that are on everyone’s mind at the moment. This will encourage everyone to participate in the discussion.

Great and complex work :+1:

I took on the implementation of one of these ideas. I am making a resource for future partners, so that they can more easily receive support from the community for the implementation of their ideas.
I would be grateful if you look and tell your opinion. Here I described in detail the idea and implementation plan.


I have highlighted the most important functions and opted for their implementation. Take a look, please:

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I took into development one of the most important ideas from this proposal in my opinion.

Some steps are already in place. You can read about the progress of the project here: